As the Scourge of ISIS/Daesh is Finally Coming to an End, It is Now an Imperative That The Scourge of the Barbaric Brutalization of the Natives of Palestine Be Once for All Ended As Well


November 2, 2016 by Alfred

The brutalization of the autochthonous inhabitants of Palestine started violently in 1948  with the violent so-called “War of Independence” facilitated by the British empire.

This criminal, violent take over of 75% of the land of Palestine by mostly fundamentalist, right-wing, extremist Zionists who migrated to the region from Europe and from the United States, resulted in the expulsion from their homes of close to 1 million Palestinians to Lebanon, Jordan, and North Africa were they became refugees in refugee camps which were eventually bombed by the Zionist.

This violent take-over was led by two leaders of literally terrorist gangs, namely the Irgun group led by Menachen Begin, and the Stern Gang led by Itzhak Shamir.  Both leaders became Prime Ministers of the resulting embodiment of the nationalization of the Jewish faith into a so-called nation/state.

This was and remains for millions of Jews an act of idolatry which they condemned, as these Jews’ faith are based on the values of the Torah.

From then on, the Palestinians were barbarically brutalized, in cynical, cruel, Kafkaesque manner and were forced into refugee camps wherefrom they were prohibited from ever returning.

Those who resisted and opposed this horrific take-over of 75% of their Palestine homeland where they lived for centuries, were characterized as “terrorists“, and henceforth became the victims of mass incarcerations, massacres such as that of Deir Yassin in 1948, and such as most recently the Summer of 2014 Gaza massacre.  Others became the victims of ”collective punishment” which resulted in the demolition of tenths of thousands of homes of those living in the remaining 25% of the Palestinian homelands.

The Israeli initiated “6-Day War” of 1967, was a second milestone of devastating oppression during which the Zionist led “state” implanted by force in Palestine invaded and occupied Gaza, the West Bank, the Golan Heights, and East Jerusalem.

This occupation to this day is in brazen violation of international law and in defiance of even the United States policy,  which spoke out but failed to follow-up with any punitive action against the Zionist misleadership regime of Israel.

This objective historical capsule is highly documented by the most respected scholarly historians, and this category comprises some of the most noble, rational, humanistic, Jewish historians such as, inter alia, Ilan Pappe (” The Ethnic Cleasing of Palestine“), Schlomo Sand (“The Invention of the Jewish People“), Normal Finkelstein ” Beyond Chutzpah“and “The Holocaust Industry“), and the illustrious Gideon Levy (” The Punishment of Gaza“),  who is published regularly by the objective, ethical, and professional Israeli newspaper Haaretz, and Sasha Polakow-Suransky (“ The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship with Apartheid South Africa“), and many, many more.

Among non-Jewish scholars one may mention Richard Falk (“Palestine : The Legitimacy of Hope“), Richard Becker (“Palestine,  Israel and the U.S. Empire“), and Alison Weir (“Against Our Better Judgment : The Hidden History of How The U.S. Was Used to Create Israel“), to name very few.

Worthy of noting is that this writer is the son of Jewish Austro-German parents who survived the Nazi atrocities against the Jews and others, and who – as a result of being the son of a Jewish mother, incredibly has thereby a right, to establish a home in the Israel-Palestine implant entity, while millions of its legitimate Palestinians which were forced out of their lands and that legitimate rights denied to them by the Israeli  power structure.

It is also noteworthy that the father of this writer arrived in Callao, Peru in 1938 on a freighter, with a document which allowed him to disembark to move on to Bolivia which is landlocked, said official blocked this writer’s father from disembarking stating that the he has an order from the Zionist community in Lima to not allow Jews to enter Peru as they were needed for the Palestine colonization project and that consequently he was to return in said freighter to Marseilles, France.  Luckily someone helped him escape the building and run to a railroad yard to jump on a freight train which was leaving for La Paz, Bolivia.

A return to Marseilles in 1938 would be a return to Vichy, France, hence a direct route to an extermination camp.

