The Absurdly Provocative and Universally Opposed Move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem is a Red Line Which Trump Must be Informed Not To Cross


January 27, 2017 by Alfred

Let us assume that Donald Trump deserves the benefit of the doubt on the basis of his historical reality ignorance as regards the genesis of the unjust, and violent implantation of the nationalization embodiment of the Judaic faith, into the land of the Palestinians natives who have lived there for centuries.

Let us assume that Donald Trump is equally historically ignorant of the history of Zionism and therefore conflates Zionism with Judaism when in reality one is a supremacist right-wing extremist colonialist ideology and project which has since 1948, with the facilitation of the British empire, brought nothing but violent oppression, expropriations, expulsions, and massive killings to the autochthonous inhabitants of Palestine.

Let us further assume that Donald Trump is ignorant of the fact that since before the Nakba, which is Arabic for cataclysm, which occurred in 1948 when close to one million Palestinians were forced to flee or fled from their homes as a result of the Zionist immigrant nationalization of the Judaic religion into its “Israel”nationalist embodiment, that “Zionism” and “Judaism” could not then, nor can much less now, be conflated on the basis that by far not all Jews are Zionists.  In fact and documentably, particularly after the violently invasive, colonization of Palestine by the Zionists,  Judaism was in many ways severely damaged by Zionism.

Finally it is fair to assume that Donald Trump is primarily detrimentally influenced and intensively pressed by his absurdly inappropriate choice for the ambassadorship of Israel, namely Trumps’  extremist Zionist bankruptcy lawyer,  David Friedman, and by his son-in-law Jared Kushner, and by the extremist right-wing Zionist undue influence lobby AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee).

Let us also acknowledge the reality that Israel has since 1967, become a violator of international law and of the Fourth Geneva Convention, particularly but not exclusively after the major massacres of thousands of Palestinians it carried out in Deir Yassin, in Sabra and Shatila, and in Gaza, to name a few of the most egregious ones.

In fact the day will probably come when the misleaders of Israel will be held accountable by the International Court of Justice.

For a comprehensive  and authoritative  account of the history of horrific crimes against the humanity of Palestinians one can turn to one of the most illustrious, principled, Jewish scholars, namely Ilan Pappe who wrote the book
“The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” . The following link provides readers with a video presentation by Ilan Pappe.

Now, given that the election of Donald Trump has been heralded by Zionists  extremists in Israel as a happening described in weirdly messianic terms, such as those of Rabbi Yosef Berger, who oversees King David’s tomb in Jerusalem, who said that “Donald Trump is connected to Messianic process which is happening right now” and that “When he (Trump) promised to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem, he attached himself to the power of Moshiach (Messiah) which gave him the boost he needed”,  and this in light of the January 25, 2017 announcement by Israel  that it will now proceed with the international law violating establishment of an additional 2,500 colonization settler housing units, it then becomes now an imperative that Donald Trump be educated and informed that if he sincerely respects those of the Judaic faith in Israel, in the United States, and throughout the world,  he must not under any circumstance in good conscience go ahead with either the move of the American Embassy to Jerusalem,  and must end the support the Israeli brazen violations of international law as the oppressor and occupier of at least the lands Israel took violently over after 1967 war which it and not the Arabs started,  which in reality is land which represents only 25% of the original land of Palestine which was taken over violently by the forcible partition of Palestine in 1948, in a war which the Zionist power structure calls its “war of independence” euphemistically.

If Donald Trump is sincere in his position that the U.S. must stop its interventionism abroad and is furthermore sincere in cutting government spending, this is the time to consider ending the provision of Isreal with $ 10 million dollars daily of the funds of our hard working taxpayers.

Donald Trump needs to become aware of the fact that the mere announcement of the intention to move the American Embassy to Jerusalem is universally condemned as such an announcement is highly inflammatory, and if reduced to practice would lead to hugely  explosive consequences for Israel and Palestine, but as well for the United States.

Donald Trump must be informed about the historical fact that U.N. Resolution 181 of November, 1947 provided that no later than August 1, 1948 the British occupation of Palestine would come to an end and henceforth a newly created Jewish state would co-exist with a “newly created” Palestine which would only be fraction of the original Palestine, and most importantly as regards the outlandish concept of moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv where all of those embassies which recognize the Jewish state are located,  Jerusalem would become a newly created “corpus separate” consisting  of the entire city and its environs which was to be placed “under a special international regime administered by the United Nations, so historical sites which are sacred to the Jews, Christians, and Moslems would have guaranteed access to the members of these Abrahamic religions as well as to seculars, and would be safeguarded, and properly maintained.

Donald Trump has stated numerous times that the times are ripe for the United States to end its hemorrhage of treasury abroad, not to mention the hemorrhage of blood, and yet an incendiary move such as the American Embassy move to Jerusalem, as well as well as the U.S. support of Israel’s continuing Palestinian lands occupation for colonization purposes , will only exacerbate the fires in the region and will make it even more difficult and costly to contain and defuse the nightmarish destruction meted out by the criminally terrorizing murderous Daesh movement which wants to be known as the “Islamic State” but which in reality is neither Islamic as it is an egregious violator of the Koran’s fundamental teachings, and is much less, by any stretch of the imagination,  a so-called “state”.

