The Execrable Abomination of Fake News by Social Networking Sites, Mainstream Media, and Neocon/Neolib Dishonest and Corrupt Politicians


December 16, 2016 by Alfred

Fake news”, and even worse, “Alt-Right Fake News”, is dishonest,  deceitful, manipulative, incendiary, vandalism and reaches the level of being criminal.

There must be zero tolerance to “Fake News” in a civilized society.

The most obscenely destructive  “Fake News” event in our history has been the one which managed to have our nation to be misled, by neocon/neolib misleaders of the Cheney/Bush junta in coordination with GB Prime Minister Tony Blair, into the longest war in U.S. history on false claims fabricated by the likes of Ahmed Chalabi, and his cheerleaders Condoleezza Rice with her “mushroom clouds”, Donald Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Richard Pearle and many, many other disgusting and recklessly corrupted politicians, and the whole cabal of historical ”Fake News” disseminators  for political and hegemonic  objectives of wreaking havoc and building empire.

Additionally the disseminators and at times fabricators of the “Fake News” were, incredibly, inter alia the New York Times and The Washington Post.

Were it not for bloggers, foreign news agencies, independent news programs such as Democracy Now, magazines such as The Nation, and Free Speech Radio and TV, as well as Al Jazeera, Deutsche Welle, Agence France Press, and BBC which did dare to focus on “Real News” at least part of the time,  and of course short wave radio, “we the people” who were lucky to have the time to research all the lies and inaccuracies which were sold by the “Fake News” industry, would not have had a clue what was going on.

Today, 13 years later, and after the catastrophic hemorrhage of blood and treasury, the U.S. is still mired in the secondary and tertiary effects of this criminal enterprise which to this day has shamefully not resulted in one indictment.

At least the British  to their credit, had the revealing and relevant Chilcot Report on the The Iraq Inquiry.

We learned nothing from the Vietnam debacle, quite the contrary.  And we wasted trillions of dollars and the catastrophic effect we live through every day even though, sadly, most of us at times have become inured to this barbaric concept, fueled by the profiting industrial-military contractor undue influence lobby, that wars can solve problems when in reality they do nothing but generate grief, alienate us from ourselves, increase suicidal rates for the veterans of combat, and trample on our flag which is supposed to stand for a nation that inspires by the power of example and not the example of power.


Hypocritically now the mainstream media (MSM) criticizes  “ Fake News “ peddled and disseminated by the likes of retired Lt. General Lynn, the Trump pick for his national security advisor post,  and his son, who picked “Fake News” up in the cesspool section of some social networking site, and chose to disseminate it via his Twitter account in display of gullibility , ignorance, hysteria , and possibly malice motivated by his fierce anti-Clinton hatred, and thus endorsed the bizarre fake notion that in the basement of a pizzeria in Washington, DC, children were being abused by a ring of pedophiliac criminals led by Hillary Clinton, to the point that a deranged and heavily armed psychopath entered said pizzeria and fired shots which luckily did not hurt or kill anyone.

Incredibly, said retired Lt. General Mike Flynn is still president-not-yet-elect Donald Trump’s pick for his US national security adviser post !

It is further noteworthy that said retired Lt. General Mike Flynn hypocritically criticized  Hillary Clinton for mishandling classified information, yet he himself, according to non-fake news has shared secrets without permission.

The retired Lt. General Flynn who needs to retire in an “assisted thinking” institution for not only disseminating hate-filled obscene sleazy smut on the via his Twitter account, but who, along General “Mad Dog” Mattis is also one of the worst hate and fear mongers obsessed with inciting against Iran and against the successfully negotiated P5+1 nuclear agreement with Iran, on the basis of “Fake News” that the stable Iran, which has not attacked any of its neighbors, which has the greatest population of Jews outside of Israel in the region, where tenths of thousands of Jews live well and have a dozens of synagogues in Tehran, besides owning and running vineyards in Iran, is – relentlessly characterized erroneously on the basis of nothing but “Fake News” that it is a  “major existential threat to Israel ” while it is hardly ever reported that Israel has carried out assassinations of Iranian scientists, and that it has hacked Iran’s legal uranium refining center which is used for the generation of electrical energy and for medical research objectives.

Recently it none other than the former director of the CIA and of the NSA, namely Michael Hayden, who to his credit took the principled stand to denounce in the most categorical terms possible Israel’s abusive misuse of the the Stuxnet malware worm to target and sabotage the Iranian uranium refining ultra-centrifuges which are legally operated under the inspection of the IAEA agents.

This fact is documented and in fact the documentary “Zero Days” delves into the vicissitude of this reality and it Michael Hayden is the narrator of this Israeli misuse of the Stuxnet malware.