It must be noted that, the more success the Zionism false narrative exposure movement achieves, the more it is ignored by most American periodic mainstream media, as well as by most American neocon and neolib politicians.  This stunning “lock down” type of silence by an agenda corrupted media and by said neocon and neolib, politicians driven by greed, dishonesty, and denial of reality, is of a truly scandalous nature.

One of the most noteworthy and particularly egregious member of the set of politicians who are the practitioners of this massive deception happens to be our possible next president, Hillary Clinton.

The Argentum Post has delved into the vicissitudes of Hillary Clinton’s warped, cynical, cruel, and reckless history of supporting the corporatist and militarist hawkish and hegemonic perspectives and policies exemplified by her support of horrific authoritarian dictatorships such as those of Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak who she declared to feel for as if he was a “member of the family“, of her support of the dictatorship of Bahrain which invited the Saudi Arabian dictatorship (euphemistically called a “monarchy”)  bombings  to put violently down Arab Spring demonstrators, and by her support of the violent overthrow of the democratically elected president Zelaya of Honduras in 2009, insisting that his  violent abduction by thugs in the middle of the night should not be called a “coup”, of her support for the Saudi Arabian massacre in Yemen, of her support for the war on Iraq on false claims, and of her support of the destruction of the Libyan state, and now her obsession of wanting to declare unilaterally Syria a no-fly zone, not to mention her initial opposition for negotiations with Iran on the nuclear issue.

Most incredible is Hillary Clinton’s support of Netanyahu, and surreal deference to the Israel  lobby, and to Israeli multibillionaire Haim Saban, who has given millions of dollars to her “Clinton Foundation”  for which,  in a leaked Wikileaks email she asks ”   I know you agreed we need to make countering BDS a priority. I am seeking your advice on how we can work together “.  (“BDS” is a non-violent strategy of “boycott, divestiture, and sanction” to end Israel’s international law violating occupation and abuse of the Palestinians).

Equally stunning is the fact that Hillary Clinton is already listed as a guest speaker at the next AIPAC meeting in Washington, DC  during March, which will include the discussion of the urging by a  Zionist Think Tank director, Efrain Anbar of BESA, that the U.S.  see to it that ISIS/Daesh not be totally eliminated, since Israel deems it useful to destroy the nation of Iran.

This is a suggestion which is beyond insane, it is execrable beyond imagination at a time when what the world needs most, is “peace sweet peace” coupled to healing reconstruction and to healing resettlement of refugees.

Well, with this foreword this writer introduces to its readers, three highly eloquent, noble, rational, bright, humanist American Jews, who are part of progressive, peace supporting, movement which is gaining traction now at an astounding geometric rate of increase.

The first set these highly commendable outstanding members of the rational, humanist, progressive American Jewish community are those  who debunk the opportunistic mythology on which the false notion of “Israel can do no wrong” and of “Israel has a right to defend itself “.

In response to Israel’s offensive and relentless racist violation of the human and civil rights to the Palestinian people for 6 decades now, as well as in order to make it clear that when Israel subservient and enabling politicians demagogically profess  to be doing what they do because they profess to be so-called “friends of Israel” when in reality they are just corruptly and opportunistically feeding from  the financial largesse of the Israel Zionist propaganda AIPAC lobby,   that the real genuine and sincere Jews who never subscribed to such  depraved  behavior,   can validly assert that aphorism that “with friends such as these, Israel needs no enemies“.

Noble, peace-loving, humanity respecting, Jews such as these are becoming rapidly the preponderant members of the Jewish communities in the United States, as well as in the rest of the world, and this phenomenon is now also being observed in  what is now the Israel implant in Palestine which is being dangerously misled and destructively culturally programmed  by the right-wing extremist Zionist hate and fear mongering regime.

For these  progressive Jews, who can be reform, or orthodox, or even secular by being culturally Jews, the ONLY viable and sustainable solution going forward is the dissolution of the present status quo, and the creation of a vibrant Palestine, invigorated by a Marshal Plan type program.   This will be a Palestine without walls which are worse than the Berlin Wall was.

This incremental progress can and must be set into the progressive motion mode immediately, as the condition of close to 2 million Palestinians locked into the largest blocked concentration camp in the history of humanity is a humanity brutalizing process which the civilized world must no longer tolerate.

