[APNFD Nr. 14] Thanks to Julian Assange and John Pilger : A Phoenix May Rise from the Ashes of the Clinton-Trump Crisis


November 5, 2016 by Alfred

This is an Argentum Post News Flash Digest (APNFD) Nr. 14

Today’s (November 5th, 2016) Wikileaks disclosures via the interview by John Pilger of Julian Assange, have the viable and optimal potential to lead to a January 20th, 2017, or post January 20th, 2017, inauguration of President Tim Kaine and Vice-President Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein, if the proverbial “phoenix rises from the ashes” of the destructive Hillary Clinton – Donald Trump nomination and campaign.

If the American mainstream media breaks its serious dereliction of duty to inform the American people in an objective, honest, and ethical pursuit of the facts of Hillary Clinton’s unacceptable alternative to the unacceptable Donald Trump, regardless as to where it takes it, we  may very well lead us to the proverbial “phoenix arising from the ashes” of the historical debacle which the Clinton-Trump debate generated.

In one possible most ideal scenario, Clinton may be elected and then impeached as a result of the increasing evidence of wrongdoing, in which case we would have Tim Kaine as president.  Tim Kaine may then have to choose or,  there will have to be an election for,  a vice-presidential candidate and ideally either Bernard Sanders of Dr. Jill Stein could then be chosen/elected.

In stark contrast to Hillary Clinton’s scandalous support of the 2009 violent abduction in the middle of the night of the popular Honduran President Zelaya in a coup which she insisted the U.S. would must not characterize as a coup because that would prevent our continuing sale of armaments to the thugs who carried out said coup,  Tim Kaine’s history also was very commendably  linked to Honduras in a most positive way, as he spent time in Honduras volunteering to engage in support of the poor indigenous natives of that country with a Jesuit priests organization.  Tim Kaine delved into the vicissitudes of the social and economic injustice in Honduras to the point that he became a good speaker of the Spanish language.

The contents of the Julian Assange interview by the distinguished and well seasoned independent Australian journalist, John Pilger, which just took place, has revealed myth debunking information which (a) exposes Clinton’s cover up of her ambition on steroids quest for power by dishonesty, and (b) of her campaign’s and of the mainstream media’s campaign to buy into the scapegoating Putin and the Russian government for the exposure of Clinton’s wrong-doing, on the basis of specious information and zero proof, and besides, it is the content of the wrongdoing exposed which counts.

This documentary complements, further documents, and debunks myths, as it exposes the synergy with a plethora of additional evidence of facts deliberately  not published by the mainstream media.

Said facts comprise, but do not limit,  Hillary Clinton’s long established pattern of support of some of the most ruthless authoritarian regime leaders of the world, such as (a) the Saudi Arabian Regime of 71 euphemistically characterized “princes”  which is now carrying out a veritable massacre in Yemen where close to 6 thousand mostly innocent, unarmed civilians, including more than 1 thousand children have been killed, and (b)  of the former 30-year murderous dictatorship of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, for whom Hillary Clinton expressed such affection as to call him a “member of the family“, as well as (c) her deferential relationship with Benjamin Netanyahu,  the egregious violator of the most fundamental rights of the natives of Palestine, namely the man who ordered the Summer of 2014 massacre of close to 3 thousand mostly unarmed, innocent, civilians of the Palestine in the what is now the largest concentration camp in history, namely Gaza,  coupled to (d) the “pay to play” relationship Clinton has established with,  (inter alia) the Israeli multibillionaire Haim Saban and wife, who donated some $ 20 million to the Clinton Foundation for which Saban requested  and has been granted by Hillary Clinton’s assurance that she will strongly oppose holding Israel accountable for its international law violating occupation and crimes against the humanity of the native Palestinians, by – inter alia – opposing the peaceful and effective “Boycott, Disinvestment, Sanctions” (BDS) urged by American and global rationalist, humanist, Jews, all contribute to render Clinton formidably unqualified to be the president of the United States

With this succinct foreword, therefore,  the Argentum Post readers are hereby invited to view said Assange interview by Pilger which was published, about 7 hours ago (at this time it is 11:25 of November 5, 2016.)

Readers may use the supra text functionalized to serve as a link to the documentary or use the infra button to activate the video of this game changing video.

4 thoughts on “[APNFD Nr. 14] Thanks to Julian Assange and John Pilger : A Phoenix May Rise from the Ashes of the Clinton-Trump Crisis

  1. aliceny says:

    We can dream, can’t we? (re the Pilger/Assange interview)
    Great post, Alfred. You just keep getting better and better.

    Unfortunately, I don’t think our Congress, including the new members, whomever
    they may be, will have the courage to impeach. if they did pull a surprise and effect a verdict,
    a Kaine/Sanders/Stein administration just might get the ‘message’ and start the process
    of setting our nation on the right track and, finally, create a nation that will include true justice
    for ALL — and begin the ascent back up to being ‘a shining light to the nations.’

  2. M Estelle Spike says:

    Thanks for writing about this monumental interview. Julian Asssange is a true hero!

  3. Michael Corey says:

    Unfortunately…we have to choose. Hillary is NOT endorsed by the KLAN.
    Trumpism and the Tea-party, however represent Factions as described by Madison in Federalist #10. So, I argue that it is key to stop DON the CON! Defend our Republic, and vote for Hillary!
    Sorry, Alfred! I’m going Democrat!

    • Alfred says:

      Thanks and don’t be sorry, Michael. I always appreciate your comments. I did not leave the Democrat party, it has left me…
      Am happy hanging out with my new “watermelon” friends of Jill Stein’s Green party.

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