The Specter of Fake News Scavenger Michael Flynn and Obsessed “Mad Dog” James Mattis Incitement by Hate and Fear of Iran is Surreal and Cannot be Misused as a Pretext for a Military Attack on Iran


February 6, 2017 by Alfred

Of the all the major mistakes of the present Donald Trump administration on its day 17 since its inauguration, and these include the inappropriateness of the Taiwan call, of characterizing the People’s Republic of China (PRC)  as “…an enemy which lies, cheats, and steals…” while the PRC holds trillions of dollars of our debt, and of further charging the PRC  with “…manipulating its currency…”, a specious charge immediately proven to be false by The Wall Street Journal, and the incredible insults meted out on the leaders of allies and trading partners of  Mexico and of Australia, and these mistakes in addition to that of issuing by decree the ban of entry of tourists, students, refugees from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Sudan,  none is more seriously flawed than the absolutely irrational, onslaught of the aggressive, provocative, vitriolic invective filled with dangerous  hate and fear incitement against the government and people of Iran, on the basis of mostly specious when not downright false information.

Having said that, one must give credit to Trump for now having distanced itself from the two equally irrational and incendiary provocative dangerous objectives of (a) moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, and (b) going along with the international law violating violent take over and occupation plus illegal settlement buliding in  Palestine by the Zionist fundamentalist extremist power structure of Israel led by Netanyahu and his Likud coalition.

Now back to the Iran issue.

The historical and factual reality clearly indicates that the most stable and rational, rapidly emerging player in the Middle East is now Iran.

Iran is also a most reliable and competent collaborator in the elimination of the Daesh (aka ISIS or ISl) colossally horrific threat to all in the Middle East, and Iran has also been most instrumental in fighting al-Qaeda and its affiliate al-Nousra.

In contrast to Saudi Arabia and Israel, Iran has never attacked any of its neighboring states, it is not violating international law, as Saudi Arabia is by its now second year of massive bombardments of Yemen which has thus far resulted in the death of 10 thousand mostly innocent unarmed civilians, and as Israel is by not only its invasion and occupation of that 75% of the land of the pre-1948 Palestine, but  as well by the invasion and occupation of the remaining 25% of the land of Palestine pre-1967 Israeli invasion and occupation of Palestine and this coupled to the barbaric oppression and massacres Israel has carried out in Deir Yassin, in the Sabra and Shatila Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon,  where its bombardments also killed 17 thousand Lebanese and Palestinians in the mid 80”s, and most recently by the massacre in Gaza in the Summer of 2014 where close to 3 thousand mostly unarmed, innocent, civilians  were killed and that figure includes some 500 children.

No, Iran never ever came close to carrying out such repulsively inhuman aggression in the Middle East region or anywhere.

Israel on the other hand has carried out targeted assassinations of scientists in Iran on the false premises that they were working on the development of the weaponization of nuclear energy, as the Israeli Jerusalem Post reported.

Actually it is Israel which did, clandestinely, as a result of a 1969 secret agreement between the disgraced President Nixon and the Israeli PM Gold Meir develop an arsenal of nuclear weapons, which plausibly can be viewed as an existential threat to any of this neighbors, most particularly Iran, but to boot, Israel having refused to admit the obvious existence of its nuclear WMD arsenal, refused to sign on the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and therefore it saw fit to proliferate its nuclear energy weaponization  technology to, of all nations, that of the white supremacist racist regime of South Africa, where it assisted said regime in the detonation of a nuclear explosion off the coast of South Africa, an event which CIA analyst Paul Pillar admitted  to this writer during a Q and A session that the CIA was aware of.  This admission occured  during a conference on the Israeli Lobby’s undue influence in U.S. foreign policy, and said event took place at the National Press Club.

Said conference including the above cited response by Paul Pillar to this writer, were covered by CSpan and the Argentum Post has an article which includes a link to the entire event that includes the response by said CIA analyst veteran of 28 year to this writer.

So, see infra the URL of the 8 hour event of March 7, 2014 titled “National Summit to Reassess the U.S. – Israel “Special” Relationship”.

