In The Interest of Fairness and Accuracy: An Addendum as Regards to the Narrative About Israel’s Creation [Plus Breaking News (!)]

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February 8, 2017 by Alfred

The Argentum Post’s article published on February 6, 2017 titled The Specter of Fake News Scavenger Michael Flynn and Obsessed “Mad Dog” James Mattis Incitement by Hate and Fear of Iran is Surreal and Cannot be Misused as a Pretext for a Military Attack on Iran

elicited a response by the illustrious, highly esteemed, scholarly, noble Rabbi Michael Lerner which critiques the narrative of this writer in said article where it refers in its sixth paragraph to the following :

“… Israel … invasion and occupation of that 75% of the land of the pre-1948 Palestine, but  as well by the invasion and occupation of the remaining 25% of the land of Palestine pre-1967 Israeli invasion and occupation of Palestine…”

The narrative of this writer is a reflection of the synergy of (a)  the inherited narrative of his Jewish parents who survived the Nazi genocidal crimes against the humanity of Jews and others, a horrific even which memorialized the clamor  “Never Again”, and (b) the cumulative educational background of this writer as a result of his readings of the history of   how Israel came to be the nationalized embodiment of the Judaic religion in 1948.

The Never Again clamor was to protect Jews, yet now it is to protect Palestinians from its Israeli opressors as well and as the title suggests, see the last paragraph for the “Breaking News” on this front.

Among the myriad sources of information this writer has studied , as regards to the Israel/Palestine conflict, they are mostly by Jewish authors who were generally non-Zionists, and among them there is the illustrious historian and political activist Ilan Pappe who is a professor with the College of Social Sciences and International Studies at the University of Exeter in the United Kingdom and who was born in Haifa, Palestine 5 years after the creation of Israel.

Among other books Ilan Pappe wrote is “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine”.

In the interest of fairness and accuracy therefore, it must be noted that Rabbi Michael Lerner expressed  to this writer that he disagrees with his narrative within the context noted supra, as well as, the narrative of Ilan Pappe which are not reflective of a more complex narrative about the creation of Israel.

Rabbi Lerner stated that simply declaring that Israel has taken over 75% of Palestine is not fair and accurate, and these narratives do not  reflect the “complexity of Israel’s creation creation of Israel”

Rabbi Lerner further adds that  “ a. the Jewish people had a historical claim, b. (Jews) had been an oppressed minority not only in Europe but also in the Arab world, and c. (Israel) was created by a minority population already living in Palestine and not by some colonial state outside of the area seeking to expand its power.”

It must also be noted that Rabbi Lerner in his response to this writer has stated that “…I believe Israel’s expulsion of Palestinians in that period (1947-1949) was illegitimate and a founding sin…”

It may also be in the interest of the readers of the Argentum Post to know that Rabbi Lerner has  written several books, but most particularly as regards to this subject which is the object of narratives which are somewhat conflicting, he suggest a reading of his book titled “Embracing Israel Palestine”.

Rabbi Michael Lerner is the founder and editor of Tikkun Olam  which celebrated its 30th anniversary on August 31, 2016.

Tikkun Olam means  Healing and Transformation of the World.

To this writer, it seems that, notwithstanding conflicting narratives a common denominator unites those Jews and non-Jews in Israel and globally for real “ transformational healing” to occur NOW, starting on this Spring-like 8th day of February of 2017,  when at long last the world seems become united in ending the by all peaceful means the conflict in Israel/Palestine which has barbarically oppressed the Palestinians and which has made life extremely unpleasant and difficult for the decent, well-meaning Jews in Palestine who want “PEACE NOW” , which happens to be the name of the largest and longest standing movement in Israel advocating for peace.

The reason that today could be the beginning of the end of the right-wing extremist belligerent and hegemonist power structure which has just legislated as “legal” retroactively (?!) the take over of more than 4,000  private properties of Palestinians, is that European Union through its leader Federica Moghereni  AND the United Nations through its new Secretary General António Guterres have both announced that the new illegal legislation of the Knesset will mean the creation of the Apartheid state of Israel which the world cannot and will not tolerate.

This good news could not come at a better time, as it also heralds a new reality for the thus far misleaderhip of the Trump administration and his cohorts, Stephen Bannon and Michael Flynn and James “Mad Dog” Mattis ,  as they now face the reality of Constitutional law in these United States of America .

If all goes well as it must, “we the people” may be entering an era of a genuinely non-violently  resurgent  “Arab Spring”, coupled to an “Israeli Spring” and a “United States Spring” going forward with the support of principled, and courageous Federal judges and Supreme Court judges who will force the public servants of our country to serve us and not the other way around.

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