APFND Nr. 13 : Clinton’s 2014 E-Mail to Podesta on Saudi Arabia Financial Support for ISIL/Daesh


November 4, 2016 by Alfred

No extensive foreword is provided nor needed for this Argentum Post News Flash Digest (APNFD Nr. 13).

Readers of the AP can draw their own conclusion.

In another Wikileaks email release, an email is found which proves that back in 2014 Hillary Clinton knew that our so-called “ally” Saudi Arabia was providing “…clandestinely financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region “.

What is most incredible is that, notwithstanding that this information was apparently known by Hillary Clinton and others in the administration, it did not prevent the said administration from providing  Saudi Arabia with armaments worth $ 20 million dollars in 2015, and $ 1.15 million in 2016 !

Saudi Arabia is a donor of  millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

These arms are being used by Saudi Arabia to carry out war crimes in Yemen where some barbaric bombings have killed tenths of thousands mostly innocent, unarmed civilians, including more than 1 thousand children.

This email was sent to John Podesta, the Chairman of the 2016 Hillary Campaign.

This information was published by the London Independent, today on November 4, 2016.

Given the “Pay to Play” scheme described in APFND Nr. 12, and published on November 3, 2016,  which describes the how Israeli multibillionaire Haim Saban and his wife donated millions of dollars to the Hillary Clinton Foundation and in exchange Hillary Clinton agreed to oppose the peaceful and just “Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions” application on Israel to achieve an end of Israel’s international law violating occupation and violent abuse of the Palestinian natives, this analogous deference by Clinton to the other most egregious violator of human rights in the Middle East, should not be surprising, but is just as appalling.

The most appealing aspect of this news break is that the American mainstream news media is most probably not going inform the American people anytime soon about this highly relevant news break, unless of course it is shamed into having to inform the American public as a matter of ethical, professional, journalism.

It is part of an interview of Adrian Assange by the distinguished Australian journalist John Pilger at the embassy of Ecuador.

Tomorrow, Saturday – 11/05/2016 – the complete interview of Adrian Assange by John Pilger will be broadcast on independent media outlets.

Further context is provided in the relevant portion of said email, inserted infra.



5 thoughts on “APFND Nr. 13 : Clinton’s 2014 E-Mail to Podesta on Saudi Arabia Financial Support for ISIL/Daesh

  1. Assange is correct in saying this is the most significant email of them all. It’s impossible to see any way Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign survives this explosive revelation.

    • Alfred says:

      Yes indeed. This situation is surreal where the MSM, particularly The Washington Post chooses to remain silent about it.

      I include in my response letter I just wrote to The Washington Post, and hope that thousands or millions are doing the same to other MSM periodical publication which decide to go dark and silent.

      I just sent this letter to The Washington Post and share it in an attempt to inspire others to do the same, since the conspicuous silence of The Washington Post constitutes a scandalous dereliction of duty to inform.


      It is extremely disappointing and of profound concern that our nation’s capital most important newspaper, The Washington Post, has thus far failed to inform its readers that in a recent interview of the journalist and editor of Wikileaks, Julian Assange, by the distinguished Australian journalist John Pilger, that it was documentably established from a 2014 email by Hillary Clinton to John Podesta, that (a) Hillary knew since then that “the government of Saudi Arabia has been funding IS/Daesh and has been contributing to the Hillary Clinton Foundation and yet as Secretary of State she supported the sale of billions of dollars worth of armaments to Saudi Arabia, which it is using in the relentless bombing of Yemen, and (b) that Hillary Clinton’s claim about a Russian link to the emails from her server which are exposing wrongdoing is documentably false.

      Is it not the ethical and professional imperative that the news media follow news developments wherever their pursuit takes the journalists, and is not a deflection of duty for the news media to bend to political pressures to disrespect the right of the American people to be informed ?

      • Alfred,
        Good on you for sending the totally appropriate letter. If it doesn’t get published by the Washington Post, and if no U.S. corporate news organizations report on the historic revelation, then it seems things are even worse and far more troubling than previously thought. The Assange-Pilger interview has 1,200,000 views on YouTube in a few days, so it’s absolutely mind-boggling the degree of unified censorship occurring in the U.S. if this story gets buried. Man…

  2. M Estelle Spike says:

    “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding explains it well. The monumental challenge is how to change human nature when it comes to those who seek and gain power and majorities who feel safe falling in line.

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