If interested find the segment wherein this writer appears questioning the distinguished panel of members of the intelligence community as, as described supra by scrolling down to where the worlds  “unspecified speakers” appear and then by going along the timeline to  8:01:54… Alternatively one may open the 8 hours and plus video and fast forwarding it to the stream wich starts at hour 8:01:24.

Also, for documentation on the Israeli  military cooperation with the racist Apartheid regime of South Africa, one of the best sources is a book by the  Jewish author  Sasha Polakow-Suransky titled “The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship With Apartheid South Africa”.   Suransky’s family are survivors of the Nazi crimes against tthe humanity of Jews and others, emigrated to South Africa, and then were forced to leave South Africa.

Now returning to Iran.

The bizarre singling out of Iran by none other than the former General Michael Flynn is as unbelievable as were Flynn’s delirious tabloid smut like -tweet accusations of Hillary Clinton  running a center for pedophiliac child abuse in the basement of Pizzeria Comet on Connecticut Avenue in Washington DC, something which prompted some armed psychopath to enter said pizzeria and to start firing shots inside of it, luckily not injuring or killing any of the restaurant’s workers or patrons.

It is stunning and unheard of that a man who needs to be in an assisted thinking center, such as Michael Flynn has been picked by Trump as his “National Security Adviser”  (?!) who now has told the reformist Iranian President Rouhani,  that “Iran has been put on notice” something which was then seconded with Trumps’ belligerent threat that “nothing is off the table”.

Of course we all know that the dishonest misleader of its people in Israel , namely PM Netanyahu , has calumniated Iran obssessively by falsely claiming that Iran’s leaders are anti-Semitic and an existential threat to Israel existence, when in reality some 75 thousand Jews live happily in Teheran some of which even own vineyards there.

We also know how this Israeli misleader who exploited the Charlie Hebdo tragedy in Paris and falsely stated that he speaks for “all Jews” engaged in an intrusion by collusion with 45 Republican Senators led by ignorant and dishonest to the maximum Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, and in an insult to President Obama, Netanyahu addressed Congresspersons in a hysterically  feeble-minded attempt to sabotage the successful Iran nuclear agreement negotiated between the U.S plus five major world powers and Iran.

The reason the “ignorant and dishonest “ characterization was used in conjunction with Senator Cotton is that in his hate and fear mongering feverish incitment against Iran he declared that “…Iran already controls the region and the proof of that is that they already control  Tehran...”   Sacre Dieu, a U.S. Senator can be so dishonest and ignorant to not know that Tehran is the capital of Iran and  to push this non-sense on the American people ?

Equally appaling are the hate and fear  filled fake news incitements by the self-described “Mad Dog” General James  Mattis who said falsely, that “Iran is the world’s biggest state sponsor of terrorism” when in reality it is our so-called “ally” Saudi Arabia which has directly been linked to the 9/11 attacks  and to this day is linked to the funding of criminally terrorizing Sunnis carrying out lethal attacks on Yemen and who have been the perpetrators of the barbaric  bombings of Mosques and markets in Iraq targeting the moderate Shiite Moslem population there.

In fact, as Reuters News Agency reports, the Saudi Arabia war on Yemen has made al al-Qaeda stronger, and the Foreign Policy Journal adds that “Saudi Arabia and al-Qaeda unite” against Yemen.

The Iran incitation is also pushed primarily by the Zionist elements within the Israeli power structure and worldwide.   The neocons and neolibs also buy into the false narratives on Iran given how greedy and corrupt they are.

The American people has been culturally programmed by a cover-up of the real history of  Iran’s democratically elected government of the Tudeh party (socialist) led by Mossadegh, which was crushed by the British and U.S. intervention in 1953.  From then on the tyranny of the Shah government was imposed on the Iranian people until 1979 when all Iranians united to cast themselves of the yoke of this dictatorship whose Savak secret police disappeared  and tortured dissidents by the hundreds.

Later on, as NPR reported, from 1980 until 1988 the U.S. supported the Iraqi war on Iran which was led by Saddam Hussein.  Saddam Hussein was embraced and armed by the U.S. during a long war which targeted the Iranian petroleum refineries.

Ultimately Iran won the war, rebuilt its destroyed infra-structure and today, comparatively speaking, is the most rational, democratic, and sable country in the region.

