Addendum to Previous AP Article “Every Day, Every Hour, it Becomes Clearer that President-Not-Yet-Elect Trump Must Not be Elected by the College of Electors”


December 5, 2016 by Alfred

Trump is not yet an elected President, yet already he is doing serious damage to the United States best interests by declaring in a phone call to the misleader of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, that his criminal order to for the police to execute drug users and traffickers – something which has resulted in the executions on the street of some 4.600 Phillipinos – that “…this is the right thing to do…”

Today, December 5, 2016, the Vice President of the Philippines resigned in protest to the murderous executions ordered by President Duterte.

Furthermore, as referred to in a previous Argentum Post article, the President-Not-Yet Elect, has in a single Tweet suggested two unconstitutional acts.

Trump suggested that  anyone burning the U.S. flag as a protest, must have his/her citizenship revoked.

The facts are however that (a) burning the U.S. flag is protected speech, and (b) the U.S. cannot use  citizenship as a weapon to punish a citizen for any act no matter how egregious it is.

Also, President Not-Yet-Elect Trump, has falsely declared that China manipulates its currency, the Yuan.

The Wall Street Journal debunks this falsehood in an article by Matthew J. Slaughter titled “The Myths of China’s Currency ‘Manipulation

Trump ran the campaign promising to be the populous candidate who will “drain the swamp” of Washington.

This falsehood is now clearly documented by his nominations of establishment right-wing extremist hawks, and of more Generals than a normal civilian administration needs to run our nation in a balanced way, i.e. a way which according to the warning in the worlds of former President Dwight Eisenhower in his farewell speech to the nation to the effect that we must “be aware of the industrial-military complex and of foreign entangles abroad

President Not-Yet-Elect Trump, committed a most serious blunder by talking to the governor of the Taiwan province of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), recently in a way which in effect constitutes a violation of the sovereignty of said PRC, something which no U.S. president dared to do since President Jimmy Carter recognized the PRC in 1979.

Presiden- Not-Yet Elect Trump also lied when asked about this serious blunder when he said that the Taiwanese leader called him to congratulate him, when in reality we now know that this conversation was part of a pre-medicated and planned conversation and is therefore considered by the PRC, which holds trillions of dollars of our debt,  a major insolent provocation which could have very grave consequences for our economy, inter alia.

The provocative and incendiary suggestion by Trump to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem is yet another scandalously reckless suggestion, as this move would alienate us from our allies since the UN and the world would strongly oppose it as a brazen violation of international law.

Coincidentally with these horrific blunders and the feeble minded attempt to cover up the circumstances of how Taiwan conversation came about, the idea of providing Taiwan with U.S. weaponry is as insane as if the PRC would provide weaponry for Texas to supposedly protect it from  from the federal government of the United States.

So, merely by noting these few facts about the unthinkable dangers to our national security of a Trump presidency, and most particularly considering that he lost the democratic election by more than 2 million votes, we must continue to organize, sign on the petition to the College of Electors, (which at this point has 4,747.257 supporters and only 6 million are needed)  to pressure them into some profound introspective reflection which will convince them that for best interests of ALL Americans, and that means all decent and rational patriotic liberals, conservative, and independents alike, they MUST HONORABLY discharge their duty to not elect the looser candidate who will most certainly plunge us into a catastrophic crisis which could wreak irreversible major damage to our generation and beyond.

As last observation, and relevant and revealing to this article, it must be noted that the highly illustrious, respected, independent, journalist and documentary producer from Australia, namely John Pilger, is unveiling a documentary titled  “The Coming War on China” which, heaven forbid, may become a reality if the disaster of a Trump administration is not blocked by the Electoral College, which according to Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig, the Electoral College has a 100% Constitutionally supported prerogative, if not duty, for the College of Electors enable by voting accordingly  to bring about this safeguard for our democracy and perhaps even our survival as a prosperous and vibrant nation which still has what it takes to inspire other nations around the globe.

One thought on “Addendum to Previous AP Article “Every Day, Every Hour, it Becomes Clearer that President-Not-Yet-Elect Trump Must Not be Elected by the College of Electors”

  1. aliceny says:

    You’re on a roll; keep it up, Alfred.
    At least you put it ‘out there.’
    If we ignore your words – and most probably will, out of inertia – as they just did with the election horrors,
    then we as a nation, will continue our downward spiral, as did previous empires over the millennia. History has a very accurate, prophetic way of repeating itself.
    And still we do not listen!

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