Daesh, BTW, is finally going into retreat thanks in part to the collaborative involvement with the U.S. of such real terrorism combating partners as Iraq, Iran, Syria, Russia, Turkey, inter alia.

Donald Trump and his advisers need also to be updated about the reality that  the Zionists who are the most nationalists, supremacists, extremist and destructive elements in the power structure of Israel and in the Israel lobbies elsewhere in the world,  have for quite some time entered into a process of decay and this is a process which has been accelerating now an exponential rate of increase as their followers dwindle, and a new generation of Jews is evolving which regards their priority the universalist Torah values which are based on peaceful coexistence and respect for all faiths, and who also embrace the values exposed by the secular humanist movement which in turn coexist harmoniously with all religious humanists of the world.

The Zionist movement is entering  a phase of decay, as it does less and less represent the best and purest interests of the Jews of the United States,  of Israel, and of the rest of the world where contrary to the Zionist dogmatic propaganda, Jews are totally assimilated, in other words, have found their “Zion” so that in the case of the U.S. , America is the Zion of American Jews.

Just as it was risible for Netanyahu to maintain that he “speaks for all Jews”, it is rationally inconceivable to maintain that Aliyah is the “duty of every Jew”.

If the Trump administration wants to be totally sincere in its respect for Judaism, and the universalist values espoused by the Torah, then it needs to focus on the statistical reality which clearly establishes that it is the noble, rational, dedicated, non-nationalist, non-Zionist, peace aspiring,  millions of Jews who are now the majority who need to be respected for their kindness, openness  to all religions, and well as for the non-religious seculars, who are united to be part of solutions in areas of conflict, as compared to the hegemonic arsonist extremists who are blinded by their myopic views and who further are hindered by their fear and hatred mongering proclivities.

It is an accepted fact that Zionism, particularly the embodiment thereof which    was corrupted by the misuse the Hebrew bible teachings to attempt to justify their  post 1967 illegal land grabs coupled to their meting out of downright lethal oppression on the legitimate autochthonous inhabitants of Palestine, and that corruption worsened when said Zionist elements in the power structures of Israel became so involved and supported by right-wing extremist  U.S. neocon and neolib ideologues who enlisted these power structures for their support in their hegemonic agendas driven interventions in propping up dictatorships in Chile, Guatemala, Nicaragua, not to mention the incredible involvement of these Israeli power structures in the mid 80’s when Israel, which had acquired clandestinely an arsenal of nuclear weapons, and therefore refused to sign on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPD), and thus proliferated the nuclear energy weaponization technology to, of all places,  the white racist supremacist Apartheid regime of South Africa.

For an extensive account of the details of this most shameful chapter in the history of Israel’s power structures, one may refer to the one written by a son  of Austrian Jews who survived the Nazi genocidal crimes against the Jews and   others, and his name is Sasha Polakow-Suransky and whose book is titled
The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship With Apartheid South Africa

Since Donald Trump seems to be expressing the objective of ending America’s foreign interventionism, something which if adhered to would constitute a most commendable pursuit which would lead to the generation of fabulous peace dividends, his administration   must be taught how damaging right-wing extremist Zionism is to Judaism in Israel, in occupied Palestine, and globally and how these extremist Zionists in effect are aiding and abetting those who are literally arsonistically provoking  major violently destructive events which will cause irreversible damage to all concerned and decent human beings who yearn for and demand now a solution based on justice for all parties and therefore on a  peaceful end of the cycle of violence which was started in 1948 and became even more violent after 1967.

To sum up,  if Donald Trump wants to be seen as a friend of the vast often silent majority of Jews everywhere he must  be informed that  their  Judaic faith has been and continues to be to this day  to be damaged by the now very noisy minority  Zionist dogmatic ideology leaders which still are clinging to power in Israel. and this constitutes  a hindrance to  a final historical peaceful solution to the conflict generated by the implantation of Israel in Palestine.

The era of imperialism, colonialism, and Apartheid has come to an end, and therefore either Israel is now forced to cease and desist its international law violating occupation so that a viable Palestinian state can coexist with Israel  (the two state solution) or  Palestine becomes a  federated democratic republic where the Jews living there now live continue to live on  (the one state solution), but where ALL  members of this democratic federation are therefore given the full rights which a democracy calls for.  These rights must of course include the right of return of the descendants of the natives of Palestine which were violently forced into refugee camps, particularly since all it takes to this day for anyone who is the son or daughter of a Jewish mother to move to Israel unimpeded.

