At the Expense of the Autochthonous Palestinians and of Our Democracy, Plutocrats Brazenly and Criminally Get to Engage in “Pay To Play”


November 3, 2016 by Alfred

This is an addendum to the previous AP article published on 11/03/2016 titled “As the Scourge of ISIS/Daesh is Finally Coming to an End, It is Now an Imperative That The Scourge of the Barbaric Brutalization of the Natives of Palestine Be Once for All Ended As Well “.

Coincidentally, shortly after the supra article was composed and published, a Mother Jones article of the November/December 2016 issue came to this writer’s attention.

Said article by Andy Kroll titled “Mighty Morphin Power Player : What Does Hillary’s Top Political Benefactor Want from a Clinton Administration ? “, documents what was referred to in the supra Argentum Post article’s relevant portion as the sordid “pay to play” political strategy brazenly practiced by Hillary Clinton, most particularly, but not exclusively, as regards to the support she receives from the Israeli propaganda lobby AIPAC, and from two plutocrats, namely casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and most egregiously from the Israeli billionaire chairman of Univision, Haim Saban.

In said  yesterday published AP article’s relevant portion, the following is stated :

 “Most incredible is Hillary Clinton’s support of Netanyahu, and her surreal deference to the Israel  lobby, and to Israeli multibillionaire Haim Saban, who has given millions of dollars to her “Clinton Foundation”  for which,  in a leaked Wikileaks email she asks ”   I know you agreed we need to make countering BDS a priority. I am seeking your advice on how we can work together “.  (“BDS” is a non-violent strategy of “boycott, divestiture, and sanction” to end Israel’s international law violating occupation and abuse of the Palestinians).”

Well, Andy Kroll’s article documents in-depth the depravity of the Haim Saban “pay to play” relationship with Hillary Clinton which violates all norms of ethical, moral, legal, honest, transparent, behavior expected of politicians as a fundamental  imperative for a constitutional democracy such as the one we have (legally and in writing) to function,  since what this one single (of many others) top political benefactors wants, and has in the past obtained, from Hillary, is a corrupted to the core policy towards Israel which in effect supports Israel’s violations of international law for which its misleaders need to be held accountable by the International Criminal Court.

This in effect brings to mind what has been described in 2000 when Greg Palast’s  book titled “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy” .

What Haim Saban wants is total deference for the mythically so-called “exceptionalist” Israel, as Israel continues to be a generator of the most audacious violations of human rights of unarmed, poor, sick, innocent, civilian natives of Palestine, by its utter disregard for the world-wide condemnation of its barbaric travesty which comprises making a mockery of any peace talks and simultaneously carrying out provocations, incarcerations, house demolitions,  assassinations, and blockades in Gaza, all of which naturally result at times in desperate reprisal attacks by small numbers of militants, something which Israel then exploits opportunistically and  thus crushes in draconian and monstrous way out of proportion Kafkaesque fashion, claiming  that “one cannot negotiate with terrorists“. Period.

According to Andy Kroll, Haim Saban and his wife brag about being the “top giver status” by having donated more than $ 10 million dollars to pro-Hillary super PACs.   He vowed to spend “whatever it takes to elect her“.

In one of the most stunning revelations in the Andy Kroll article the following is stated :

On June 29, 2015, the month after the Hollywood rollout of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, the Sabans donated $ 2 million dollars to her super PAC Priorities USA Action.  Three days later, Clinton sent what could be perceived as a thank-you to Saban; she issued an unusual letter in which she announced  her opposition to the growing Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions BDS) Movement targeting Israel.

That Clinton came out in opposition to BDS surprised no one, but choosing to do so in the form an obsequious letter to her biggest donor stunned Middle East watchers“.

Now, BDS is a humane, non-violent, highly effective way to end the racist Apartheid nature of the embodiment of the nationalization of the Jewish religion entity which resulted in a so-called “state”  which was recklessly and violently implanted by the Zionist ideologues into the land of the autochthonous Palestinians.

BDS worked extremely well, when after the release of heroic Nelson Mandela from prison for no valid charges ( notwithstanding the opposition of this release by none other than Dick Cheney ), the South African racist state had its Apartheid nature disintegrated.

Now Israel remains as the only Apartheid type state in the world and it is hardly known how close the Zionist Apartheid entity of that Jewish religion nationalization, worked closely and secretly in support of the South African Apartheid state.

What is even less well-known is that in 1969, as a result of a secret agreement between disgraced President Nixon, and Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir (who had the temerity to declare infamously that “,,,there is no such thing as Palestine…), Israel was allowed to clandestinely develop a program for the development of nuclear WMD, which it then did, refused to sign on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and to boot, to add insult to injury, Israel then proceeded to assist the racist Apartheid regime of South Africa to develop its first nuclear weapon.

