Addendum to Previous AP Article “Every Day, Every Hour, it Becomes Clearer that President-Not-Yet-Elect Trump Must Not be Elected by the College of Electors”

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December 6, 2016 by Alfred

In the 9th paragraph of the above-captioned Argentum Post article published today, on Monday, December 5, 2016 which states as follows,

[“This falsehood is now clearly documented by his [ Trumps ] nominations of establishment right-wing extremist hawks, and of more Generals than a normal civilian administration needs to run our nation in a balanced way, i.e. a way which according to the warning in the worlds of former President Dwight Eisenhower in his farewell speech to the nation to the effect that we must “be aware of the industrial-military complex and of foreign entanglements abroad” ” ],

that it must be noted that in the first line of said supra 9th paragraph, where it is noted in the reference segment to the  now emphasis added bolded words, namely “…documented by his nominations of establishment right-wing extremist hawks, and of more Generals than a normal civilian administration needs …” that now even more concern is raised  about President Not-Yet-Elect Trump judgment, and actions, as on the following day that the previous article was composed and published, we learn that one of those nominees, namely that of Lt. General Michael Flynn for the post of National Security Advisor,  according to an article in “Business Insider” in the Military and Defense section, said Lt. General is shown to have promoted tweets alleging that Hillary Clinton was involved in “sex crimes”.

Lt. General Michael Flynn shared on his Twitter account two thinly sourced articles alleging that “Clinton was involved in everything from ‘money laundering’ to ‘ sex crimes with children’ just days before the election.”

What is even more concerning is that General Flynn is quoted in “Business Insider” as having   called it a “must read”  !

In his tweet, General Flynn somehow sees fit to introduce the acronym “NYPD” in disseminating this Hillary Clinton calumniation, as if this would make it more credible.

Now, the plot thickens, though.

It turns out that yesterday, Sunday – December 4, 2016 – this writer was driving into downtown Washington, DC he was diverted on Connecticut Avenue near Nebraska Avenue, in NW Washington, DC a major police presence with helicopter surveillance as said street was blocked  in both directions, because a man who drove to DC from North Carolina,   armed with two weapons, one of them an assault weapon,  entered a pizzeria called Comet Ping Pong, and fired shots into the ceiling, which caused all employees and customer to escape.

What is the relationship of this incident to the topic of this article ?

Said, apparently deranged, gunman came into said Comet Ping Pong pizzeria, because according to todays Washington Post report on this attack, he was on a mission to look for the underground tunnels in said restaurant where children were supposedly abused by pedophiles as part of a Hillary Clinton conspiracy.

As The Washington Post reported today, Monday December 5, 2016 the gunman  came to Washington DC to self-research the supposed tunnels, where non-existent children were sexually abused by supposed pedophiles who said gunman , attributed to a Hillary Clinton “conspiracy”, something  which he picked up in some smut infected fake news social media outlet.

Although on the surface this seems risible, it is actually very serious in the sense that  Lt. General Flynn would pick up this baseless smut from social media and deem it proper to announce this on his Tweeter account as if it was a legitimate fact with which to smear Hillary Clinton thereby.   In his tweet, General Flynn somehow sees fit to introduce the acronym NYPD in disseminating this Hillary Clinton calumniation.

So, we now have a President Not-Yet-Elect Trump who engages in public pronouncements to make sensationalistic declarations without any proof, such as that he would have won the democratic vote which he lost by some 2.5 million votes were it not for the millions of votes which were “falsely”   cast , and who taps for his National Security Adviser a retired Lt. General Flynn who engages in smear mongering by using his Twitter account to propagate “Fake News” trash from some social networking site made by dishonest vandalistic criminals, which had a deranged gunman enter the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria and start shooting it up to clear everyone out and to look for  tunnels where children were being sexually abused as part of a Hillary conspiracy…

This revelation and all the other circumstances which are characterizing the mis-election of Donald Trump now reach critical mass as the abundance of redundance of facts renders it an imperative that the College of Electors carry out honorably their duty to vote for the winner of the 2016 democratic vote.



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