[APNFD Nr. 27 ] Israel’s Zionist Power Structure of Netanyahu et al Hails Trump and his Mexico Wall

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January 30, 2017 by Alfred

This is an Argentum Post News Flash Digest [ APNFD Nr. 27 ]

This is a brief addendum to the previous AP article titled The Absurdly Provocative and Universally Opposed Move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem is a Red Line Which Trump Must be Informed Not To Cross which was published on January 27, 2017.

Every month, week, and day that goes by, the dialectical contradiction of the Zionist misleadearship imposition of Israel into the land of the autochthonous Palestinians becomes more and more aggravated,  grotesque and accumulates more and more potential for a disastrously violent denouement the kind of which has not been seen heretofore.

As if Palestinians have not yet been punished enough for at times rising up against their mercilessly violent oppressors since 1948 and most particularly since 1967,  by a cabal of Zionist right-wing extremist, obscurantist, supremacist, racist, power structures of Israel whose consequences are not just only horrifically damaging to Palestinians, but Judaism as well, by their irrationality, vulgar disrespect for human rights and human dignity, and a state of mind inherent in said oppressors  which is bereft of any consideration as regards to ethics and honesty, while obsessed with the a blind pursuit of an ultimately unattainable hegemony in a region of the world which is so unstable that any further proxy conflict such a futile quest generates between world powers  can and will inexorably lead to a major international world conflagration not seen since WWII.

In the January 28, 2017 tweet by the misleader of Israel, Netanyahu,  who has now been under police investigation for crimes of corruption for quite some time, he has had the temerity  to hail Trump’s odious wall for which Trump wants Mexico to pay, heralding it as a “great idea, a great success”.

One would think that such a bizarre and inflammatory statement by a so-called Prime Minister of Israel would constitute one of the last nails into his political coffin.

Decent Israeli lawmakers are calling this declaration a “grave mistake”.

Yair Lapid, a former Finance Minister and a journalist and now the Chairman of the  Yesh Atid Party said that Netanyahu stuck his “crude foot”into a divisive issue that is tearing the United States up and this was in effect an unnecessary “declaration of war on Mexico and the Hispanics and a divorce from the Democrats (including U.S. Jewry)”.

That was a relative mild statement.

The Trump – David Friedman – Netanyahu trio wreckage crew is recklessly leading the United States and Israel and Palestine and the possibly the rest of the Middle East into a worse case scenario than it already finds itself as a result o the George Bush/Cheney destruction of Iraq initiated 14 years ago on the basis of falsehoods in synergy with hate and fear mongering by special interest groups of the industrial-military complex President Eisenhower warned Americans in his farewell speech.

This trio’s noxious statements and readiness for barbaric violence raises to a whole new level that aphorism, “birds of a feather flock together” (the  species of the avian genus must be begged forgiveness for this insulting comparison ).

The Zionists’ cruel exploitation of religious fables by their misleading and violent incursions and  take overs of the land of the Palestinians by falsely claiming that “God gave” the Zionist invaders and settlers the land of the Palestinians (as if it was some kind of lien on real estate)  and by now heralding  our  misleader Donald Trump as some kind of “God’s envoy” sent to enable this crime against the humanity of the Palestinians must not be tolerated any longer.

With “friends” like these Zionists in the Israeli power structure we do not need enemies

The non-Zionist and/or the anti-Zionist silent majority of decent and noble Jews of all over the world, whose authority and guidance comes from the universalist values enshrined in the Torah,  in addition to  “we the people” of all faiths or seculars,  will be the ones who will pay for the hemorrhage of treasury and blood which will inevitably occur if this madness is not stopped, now.

During moments of lucidity Donald Trump has amazingly declared that (a) he looks forward to  a good relationship with Russia, and (b) he will enlist Russia in the quest to destroy the scourge of Daesh, and (c) he will oppose American interventionism abroad.

All are perfectly desirable and commendable propositions.

Yet, a $ 25 billion dollar wall building and confronting Mexico to pay for it, and calling the Chinese government a government which “ lies, cheats, and steals “ and picking a zero foreign service diplomacy experienced right-wing extremist bankruptcy lawyer for ambassador to Israel, and calling for the explosively insane and provocative move of the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,   as well as  to block the entrance of into the United States to the citizens from peaceful nations with a semblance of democracy such as Iran,  while allowing citizens of the most draconian authoritative state of Saudi Arabia which linked to the financing of extremist criminal groups and which has been bombing Yemen for since 2015 and has killed some 10 thousand people there, are to name a few, some of the examples  that more than totally annul  the credibility of the Trump proposals described by  (a),(b). and (c)  mentioned supra.

The time for the coordinated synergy of  peaceful, legal, rational, intervention by federal judges, law enforcement, and prestigious non-profits such as the Center for Constitutional Rights, the ACLU, the International Court of Justice, and the United Nations is NOW !






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