The latter solution is interestingly suggested by Miko Peled, a former Israeli military officer who is the son of a former Israeli Major General, Matti Peled, and it is described in a book by Miko Peled titled “ The Son of the General : Journey of an Israeli in Palestine

The following are the Jewish organizations which represent that mostly silent majority of the predominantly non-Zionist Jews which must be embraced so that once for all the festering suffering of the Palestinians and of Jews in Palestine who have become the victims of blow back reprisal attacks by the natives  can come to a harmonious and secure end, and the danger of a wider regional or even global conflict which would arise from the status quo would be eliminated.

First and foremost to be mentioned is the prestigious  American Council for Judaism, which has been a major inspiration for this writer who happens to be the son of parents who survived the Nazi genocidal crimes against the humanity of Jews and others.

Secondly the Jewish Voice for Peace organization and movement is to be commended for its devotion to peace and justice as regards to the resolution of the conflict generated by the creation of Israel.

Legendary Rabbi Lerner and his Tikkun publication  also contributed enormously to the cause of peace and justice for Palestinians and Jews in Palestine.

Additionally numerous other organizations work for the peaceful resolution of the crisis in Israel-in-Palestine and for human rights, justice and security for all affected and some these are :

B’tselem, T’ruha, New Israel Fund, Israel Occupation Archive, Tzedek, Breaking the Silence, Peace Now, Neturei Karta, J-Street, International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN), and others.

It is these organizations which truly represent now the majority of the most genuine Jews who are earnestly devoted to bring justice to the Palestinians after they have been abused for decades and often referred to as “savages” a term used by those infamous ads which  Pamela Geller  and her euphemistically called American  Freedom Defense Initiative got away with posting on buses, trains, and Metro station.  The Southern Poverty Law Center lists the AFDI as a “hate organization” quite correctly.

To finalize this article, readers are directed to an article published in the Argentum Post by this writer on December 19, 2016 which is titled :

Trump’s Pick of David Friedman for the Israel Ambassadorship Further Underscores The Colossal National and International Threat Both Represent if the Electors Vote for Trump and Friedman is Approved as the Ambassador

In said article, attention is called to the stunningly grotesque and insulting statement that was made by Donald Trump’s inadmissible pick for the U.S. ambassadorial post in Tel Aviv, namely David Friedman who had the temerity to characterize peace aspiring, humanistic, noble, Torah universalist values embracing Jews as “Kapos”.

“Kapos” where Jewish inmates of Nazi concentration camps who helped exterminate Jews.    What a surreal  and decadent expression of disdain for the best of Jewry this bankruptcy lawyer of Trump made !  It is simply beyond comprehension that such a man can be considered for any post of public trust in a civilized country.

In the same article of the Argentum Post another relevant section is called to the attention of the readers.

Here therefore, the relevant portion of that article is reproduced .

“AIPAC  on the other hand, is descending into the confines of an environment characterized by a cavernous dank place,  surrounded by walls to  the extend that in March it has planned in its annual conference attended mostly by  sycophantic corrupted neocon/neolib politicians such as those led by Arkansas Tea Party Senator Cotton who entered into an intrusion by collusion by PM Netanyahu into the Congress building, to offend the President of the United States, Barak Obama, by a rambling speech designed to sabotage the P5+1 successful  nuclear agreement with Iran, a task which of course Netanyahu failed abysmally.

BTW, Senator Cotton is so ignorant and so dedicated to hate and fear mongering on Iran that he declared that Iran is an existential threat to Israel and so much so that it has invaded other countries such as Teheran… It is noteworthy that Iran is the home for  some 10 thousand Jews who are happy and secure there, according to the London Independent

In this March AIPAC conference one of the main guest speakers will be a representative of the Israeli think tank BESA, namely Efrain Anbar, and he will be  proposing – incredibly – that the U.S. NOT destroy all of ISIS (or Daesh) since BESA is planning to use the Islamic State to destroy the nation of Iran. (!?)

This sounds so perverse and sinister, that readers will not believe it but, the Argentum Post has reported on that a few months ago in an article published on November 2, 2016 titled “ As the Scourge of ISIS/Daesh if Finally Coming to an End, It is Now an Imperative that the Scourge of the Barbaric Brutalization of the Natives of Palestine Be Once for All Ended as Well “ that, in the its relevant portion it reports on the exposure that this meeting will be highlighted by the urging by   Zionist Think Tank director, Efrain Anbar of BESA, that the U.S.  see to it that ISIS/Daesh not be totally eliminated, since Israel deems it useful to destroy the nation of Iran. “

PS  It is noteworthy that as we are approaching this important turning point and dangerous intersection which could make or break a peaceful solution, Israel’s PM Netanyahu continues to be questioned and investigated for serious corrupt practices by the Israeli law enforcement and judicial authorities.

2 thoughts on “The Absurdly Provocative and Universally Opposed Move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem is a Red Line Which Trump Must be Informed Not To Cross

  1. aliceny says:

    Another wise, sane voice has spoken. Thank you, Alfred.

  2. M. Estelle Spike, LMHC says:

    Thank you for your unwavering devotion to truth, justice and sanity in this World run by individuals and groups of ignorant, greedy, fanatical, immoral, self-serving, power hungry monsters! Life is indeed stranger than fiction.

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