The Trump Election Highlights the Synergy of a Colossally Failed Electoral System in what is Now a Faux “Democracy”


November 9, 2016 by Alfred

The Argentum Post (AP) is NOT an ideo-political blog.

AP is a literary activism blog in support of genuine participative democracy by transparency, justice, peace, diplomacy, and humanist rights respect and enforcement.

The phenomenon of the Trump election is the direct product of decades of erosion and putrefaction by inaction, of our limited bipartisan democracy which has ceased, at least on a federal level, to be a democracy.

Citizens United v. FEC plus the systematic and structural flaw which has neglected to establish long ago a at least tripartisan democracy elected via the Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) system, has allowed for the system to dysfunctionally fester and thus degrade into a bipartisan neocon/neolib plutocracy  polluted charade which has disenfranchised all but the top moneyed elites and which has allowed them to literally generate a class of politically prostituted corrupt misleaders funded by said elite’s special interests groups to undermine whatever democracy we had decades ago.

Democracy is one man/woman – one vote.

The moment the corporate sector trumps democracy by engaging in deceitful, unethical, and criminal practices, the “democracy” becomes just a word adornment.  At that point the U.S. Constitution has been violated in letter and/or principle.

This 2016 election has in effect been a “non-election” by virtue of the fact that “we the people” were presented with a “non-choice” of genuinely qualified candidates, but it is childish to become stuck on the personalities of said unqualified candidates when the issue is one of a total lack of sound structural electoral  integrity framework  needed to bring the highly qualified to the forefront and not the ethically challenged highly defective individuals we had to  choose from to the forefront.

The AP has, with an abundance of redundancy posited that the imperative of the IRV system, coupled to the elimination of the electoral college,  are a fundamental prerequisite of a genuine constitutional democracy.

Furthermore, the irony is that Clinton actually seems to have won the election on the popular vote level, just like Gore won it against W. since our “faux” electoral process is additionally  “constitutionally rigged”  as David Cole, the legal affairs correspondent of The Nation said, as CBS News has just reported at 18:23 hours that Trump appears to have lost the election on the basis of the direct popular vote with our archaic electoral college system.

With 125 million votes counted a day after Election Day, Clinton had a lead of about 200 thousand votes.

In most democracies of the world Trump would not have been a declared a winner by an indirect vote, when by the direct popular vote Trump is the loser.

As the AP predicted, millions of independent progressives would and did  not vote, or would and did vote for the most qualified of all candidates, namely Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party and never could vote for the only other eminently highly qualified candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders.

Yes, this meant that millions of votes that would normally go to the Clinton camp would and did not go there.

With an IRV system, given that Hillary Clinton was so documentably unethical, dishonest,  and corrupt, and that Trump was so grotesquely unpalatable,   voters could still vote with a clean conscience for Dr. Jill Stein and then designate Hillary Clinton as the recipient of their vote.  This also meant that these voters would not falsely be accused of being “spoilers” which they cannot be anyway, since every citizen has a right to vote their conscience’s choice.

And when it comes to being forced to vote for a pro-war candidate such as Hillary Clinton documentably is, the conscience plays a major role in blocking such a notion on the basis of respect for innocent, unarmed, human life on this planet.

Not only did the present faux democratic right deny the voters their choice , but the alternative candidate, in this case Dr. Stein was denied to enter into the ballot in the primaries in most states, and furthermore she was not allowed to enter into the debate between the two ethically challenged neolib and neocon candidates and thanks of a colluding, unprofessional, mainstream media, some 72% of the electorate were not even aware of the Dr. Stein alternative.

What made matters even far worse was the horrific scandalous collapse of the DNC led by its disgraced director, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a very close friend of Hillary Clinton who immediately hired Schultz for her campaign after Schultz and top operatives of the putrefied DNC was exposed by Wikileaks documents to have discussed the possibility of sabotaging the highly successful campaign of progressive non-establishmentarian Senator Bernie Sanders who otherwise could have been nominated , by floating to the public the outrageous suggestion that Bernie Sanders was not “Jewish enough” or even, heaven forbid, perhaps “secular” so that he would not be supported by the right-wing extremist Zionist AIPAC undue influence Israel lobby which is hell-bent on provoking a U.S. war no Iran for no reason whatsoever, other than that Iran has become a stable and capable player in Middle East which objects to US/Western hegemony agenda  in that trouble area.