This writer of the Argentum Post has written and published on July 12, 2016, an article on this fact after having viewed the “Zero Days” documentary which was shown in a single theater for a very short period and the following is its title “ As a Sequel to ‘ The Occupation of the American Mind ‘ Another Relevant and Revealing Documentary Exposé of Israel’s Violence via ‘ Zero Days’  “

This is just one example how the mainstream media and corrupted neocon and neolib politicians are guilty not only of relentlessly and perniciously generating hate and fear mongering “ Fake News” singling out insidiously and often speciously  Iran, besides being also guilty of suppressing and underreporting any positive news about Iran.

The same applies nowadays to Russia.

The distinguished scholar Stephen F. Cohen, who is a NYU historian and writes for the oldest news magazine in the nation which is called The Nation, reports on this phenomenon which is called “Russophobia” and his now most particularly applied to discredit the not-yet-elect “president” Donald Trump, as if he needed discrediting, since he himself does the best job at discrediting himself.

Prior to the “Fake News” toxic methodology of attempting to link the Australian legendary journalist Julian Assange and Wikileaks to Russia in ways which are downright comical, since to this day there exists zero documentation linking the exposure of wrong doing by Wikileaks to Russia, as recently was confirmed by the interview of Julian Assange by another independent and legendary Australian journalist, namely John Pilger, Russia became the object of 24/7 bashing for having welcomed back Crimea into its federation since Crimea has been an integral part of Russia for since 1783 and only wound up being temporarily separated from Russia by virtue of the secession of the Ukraine from the USSR.

So,  the modern history of the Crimea begins with the defeat of the Ottoman Empire by Catherine the Great in 1783 and the handing over of the Crimea by the Ottoman Empire to Russia as part of the Treaty provision. After two centuries of conflict, the Russian fleet had destroyed the Ottoman navy and the Russian army had inflicted heavy defeats on the Ottoman land forces.

It was Soviet President Khrushchev, who was born in the Ukraine, who gave Ukraine, a Soviet Republic, increased autonomy in running its internal affairs, not envisaging the eventual dismantlement of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

When that happened, Crimea was temporarily involved administratively with the Ukraine but about 87% of its citizens were Russians.    Once President Yanukovitch was overthrown by a coup organized by nationalist neo-nazi leaning elements, the Crimeans wanted to return to become integrated with Russia.   Putin called for democratic elections and by an overwhelming majority the people of Crimea spoke and were happily reunited with Russia.

The cold-war mentality West lead by the US and Britain, decided that this reunification would be regarded as an annexation and ever since Russia became the object of “Fake News” based distortion and defamation of the vilest kind, and added to that damaging economic sanctions which last to this day.

Cuba is another society which has been the object of the dastardly “Fake News” smear and while the world voted for decades for an end to the US embargo and travel ban by the US of US citizens to Cuba, every year the world voted at the UN in support of normalization while but the US and Israel voted against it.

The “Fake News” argument was that Cuba was a “terrorism sponsoring” country, which it was not.   Actually the real terrorists were the ones who, after the people of Cuba liberated itself from the U.S. supported dictatorship of Fulgencio Baptista, left for Miami where they operated with impunity and carried out bombings in Cuba, and thousands of assassinations in Cuba and in Queens, NY and also bombed a Cubana Airlines plane  killing some 76 members of a fencing team.  They also dropped incendiary devices to put dried sugar cane stalks on fire, and bombed hotels in Cuba killing foreign tourists.

Alpha 66 members were also involved in the first terrorist assassination in Washington, DC on Sheridan Circle when the fascist Dictator of Chile, General Augusto Pinochet, ordered the assassination of the Chilean ambassador Orlando Letelier in a car bombing which also killed Letelier’s American secretary and gravely injured her husband.

This article could go on and on cataloging every instance of endorsement by corrupted politicians and corporatized media use of “Fake News” to manipulate, mislead, fudge facts, engage in cultural programmation, and adulterate history and entire books have been written about this subject.

Suffice to say however is that the most insidious applications of the dishonest brain washing which “Fake News” achieves is that at this moment in history, valuable opportunities to end the horrific violence internationally, are missed and squandered in favor of firmly entrenched belligerent special interest groups which profit from wars and which also are centered on a mono-polar world order dominated by the monopoly of military, corporate, financial power centers in Washington, London, Paris, and Tel Aviv.

As an example of the distortion of the “Real News” we can observe what is being reported “Fake News” wise one-sidedly  about the liberation of Aleppo, in these centers, namely that Russia and Syria and, bizarrely Iran (?1)are the villains, of what ?

