The MSM Misuses Deliberately the Expression “President Elect Trump”, A Non-President-In Waiting Who the Electoral College Cannot Elect

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December 3, 2016 by Alfred

The mainstream media, including The Washington Post and The New York Times, have misused abusively the expression “President Elect Trump”, just as, during the 2016 campaign the mainstream media has shown a disregard for professional and ethical journalism, by its shameless dereliction of duty to inform objectively and comprehensively that American electorate about the pros and cons of ALL candidates for the election, and that means not only Trump and Clinton, but most particularly one of the most highly ethical, intelligent, honest, dedicated candidates, namely Dr. Jill Stein.

The three mainstream television news networks, ABC, CBS, and NBC are guilty of the same dereliction of duty.  Fox is not mentioned as it is not a so-called “news” network, but it is primarily a right-wing extremist propaganda eco machine.

So, having established this reality one can then plausibly state that while the “College of Electors” is an archaic museum piece and should be finally abolished, it is an imperative that it not vote for Donald Trump because of the two following reasons:

(A) its function as  “electors” has in the past comprised favoring the slave-owning states by providing a pondered advantage in the number of electors to those states on the basis that a slave, who happens to be a human being mostly treated worse than an animal, is nevertheless counted as one-third of a person for the apportionment of electoral votes, and

(B) its electors function as the framers had envisaged, which was to intervene in the popular democratic vote, if the voters had voted in a “demagogue” or a criminal.

This means that the United States electoral system is based on the “indirect vote ” registered by the 538 members of the Electoral College which cast ballots on December 19, 2016.

This firs of all constitutes a bizarre anomaly which renders the United States on the presidential vote level, less of a democracy than that which characterizes that of most of the world’s modern democracies.

Furthermore, due to the lack of initiative to modernize and further democratize the presidential electoral process by the provision of an Instant Runoff System (IRV), the United States bequeathes two parties the a monopoly in any presidential election.

The IRV system would allow a Third Party to enrich the national conversation during the campaign and debates, and if, as was the case in 2016, neither party offered a candidate who was  popularly acceptable one, voters could vote for said alternative Third Party candidate and simultaneously designate the “lesser evil” candidate as the recipient of that vote in case said Third Party candidate did not receive one more vote than each of the candidates of the two other party’s did.    There would be no “spoilers” in such an election.

So, fast forward to 2016, and therefore as a result of the fact that in the United States does not accept the universal concept that democracy is defined by  one man/ one woman representing one vote, millions of voters whose conscience did not allow them to vote for either candidate simply elected to not vote.

This resulted in (1)  millions of progressives independents not voting, and (2) a near victory by Donald Trump which would be an election by default of Trump if the Electoral College does not now make the conscientious and honorable decision to voter for the victor of the democratic elections.

So, this means that the candidate which was considered by many the “lesser of two evils” actually did win the popular democratic vote by about 2.5 million votes.

In any modern participative democracy of the world, said candidate, as the winner of said democratic vote would be sworn in, inaugurated and celebrated on January 20th, 2017, as the President Elect of the United States of America.

Unfortunately for America though, and possibly for the wold, this may not become the case if the “College of Electors” do not reflect introspectively, if they do not have a heightened sense of reality consciousness, and if they in fact are willing to live with the fact that, if they elect the looser of the democratic election the Presidency, they will have violated the principles of equality under the law (14th Amendment) as well as the principles which dictated that a looser in a democratic election in a democracy does not become a winner by intervention of some “superior” body of “electors” who then have “We the People” robbed of our choice, merely due to archaic and obsolete notion that “We the People” must be overruled, in this case for no rational reasons.

If the looser wins due to this aberrationally bizarre notion of superiority of “College Electors” over that of the majority of vote of all Americans, then it will not be  any longer possible to proclaim the United States to be a genuine democracy.

Finally and additionally, it is most noteworthy that the looser of the democratic presidential election of 2016,  fortunately and coincidentally also happens to be that “demagogue” for which the framers intended the Electoral College to intervene !

Donald Trump, is documentably a man unfit to be president, since this  not yet “president-elect” but “not- president in waiting” and if elected most probably will become a “disaster in waiting” for the best interest of our nation.

While still a “non-president in waiting”, Donald Trump already has started to cause damage to our national security by having a telephone conversation with the leader of Taiwan, something no other president has done for the obvious  reason that when commendably President Jimmy Carter recognized the People’s Republic of China (PRC), it was so on the condition that the whole world accepts  that Taiwan is merely a province of the PRC, and while trade and cultural exchanges with Taiwan an other nations is proper, the presidential contact with Taiwan with its head administrator, Tsai Ing-wen, is most categorical not acceptable.

Additionally, Donald Trump’s mindless, provocative, irresposible, and incendiary proclamation that when he becomes president he will move our U.S. embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem is appallingly ignorant of the reality that no U.S. president ever considered such an international law violating move and the world and United Nations condemns it, as well as this would have the effect of adding an unthincable amount of fuel to the devastating fires which are consuming and obliterating the lives on innocent unarmed civilians in that region of the word.

Trump has further additionally damaged our image in the world by having had the audacity to have via a telephone conversation invited the highly controversial leader of the Philippines to the White House, namely Rodrigo Duterte, whose infamous death squads have killed more than 3,600 people  in the Philippines since 1 July this year, when Rodrigo Duterte was inaugurated as president as he initiated his war on drugs and crime. More than half of those murders have been perpetrated by unknown vigilantes.

Most importantly, as the Guardian of London just reported, Donald Trump has endorsed Duterte’s mass executions.

Furthermore, the man Trump invited  in that telephone conversation yesterday, December 2, 2106,  to the White House is a misleader of its own people,  who has characterized our present President Barack Obama as a “son of a bitch”.

Readers do not have to reminded that until very recently,  Donald Trump falsely characterized  our President Obama, as a “non-citizen”.

Finally it is important to note that the “College of Electors” are not required to vote for the candidates chosen by their states, and American founding father Alexander Hamilton, in describing favorably the design of the Electoral College, said the ability of its electors to exercise their own judgement would ensure “that the office of President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.”  [ See the  Huffington Post ]

Two extremely valuable sources of information on the issue of the “College of Electors” are (a) the teachings of Harvard Professor of Law Lawrence Lessig who was recently interviewed by Democracy Now in an video of the interview which is enclosed and is titled “Lawrence Lessig : The Electoral College Is Constitutionally Allowed To Choose Clinton Over Trump”, and (b) of the previously referred to article in the Huffington Post aptly titled  “ 32 Nonpartisan, Non-Ideological Reasons The Electoral College Must Reject Trump

PS   This Argentum Post article is in effect an elaboration on the same theme of a previous Argentum Post article titled “[APFFD Nr. 1] Trump is the President “Not-Yet-Elect” and if We Live in the United States of America and Not in the “Fragmented States of America, on December 19th, 2016 Clinton Becomes the President Elect” wherein the Argentum Post calls for massive, highly disciplined, serious, legal, peaceful demonstrations by millions to pressure the Electoral College to act wisely and in the best interests of the nations.    Shortly after that article, coincidentally or not, petitions have started to appear on the internet urging us all to support and help the Electoral College to follow the only path which it possibly can under the present circumstances which make it clear that Trump lost the election for a good reason to all genuinely concerned, decent liberals or conservatives or eclectics with no ideo-political orientation.

We must remain the UNITED States of America and forever evolve and refine our democracy, not so much to “lead” the world, but vastly more powerfully to “inspire” the world by the power of example and NOT by the example of power.


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