To boot, Hillary Clinton has adopted the bizarre notion that whenever the Wikileaks documentation would expose wrongdoing by her and by the DNC, she could somehow get away with falsely scapegoating what she calls the “Putin Russia” factor which did not exist.

It reminded one of the Cheney/Bush et al. practice of incitement of war on Iraq by repeatedly and relentlessly attempting to conflate 9/11 with Iraq when in reality it was Saudi Arabia which was, as now shown documentably, the state which supported that criminal attack.

This was proven more than once, but most interestingly so is the interview of Julian Assange by the distinguished Australian journalist John Pilger.   ( see the Argentum Post article titled ” [APNFD Nr. 14] Thanks to Julian Assange and John Pilger : A Phoenix May Rise from the Ashes of the Clinton-Trump Crisis ” which carries the 25 minute video of said interview ).   The title is functionalized so as to open said article.

Enough said about what happened and why.

The way forward is clear.

Just as Clinton should have had her proverbial “feet held to the fire” if she would not embark on nation healing agenda and give up her hegemonic corporatist-militarist, hate and fear mongering pro-war agenda, now it is the turn of said proverbial “feet held to the fire” by Trump which must happen if he does not give the insanity of expelling millions of decent, honest, hard-working Latin Americans and if he does not give up the building of the expensive odious wall, and if he does not immediately reform rather than abolish the Affordable Care Act so that ALL Americans, and particularly the ones who make a few dollars above the threshold which renders them unqualified for affordable health care subsidies.

What is most important though is that “we the people” come together as an American people and not as “liberals” and “conservatives” or “rightists” and “leftists” but as ONE PEOPLE UNITED for progress and for immediate pragmatic, technocratic, solutions who will jointly oppose the industrial military complex in its terrorizing reprisal attacks provoking foreign destructive interventionism in support  of such criminal regimes as the Saudi Arabian which carries out massacres in Yemen, the Egyptian regime which condemns hundreds to death sentences or prison time on the most specious grounds,  and the Israeli regime which brazenly stands  in violation of international law and has carried out horrific massacres, and house demolitions in the 75 % and more of the land it has taken over from the native Palestinians, and which is now being promised $ 3.8 billion dollars per year of our hard-earned tax funds to continue to be part of a festering problem rather than part of a solution which requires it to relinquish its “exceptionalist” myth notion as well as its racist Apartheid “Jewish state” supremacy notion and instead become a member of an upgraded Palestinian federative democratic republic.

The hemorrhage of treasury and blood must end now, and regardless as to who it in the White House, “we the people” can bring that about.

This article is ended with reference to the inspiring statement of a most inspiring and magnificent Maryland senator, namely Senator Jamie Raskin, who has just been elected was our Senator in Washington, DC.

In this victory speech the Senator says that he is a conservative, because he conserves our water, our air, our climate, (i.o.w.) the good in our country and on the globe which needs to be conserved, such as our constitution and our democracy.  He is simultaneously a noble liberal, a progressive, a humanist.  All of these characterization are issue-specific and coexist in a single individual.

We can be conservative, and for law and order, and liberal, and tolerant, and exigent, and so on, simultaneously.

We must act progressively and act in support of healing and of rendering all of us “equal under the law” in practice and practice.

And finally, one must refrain from abusively applying the risibly  irrational, inoperable, ignorant, cynical, offensive, epithetic characterization against the voters of the Green party that implies erroneously that it is somehow “their fault” that Hillary Clinton was so colossally defeated.

Clinton and the DNC have no one to blame but themselves and the lack of IRV option in our non-democracy.

It is noteworthy that notwithstanding the millions of dollars billionaires such as Israeli billionaire Haim Saban and casino mogul Sheldon Adelson and the Isreali AIPAC lobby poured into the coffers of the Clinton campaign and into the documented “pay to play” Clinton Foundation scheme, at the end of the day she failed to defeat the first Afro American President Barak Obama, and now she failed to defeat the so deferrable Donald Trump.




3 thoughts on “The Trump Election Highlights the Synergy of a Colossally Failed Electoral System in what is Now a Faux “Democracy”

  1. fausto baptista says:

    We are used to say or denominate countries below Equator line as Banana republic, and now was created or even was born a new and the first PineApple republic. Fantastic!

  2. M Estelle Spike says:

    At least all that dirty money went down the drain and mainstream America gave their collective finger to both corrupt and rotting parties. If nothing else, Trump has changed the game. It’s time for the Green Party!!

    • Alfred says:

      Yes, the time for the alternative third party is way overdo, however it is vital for its enablement that we demand the inception of the Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) system.

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