[ APNFD Nr. 21 ]The Electors College Intervention Never Occurred and Almost Never Was Needed, but It Has Started Now

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December 8, 2016 by Alfred


This Argentum Post News Flash Digest [ APNFD Nr. 21  ] constitutes in effect a sequel to the Argentum Post article titled as shown infra, which was published on December 7, 2016.


The Electors of the Electoral College are free agents and may vote according to their conscience.

It has now  become publicly  established that the beginning of the expected  College of Electors rebellion against the election of president-not-yet-elect Donald Trump, is a reality.

As the Texas Republican elector, Christopher Suprun, has declared,

The first fact that must be noted is that the election of the next President is obviously not yet a done deal.  Electors of conscience can still do the right thing for the good of the   country. Presidential electors have the legal right and a constitutional duty to vote their conscience

Yes, this never occurred, and “almost” never was needed.

The “almost” is due to the exception of the “ Unprecedented 2000 “ (the title of a documentary) of  year 2000  presidential election, when due to the synergy of a scandalous corruption in the Florida state electoral count due to the intervention of then Governor Jeb Bush, and Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, a dispute on the vote count went all the way to the Supreme Court which then amazingly ruled in favor of Florida Republicans which in turn lead to an incomplete count and the so-called “election” of the woefully unqualified George W. Bush fore the presidency notwithstanding his loss to Al Gore in the national democratic vote of about one half million votes.

Forward to 16 years later, when we probably would not have had the catastrophically wasteful war on Iraq and Afghanistan, the wasteful hemorrhage of American and Arab blood coupled to the hemorrhage of our treasury of trillions of dollars, and we most probably would not have had the horrendous debacle of the Al Qaeda in Iraq and later ISIS or Daesh phenomenon, since the war on Iraq was based on fraudulent claims which generated a manufacture consent for war by the neocon and neolib cabals led by the Cheney/Bush junta.

Be it as it may, a tremendous lesson in support of military non-interventionism was, and yet was not,  learned since then, thanks to, inter alia, the undue influence of powerful democracy corrupting lobbies, most particularly the military-industrial lobby which President Eisenhower warned us about in his farewell speech.

Today we are facing an even more challenging debacle as the president not-yet-elect Trump,  who lost by 2.2 million votes and who does not qualify for the presidency on the basis of the “Federalist No. 68”  of Electoral College stipulations drawn up by Alexander Hamilton, is proving to be even more of a threat to our national security as he seemed to be during his bizarre and disgusting campaign, because he now reveals by his absurd nominations, that he may be even less qualified a more of a threat to all of our best interests.

Said nominations in addition to his behavior,  reveal zero political experience, zero awareness of constitutional rights, and a penchant to rule by fiat, utter contradictory generalizations.

Coupled to Trump’s nominations, his behavior has already started to generate serious damage in our vital relationship with the People’s Republic of China (PRC) by his ignorant an arrogant meddling in the PRC’s relationship via a contact with the administrator of PRC’s province, Taiwan, as if it was a sovereign nation, while thereby in effect violating the PRC’s sovereignty.  The PRC holds trillions of dollars of our debt.

Trumps nomination of top military officers to posts normally occupied by civilians, Trump’s nomination to his National Security adviser of a  retired Lt. General who along with his son disseminates alt- right“fake news” about Hillary Clinton running a center for child pedophilia abuse in the basement of a pizzeria, and his nomination of director for the Department of Homeland Security of a General who oversaw torturous forced feeding of often innocent prisoners in the Cuban occupied territory of Guantanamo, namely “Gitmo”, and his nomination for the post of head of the Environmental Protection Agency of Scott Pruitt, who is a denier of global warming and who was an attorney for the fossil fuel industry and who will literally dismantle the foundational laws of the EPA, are just the tip of the iceberg which render Trump utterly unqualified as  one of a “…character preeminent for ability and virtue…” as Alexander Hamilton phrased this criterion  when drawing up the basic elements of the Electoral College in a document published in 1788 known as  “Federalist No. 68”, which provides to the College Electors the criteria for voting in the very best interest of the nation.

So, today, Christopher Suprun, a 9/11 first responder, and the first college elector to speak out publicly and announce that he would not vote for Donald Trump, who is a decent, rational, conscientious, conservative and yes – in this case most aptly characterizable as  – a “patriot” , came honorably and courageously forward to also declare that there are other “faceless electors” who will follow the same path and that it will only take “37 patriots” to do likewise for Donald Trump not to become the potentially calamitous president of the United States.

For more in-depth information on this extremely promising reality readers are directed to (a) the “Hamilton  Electors” website, (b) The New York Times Article titled “ Why I Will Not Cast My Electoral Vote for Donald Trump “, and (c) to today’s Democracy Now interview of Christopher Suprun by its host and producer, the distinguished and legendary Amy Goodman.

This development has he potential to become a huge game changer for ALL AMERICANS which could not have come at a better time,

Readers are also urged to sign the Change.org petition calling for the electors to support the national popular vote winner.  The petition has been signed by almost 5 million supporters.








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