Once BDS disintegrated the Apartheid nature of South Africa, it became a democracy and its ruling African National Congress (ANC) then immediately dismantled said nuclear energy weaponization program.

This writer spoke to retired U.S. intelligence analyst, Paul Pillar, who confirmed publicly to this writer at the National Press Club during an annual conference focused on the need to reassess U.S. – Israel relations for our own national security best interests, that the CIA was  aware of the  detonation of a nuclear explosion under water off the coast of the Apartheid racist regime at the time the racist white supremacist regime  was being supported by, Israel.

One excellent source of this information is a book by Sasha Polakow-Suransky titled ” The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship With Apartheid South Africa“.    Sasha Polakow-Suransky is of Jewish background and, as is the case with this writer, his Austrian parents survived the Nazi crimes against the humanity of Jews and others by emigrating to South Africa, but eventually they were later forced out by that racist Apartheid regime.

So, bottom line is that we are literally facing the potential election to the presidency of our nation of a dishonest, hawkish, hegemonic,  candidate who for enough millions of dollars opens access to plutocrats to her and other high-ranking officials, and who as well will support the unsupportable practices by oppressive regimes.

In metaphorical terms, generically speaking,  it is not an exaggeration to characterize this plutocrat – depraved politician relationship a pimp – political prostitutional one.   This of course is not only unthinkable in a functional constitutional democracy in the civilized world, but it is an inoperable oxymoron to suggest that there is some kind of coexistence of one within the other.


The AP has chronicled documented evidence of Clinton’s support of anti-democratic regimes from Saudi Arabia to Bahrain to Honduras to Egypt (where she bizarrely characterized the murderous 30 – year dictator Hosni Mubarak as someone she regards “as if he was a member of the family” , and of course,  most conspicuously Israel which besides its international law violation by virtue of its illegal occupation,  is also the most fundamental rights violator of the native Palestinians whose lands they simply took over.

Furthermore Israel is provocatively  hell-bent on having the U.S. enter into a military confrontation for no valid reason  Iran, Hillary Clinton is at the same time obsessively occupied in generating hate and fear mongering on Russia,  as she now blames without proof – that Russia and Putin are behind all  the revelations by Wikileaks and by historians of her background which has put that proverbial “blood on her hands” most notably in her support of the war on Iraq, but as well in her outrageous handling of the violent coup of democratically elected populist President Zelaya of Honduras in 2009 when President Obama put her erroneous in charge of that crisis, which Clinton decided to “solve” by insisting that said coup would not be characterized a coup, and hence she facilitated the ascendance to power of a murderous clique of thugs who have since been involved in the assassinations of human rights, environmental rights, and labor organizers.   Clinton’s priority was for the U.S. to continue to sell its arms to Honduras and to maintain its Palmerola military base, something which could not happen if the U.S. officially recognized the coup as a coup.

Ambassador Negroponte was our man in Honduras when Honduras was instrumental during the dirty war days  when Reagan and George H. Bush  supported right-wing fascist military dictatorships in the region.

All of this evidence clearly establishes that the former Goldwater Republican, Hillary Clinton, is a neocon dressed as a neolib and this a monumental tragedy for the future of our nation, unless – through some “miracle”, the progressive movement which has formed with the collapse of the Democratic Party after the DNC scandal under the misleadership of Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who had to resign in disgrace only to be immediately hired by Clinton, acquires the clout to redirect our priorities so dramatically so that we will finally focus on our infrastructure, public health, affordable college education, social security cost of living adjustments, hate crime, strict gun regulation, and much more, but above all, and end to our industrial-military fomented destructive military interventionism in other nations, some this which President Eisenhower warned  us in this farewell speech,

For Palestine what is needed is a major humanitarian and technological Marshall plan focused on planting the seeds of a Palestine Democratic Federation which will provide for the continued existence of well-meaning Jews and Jewish institutions there, but which will not tolerate walls and religious supremacy of any faith, so that all can coexist in harmony and peace and coproduce, concrete, and coevolve.

The Zionist supremacy and hence disorder, oppression, and violence must become part of the past history.



One thought on “At the Expense of the Autochthonous Palestinians and of Our Democracy, Plutocrats Brazenly and Criminally Get to Engage in “Pay To Play”

  1. M Estelle Spike says:

    I love your idea for a major Marshall Plan for Palestine. If elected, Hillary Clinton will likely initiate World War 3, and of course, continue to support Israel’s brutal and inhumane treatment of the Palestinians. Definitely wicked and likely insane!!

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