[APFFD Nr. 1] Trump is the President “Not-Yet-Elect” and if We Live in the United States of America and Not in the “Fragmented States of America, on December 19th, 2016 Clinton Becomes the President Elect

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November 30, 2016 by Alfred

This is the first of a new series of Argentum Post articles characterized as a “Argentum Post Flash Fact Digest” or “APFFD” .  In this case it is APFFD Nr. 1

It is important to remind readers that the Argentum Post is not a “Political ” blog, since its mission is that of a blog which reflects the quest for progressive evolution of participative transparent democracy within the context of a form of peace and justice literary activism based on honest and ethical realities and history,  which our mainstream media has been failing the American people by their dereliction of duty to inform objectively and unbiasedly without the the imposition of pernicious filters introduced by corporatist/militarist and/or other types of undue lobby interests which warp reality, and thereby manipulate public opinion, damaging public education, and thereby  polluting and eroding our democracy by violating the American public’s right to be honestly and comprehensively told what it needs to be told to formulate wise and constructive judgements.

With this foreword, we get to the gist of this APFFD Nr. 1

Fact One :  There is not yet a  so-called  “President Elect”.

December 19, 2016 is the date when we will have one, but bizarrely, in contrast to the reality of most modern democracies, our president will  ultimately be decided not by a democratic voting system based on a direct popular vote, but it will be based on a relic of history, an archaic group of anonymous people gathered in a “College of Electors” who will determine who “We the People” will be allowed to have as our president.

If Trump is selected as the “winner” it will be the 3rd time in the history of the United States that the actual  loser of the democratic vote will become the so-called “winner”, and this will be a brazen violation of the fundamental principle of equality enshrined in our  Constitution of the United States, since the “one-man/woman – one vote” principle will be ignored and therefore egregiously violated.

The first time this phenomenon occurred was in 1888, second in 2000, and third would be in 2016.

This must NOT HAPPEN and the reason is simple and clear.

Donald Trump lost the vote by 2 million votes.  It appears that by December 19th, 2016 as absentee votes keep being registered it may be close to 3 million votes.

Without any proof whatsoever, the president not-yet-elect Trump, decided to toss out the false notion that the 2 million votes were falsely cast.   This could not be more hysterically bizarre and dishonest.

In hardly any modern democracy he would thereby the categorical looser of the election.

The “respect for equality” in our U.S. Constitution is inviolable.

We the People” voted for our President.  No one  voted for “electors” to decide it for us.

The uncontested principle of this election must guide who becomes our next president.

In no way does the U.S. Constitution require that the “College of Electors” overule the popular democratic will demonstrated and exercised by the American voters in these United States of America.

State law cannot introduce inequality in voting in the United States of America and we do not live in the “Fragmented States of America”.

The “Winner Take All” state law in some swing states cannot and must not be abused by that “College of Electors”  to thwart, literally sabotage,  the democratic right of American voters who have clearly  and unequivocally chosen their president.

If Donald Trump actually becomes the President of the United States as a result of this brazen denial of the American people’s choice on the basis of the principle of equality guaranteed by, inter alia, the U.S. Constitution’s 14th amendment, it will be a travesty of justice and will irreversibly badly tarnish  our already eroded democracy.

While the Argentum Post has not endorsed either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, since this is not its mission, it did expose some of their background history in ways the mainstream media has avoided.

And yes, the Argentum Post has not endorsed, but highlighted the positive background aspects of Dr. Jill Stein in contrast to the two only contenders for the election which the system and the media favored, and this is another flaw of our democracy which requires immediate reform by the inception of the Instant Runoff Voting system.

For an in-depth, scholarly analysis which underlies the above noted violation of the principle of equality if the “Electors College” overrules the vote that “We the People” made in accordance with the law in accordance with the protection of the equal rights under the law which the U.S. Constitution guarantees us and protects us, a highly recommended source are the teachings of Harvard Law Professor, Lawrence Lessig, the author of, inter alia, “Republic Lost : How Money Corrupts Congress


Fact 2 : Finally, as an almost risible aside, where it not also a tragedy, it is quite noteworthy that the “president”  not-yet-elect has just used his Twitter account by proposing something in just about two lines which in effect shows that he proposes two acts which violate our U.S. Constitution, and therefore he exposes his ignorance of the contents of the U.S. Constitution.

Trump tweeted that, “ Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag – if they do there must be consequences – loss of citizenship or one year in jail

OK, it is easy to agree that burning the U.S. flag by U.S. citizens is disrespectful and contradictory, since the U.S. represents ALL OF US.
BUT, (a) The Supreme Court ruled twice, that burning of the U.S. flag is a First Amended protected act, and (b) as Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren expressed in his ruling “ The deprivation of citizenship is not a weapon that the Government may use to express its displeasure at a citizen’s conduct, however reprehensible that conduct may be

This reality actually calls for a millions of Americans to peacefully demonstrate even if Hillary Clinton is not their choice, since the issue is the preservation of our Constitution, the  reaffirmation of our democracy, and the celebration of our strength through bipartisan and even hopefully soon our tripartisan unity.

We have 18 more days to organize such demonstrations which under no circumstance should be provocative or divisive on a partisan basis.  If we succeed we will be a more united and more depolarized nation and we will show the rest of the world that we can inspire not my “might making right” but by peaceful and disciplined “right making might.”

It is not too late and it will not be in vain.

Whoever the members of the “College of Electors” are, this constitutional  reality coupled to peaceful and vibrantly and elegantly organized serious demonstrations cannot but lead them to undertake profound introspective reflection prior to rendering their judgement at this historical juncture in our nation.

Even if “We the People” do not succeed, we ALL will not regret what we did not do.

The Argentum Post would have proposed this demonstration regardless of who the two contenders for the Presidency had been, unless one of them was a proven criminal, something for which, inter alia, the framers created this “College of Electors” and something which is most certainly not applicable in this election.

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