A Most Prestigious Israeli Human Rights Director Demands UN Security Council Action Against Israel’s International Law Violating Occupation of Palestine


December 2, 2016 by Alfred


The director of the Israeli Human Rights organization B’Tselem, Hagai El-Ad, spoke to the UN Security Council on October 14, 2016, requesting that the UN take action against the Jewish state’s settlements.

As the Times of Israel newspaper has reported today, on December 2, 2016 “ Israel, El-Ad added, used the peace process “to buy time” to establish facts on the ground for the settlements. The country could not occupy a people for 50 years and call itself a democracy, El-Ad said, adding that the rights of the Palestinians must be realized, and the occupation must end.

As usual, this was and still is major news, however the U.S. mainstream media has not covered it as such, and this is literally a scandalous dereliction of duty inform honorably, and objectively, the American people.

For decades, so-called “peace talks” were never taken seriously my successive governments of Israel, and were primarily used as a ruse to perpetually imposed conditions which no Palestinian leader could seriously accept for such a charade of “peace talks”.

PM Ariel Sharon and now PM Benjamin Netanyahu have been the most cynical about these so-called peace talks and all along kept on expanding the number of international law violating settlements so that by now more than one half million people from all over the world who had a Jewish mother as a prerequisite to move to Israel and be granted immediately Israeli citizenship have done so, while the “right of return” to the millions of the Palestinian natives of Palestine  or hundreds of years, whose lands and residences were stolen from them and who were forced into refugee camps in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Maghreb countries, particularly Tunisia,  was permanently denied to them.

Netanyahu has been a documentably dishonest  Prime Minister when it comes to abiding by UN resolutions which demand that Israel end its international law violations, and yet the U.S.  has been an enabler of his regime’s literal crimes against the humanity of the Palestinians.

As the Argentum Post reported on August 1, 2106, It is absolutely incredible that the grotesquely and insolently demeaning and lying  PM Netanyahu and his ilk can carry any weight at all with the U.S. given that he has mocked the Unites States during a visit to illegal settlers in the West Bank and was captured as saying to said illegal settlers in a hot microphone that the it was amazing how “easy it is to manipulate the United States” and “how we can do anything we want”, further adding that the was proud to have scuttled the Oslo Peace Talks.

The supra link to Netanyahu’s declaration as how he can manipulate the United States is followed up the following “Young Turks” video.

No matter how Israel incendiarily provokes the long 50 years oppressed Palestinians into intifada, it receives about $ 10 million dollars per day from our taxpayer’s funds.

It is noteworthy that on several occasions Netanyahu and his wife have been investigated by the Israeli police for the highly improper use of government funds for personal use, so much so, that the last time the police recommended the indictment of Netanyahu’s wife and today, December 2, 2016, The Washington Post in its small “digests” section did report that Israel’s Channel 2 TV reported that Netanyahu’s wife was questioned for 8 hours.

These apparently criminal appropriations of the Israeli taxpayer’s funds are nevertheless minor relative to the such monstrous crimes by Netanyahu as the Summer 2014 bombing massacre in Gaza, where close to 3 thousand, mostly unarmed civilians were killed, and that included some 500 children, many of them hiding in UN schools built in Gaza.

For these crimes Netanyahu and others within his Likud coalition need to held accountable NOW, by the International Criminal Court, but the U.S. officials who knowingly continue to facilitate and thereby enable such atrocities against the autochthonous Palestinians need to be held accountable as well.

So, with this foreword, the following link to the presentation by the noble Director of the Israeli Human Rights organization B’Tselem, to the United Nations Security Council, is provided.



One thought on “A Most Prestigious Israeli Human Rights Director Demands UN Security Council Action Against Israel’s International Law Violating Occupation of Palestine

  1. Great news – sharing. Thanks for publishing the most important news that the mainstream/corrupt media won’t!

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