Just recently, notwithstanding the shameless silence of the mainstream media, The Washington Post did, to its credit, publish and article by Anne-Marie O’Connor about an example of the torturous inhuman suffering which is perversely meted out by the Zionist misleadership on, in this case, the Jubbet Adh Dhib, village in the occupied West Bank which has waited now for nearly THREE DECADES for electricity which the Israeli government denies them.

So, the two commendable illustrious scholars which are the object of this article, are associated with the highly prestigious American Council for Judaism.

Their names are Allan C. Brownfeld and Stephen L. Naman.

Allan C. Brownfield is the Editor of “ISSUES” which is published by The American Council for Judaism. He is also a nationally syndicated columnist and serves as Associate Editor of  The Lincoln Review .  He is the author of five books, has served on the staff of the U.S. Senate, House of Representatives and the Office of the Vice President.

Stephen L. Naman is the President of The National Council for Judaism.

Stephen L. Naman partial background is interestingly described by Samuel G. Freedman in an article published by the NYTimes on June 25, 2010 titled “American Jews Who Reject Zionism Say Events Aid Cause

This writer is an avid reader of the “ISSUES” publication of the The American Council for Judaism, as it is highly informative and inspiring.

One of the most extraordinarily interesting issue of “ISSUES” is that of the Fall of 2016.

In it, Allan C. Brownfield reviews a book by Dov Waxman, of Princeton University titled “Trouble in the Tribe : The American Jewish Conflict over Israel”  (Brownfeld titles his review “Examining the Increasingly Troubled Relationship between American Jews and Israel ” ).

The other equally fascinating review and article is about a book by Yakov M. Rabkin titled “What Is Modern Israel”  (Brownfeld titles his review “Assessing Zionism and the State of Israel as a Dramatic Break with the Jewish Religious Tradition ” ).

Both of these reviews constitute a paradigm shift of a movement in the direction of peaceful conflict resolution with justice for Palestinians and security for Jews in Palestine.

The German born grandfather of this writer, a metallurgical engineer, decided to leave Germany in 1935 for the Soviet Union.    After the war he decided to move to Haifa, Palestine in 1945 where he found friends among Moslem and Christian and secular Palestinians and where he felt so good that he became a Palestinian Citizen (of “Mandatory” Palestine, as the British imperial colonialist called it).  Two and half years later, just prior to the Palestinian Nakba, he left Palestine due to the imminent and unjust so-called “declaration of independence” by the Zionists,  and therefore he left Palestine and  came to live with his son, this writer’s father, in São Paulo, Brazil.

The third most extraordinarily principled, courageous, multi faceted, writer, activist, former Israeli military official, who this writer  met personally, is the son of  famous Major General of Israel, Matti Peled.

His son, Miko Peled, lives is a U.S. and Israeli citizen.

Tragically Mr. Peled’s niece became the victim of a Palestinian suicide bomber, yet commendably this is event seems to have further energized Mr. Peled to become a peace activist.

On one of the last occasion when this writer and Miko Peled saw each other was when we, along with many other activists which included members of the orthodox Neturei Karta order of American Jews protested in front of the Capitol building in Washington, DC against the outrageous intrusion by collusion with 47 Tea Party Republicans of Benjamin Netanyahu who disrespectfully towards our President, and weirdly,  intruded into our Congress building to attempt to sabotage at the last-minute the successful nuclear energy non-weaponization agreement with Iran.

Mike Peled is the author of an insightful and unique book titled ” The General’s Son : Journey of an Israeli in Palestine “.

So, for the Argentum Post readers, to acquaint themselves with the work and inspiring, selfless, mindset of this additionally noble, rational, and humanist American Jewish activist for peace with justice for Palestinians and  security for Jews in Israel, the video presentation by Miko Peled of  “Freedom and Justice – The Key to Peace in Palestine” is appended infra.





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  1. M Estelle Spike says:

    Thank you for being a consistent font of facts and an inspiration to your readers to raise awareness of the plight of the Palestinians and work for peace and justice in Palestine and Israel. Sharing!

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