For those who use the Iranian support for its Shiite community under attack by Saudi Arabia linked Sunnis by the involvement of Hezbollah in that pursuit, it is of major importance to highlight the following.

The most disheartening and exasperating  fact is that while a country  such as Iran which  is a  victim of U.S. wars on the Middle East is  now targeted for sanctions and by war threats, the three countries which are the most egregious violators of human rights and international law, namely Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Egypt, have been supported by the previous administrations and continue to be supported now as well, and this sadly proves that while the American people in general is well-meaning and blameless, its governments have more often than not, brazenly falsely invoked lofty “principles” which they not only did not practice, but they do not now countenance to practice , since these principles get in the way of interests in exploitation of natural and human resources abroad.

We must be thankful though to the highly professional principle practicing members of our federal judiciary institution such as Federal District Court judge James Robart who blocked Trump’s immigration order.

The genuine history of Iran debunks the hate and fear mongering synthesis of grotesquely false narratives which way too often the mainstream media has bought into.

One of the most false narratives is that Iran supports Hezbollah, ergo it is a “terrorism”sponsoring nation.

Hezbollah is a Lebanese movement of national resistance which coalesced as a result of the Zionist ideology driven members of the  Israeli power structure’s belligerent unleashed hegemonic aggressions against Lebanon.  The movement is made up of workers, students, physicians, engineers, intellectuals, in other words people of all walks of life from Lebanon.

It is the United States which characterizes Hezbollah as a “terrorist” organization.  Europeans and in general in the rest of the world do not use this characterization , just as the rest of world did not characterize Cuba as a “terrorism” sponsoring nation for the decades that Israel was the only country to veto along the U.S. the yearly votes at the UN Security Council for ending the unexplainable and ujustifiable travel ban and embargo on Cuba.

Documentation supporting the supra noted reality is found in, inter alia, Magazine +972 issue of March 13, 2016 in the form of an article titled  “The Problem With Calling Hezbollah a Terrorist Organization”.   Readers may be surprised that this publication is based in Israel.  It therefore obviously cannot be dismissed as Palestinian “propaganda.

The same applies to the founder of Hamas, Khaled Mashaal.    Hamas was democratically elected.  He was not and is not a “terrorist”.

A plethora of documentation exists to back this historical reality.

As one example for this realitly one can turn to the February 6, 2008 incisive interview of Khaled Mashaal by the prestigious German magazine Spiegel International


Having a President of the United States surrounded mostly by (a) a brother-in-law who has zero experience in foreign affairs,  namely Jared Kushner, by  (b) an extreme right-wing “nativist” white supremacist advisor, namely Stephen Bannon,  who says that “there is a war going on against the West Judeo-Christian world”,  by  (c) a “National Security Advisor”, namely General Michael Flynn , who  seems to be intellectually challenged by his belief in, and active dissemination of, smutty fake news that Hillary Clinton was leading a sexual abuse ring of children in the basement of a pizzeria, and to boot, by (d)  another General who is incredibly the U.S. Defense Secretary, namely James “Mad Dog” Mattis, whose intellect seems to be pathologically obsessed  with provoking a war on Iran, is a recipe for disaster of catastrophic consequences waiting to happen.

“We the people” cannot allow ourselves to be drawn yet into another war in addition to the one the Cheney-Bush junta started 13 years ago, falsely claiming that 9/11 and WMD as a pretext for it, a war which we are still fighting after having destroyed Iraq and Libia, which is what empowered al-Qaeda and Daesh to empower itself with weaponry and with recruits for their non-islamic values criminal devastations.

A war on Iran would have  literally catastrophic consequences in all kinds of realms of our society and that of Iran and Israel, to name a few a best.  At worse it could escalate into a major war involving Russia and that is a thought that should perish.







One thought on “The Specter of Fake News Scavenger Michael Flynn and Obsessed “Mad Dog” James Mattis Incitement by Hate and Fear of Iran is Surreal and Cannot be Misused as a Pretext for a Military Attack on Iran

  1. M. Estelle Spike, LMHC says:

    Indeed, these are and have been terrible lies generated by Zionist Israel, which the U.S. gov’t and MSM continue to broadcast! Trump and this new administration are just carrying the same torch of evil propaganda. Thanks for carrying the torch of truth and justice!

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