[APNFD Nr. 22] The Imperative for the Electoral College to Start Now Preparing to Vote Against Trump

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December 9, 2016 by Alfred

This is an Argentum Post News Flash Digest [ APNFD Nr. 22 ]

The major crisis which has engulfed our nation as a result of the emergence of not-yet-elect Donald Trump who not only lost the popular vote by 2.7 million votes but who documentably proves to be characterizable by a profile which matches exactly  that  criterion which Alexander Hamilton used to describe in the “Federalist Nr. 68”  the raison d’être for the creation of the  Electoral College, namely  to prevent such an unstable and unqualified individual  from ever  becoming the president of the United States, it is now the imperative that this bizarre aberration be now resolved resolutely and expeditiously.

This means that the electors must be mindfully sensitized by the people of these United States to reflect introspectively and to thereby carry out honorably and patriotically their role of safeguarding out constitutional democracy as well as our national security by overwhelmingly voting against the unqualified, unstable, incoherent, and therefore dangerous  Donald Trump phenomenon threat to our national security.

“We the people” cannot afford, nor do we deserve, the threat that such an individual represents should he have to make a decision as regards to the activation of the controls which would unleash our nuclear weapons in a situation caused by either an error, a military conflict, or his emotional instability as this is a move which would set into irreversible motion a series of events which would have the potential to destroy everything and everyone dear to  ALL Americans.

Actually “we the peoples” of the world are now in a position when we can and must organize from the bottom up in every nation to demand the destruction of all nuclear weapons arsenals.

The same applies to our domestic gun violence, which must be reigned in by strict firearms controls so that a new splendorous era can be ushered in for reconstruction, healing, harmony, equalization, prosperity, peace and justice to evolve as never before that will not only make “America great”but will accomplish this by unleashing its power to inspire which in turn will lead us to impress by our power of example and not by the example of power.


The objective of this APNFD therefore is to urge the readers of the Argentum Post to become involved in the process of block the disaster waiting to happen by taking two initiatives.

(a) by visiting the “Hamiton Electors” and becoming acquainted with the background and proceedings which will set into motion their support for the cause of avoiding the destabilization of our nation by the Trump election, and

(b) by visiting the Change.org site to sign ther  petition to the electors of the Electoral College which to reach the 6 million signature level.  As of today (12/09/2016) it is at the 4.8 million level.

Pure and simple, and the rewards reaped from this indispensable move will have the potential to become  sustainable ad infinitum once we genuinely embark of this path, which must be NOW , since the electors election is on December 19, 2016.

If we the people succeed, which we must, the end of year festivities and the January 20, 2017 inauguration will have historical dimensions similar to one characterizing the destructive impact of a meteorite on earth which we successfully deflected for the benefit of ALL without exception.

Cheers !


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