The Israeli Gaza massacre of the Summer of 2014, led by Netanyahu and his Likud extreme-right wing Zionist coalition, which resulted in war crimes for which the perpetrators must be indicted,  and which resulted in the death of close to 3 thousand mostly unarmed civilians including 500 children,  a massacre which was conducted while Israel received then and before and now $ 10 million dollars per day  of our hard-earned taxpayer’s funds without their consent.  “Fake News” would have readers believe that Israel was “defending itself”.

The Yemeni massacre by Saudi Arabia, which has recently received and continues to receive some 20 billion dollars worth of arms and warplanes has by now resulted in the death of some 10 thousand mostly unarmed innocent civilians and worse than that, worse even than the suffering imposed on Syria by Daesh/ISIS and Al Qaeda and Al Nousra, it is now causing the death of a child by starvation at the alarming rate of one child every 10 minutes, according to Iona Craig of the Times of London and here it is the United States and Great Britain and not Iran or Russia which according to “Real News” is to be blamed as accomplices and enablers.

Again, “Fake News“, would have readers believe that the Saudi massacre in Yemen is just Saudi Arabia defending itself.


To add monstrous insult to horrific injury the latter two criminal genocidally criminal gangs, namely Al Qaeda and Al Nousra are being sometimes referred to as “rebels” or “militants” euphemistically and who access U.S. weaponry via Saudi Arabia since the war on Yemen is regarded by the morally decrepit Saudi misleardership a proxy war against Iran simply because Iran is evolving as a more and more democratizing stable and rational industrial power which happens to be Shiite, while the Saudi Arabia and its ruthless autocratic misleaders in Bahrain, Qatar,  and UAE are parasitic Sunnis hell-bent on maintaining their intact their oppressive autocratic rule, and what is most disgusting and surreal is that these players are now in a tacit alliance with the international law violating regime of Netanyahu and his cohorts, which “We the People” are forced to support on the basis of the “Fake News”narrative which gives Israel the “…divine biblical right…” to rob the land of the natives of Palestine and to banish, kill, or subjugate those who defend it, characterizing them as “savages” or “terrorists”.

During last Sunday’s 60  Minute show, Netanyahu was bragging about how happy he is now that not only the ruthlessly autocratic regime of Saudi Arabia is friendly to his coalition, but as well the other murderously oppressive regime of General Al Sissi of Egypt is friendly to Israel.  Gives a new dimension to that aphorism “ birds of a feather flock together “.

The prestigious reform Judaism center “ The American Council for Judaism “ teaches that a “Jewish State” is an oxymoron, since Judaism is a religion and cannot be nationalized.  It also teaches that a “Zionist liberalism” is an oxymoron since Zionism is predicated on the nationalistic superiority of God’s chosen people and such a concept is exclusivist and racist.  Only the transformation of Palestine into a vibrant democracy for its natives and for its Jewish immigrants and for its Arab Jews is an acceptable, sustainable, stable, non-violent, rational, and humanistic solution for the endless violence which resulted from the implantation of Israel into Palestine.

Fake News” on the other hand, has adulterated history in ways that it has run Israel aground as it is now becoming the only Apartheid so-called “state” in the world, and it is therefore damaging to decent and inspiring Judaism world-wide, as well as it is damaging to Israel itself.

This is what the real toxic spread of the conspiratorial suppression of the truth by the powers that be has achieved by its industrial strengths pollution via its corrupted politicians and special undue interests groups and via  the corporatized media and via biased  educational  institutions.

At the end of the proverbial day though, the seeming never ending violence,  the greed for financial and political power by the obsessed  and adrenaline consumed violence addicts generate the conditions for what will be their own colossal downfall, but that will not be an occasion to celebrate as “We the People”, who are not at fault,  will be the ones who will suffer the most.

Bottom line is that only constructive, creative, progressive, reform and repudiation of violence will get us out of this spiral to the bottom-less abyss.

And the time to start is now, before December 20th, to impress on the electors of the College of Electors the imperative that they act in accord with the stipulations outlined by Alexander Hamilton in The Federalist No 68 and therefore vote against “president” not-yet-elect Donald Trump to safeguard our constitutional democracy.

Incidentally, this writer was just notified that on Monday December 19, 2016, the organization DemocracySpring whose website is is going to defend our constitutional democracy & #StopTrump this at the state Capitol.  This will happen at every state capitol across the United States.


One thought on “The Execrable Abomination of Fake News by Social Networking Sites, Mainstream Media, and Neocon/Neolib Dishonest and Corrupt Politicians

  1. HStru!16hp! says:

    This is you at your best, Alfred.
    Comprehensive research, background, updates, current info —
    it’s all there. Ugly in its reality, true. But we need to know.
    And it is fearless journalists like you that make that possible.
    Thank you.
    Will pass this on to my grandchildren – if I can get them to remove
    their eyes from their smartphones long enough….to show them
    what is going on in the world — THEIR WORLD!

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