Two Days After The AP Publishes an Article Denouncing Iran Incitement by The Specious Labeling of it as a “Terror” Entity, Senior Defense and Intelligence Officials Warn Against Said Labeling


February 10, 2017 by Alfred

On February 6, 2017 the Argentum Post published an article denouncing the hyperbolic description by Trump, Michael Flynn, and James Mattis of Iran as a “terrorism” sponsor.

Said Argentum Post article is titled “The Specter of Fake News Scavenger Michael Flynn and Obsessed “Mad Dog” James Mattis Incitement by Hate and Fear of Iran is Surreal and Cannot be Misused as a Pretext for a Military Attack on Iran”.

Three days later, namely on February 9, 2017 The Washington Post reports that senior defense and intelligence officials caution against this labeling of Iran.

The article of The Washington Post published is titled “Caution Urged on Terror Label for Iranian Entity “.

Could it be that the “senior defense and intelligence officials” read the Argentum Post ?  Jestfully one may assume so, and it that case this would be good for both, the AP and the officials, since the AP is a blog focused on peace by justice and that in turns bodes well for individual and national security interests.

Be it as it may, though, as regards to Iran, it is not only now a stable nation, governed by a reformist democratically elected President Rouhani with whom the U.S. as a member of the “P5+1” industrialized world powers negotiated successfully the nuclear refinement agreement which is monitored by the IAEA and which guarantees the use of nuclear refinement for energy generation and for medical isotope application only, which thereofre prevents the use of nuclear energy for weaponization objectives,  and this is a commendable endeavor which all nations of the world who have nuclear arsenals must strive for as stipulated in the NPT  treaty’s article 6, so that the final objective is  realizd which is the 100% elimination of all nuclear weapons.

Unfortunately article 6 has not been implemented by France, Britain, United States, Russia, and China and most particularly it was not even signed by Israel which clandestinely developed, with Euro-American support, an arsenal of nuclear WMD’s, which is the only one in the Middle East, and to boot, Israel proliferated the weaponization technology clandestinely in the mid 80’s to of all nations, the white supremacist racist Apartheid regime of South Africa.  Today, under the leadership of the African National Council (ANC), South Africa is in total compliance with the NPT since after casting itself off the yoke of the racist Apartheid regime, it dismantled its nuclear weapons program.

Now, back to Iran.

In addition to the fact that Iran is actually more of an asset nation to all genuinely concerned with peace and stability in the Middle East, by the reasons presented in the supra noted AP article, Iran is also a solid partner in the regional and global quest to contain, isolate, and defeat the real terrorist organizations of al-Qaeda and its affiliate al-Nusra, not to mention the major scourge of Daesh (aka IS, or ISIS, or ISL).

Yes, Iran as a major Shiite Moslem nation,  takes care of its Shia communities in the Middle East.   Said communities has been savagely attacked by Daesh and at times by the more extremist Saudi Arabian privately and governmentally  funded groups.   In fact the Independent of London has reported on this phenomenon in an article titled “Iraq Crisis : How Saudi Arabia Helped ISIS Take Over the North of the Country” where it quotes a speech by an ex-MI6 boss commenting on a plan going back over a decade, that “in some areas, being Shia is akin to being a Jew in Nazi Germany”.

As mentioned in the previously noted AP article, Iran supports to some extend the Lebanese movement called Hezbollah, which is a movement which was created to protect southern Lebanon from the Israeli bombardments in pursuit of Palestinian refugees which it has generated by its takeover of their land.

It must be borne in mind that Hezbollah is a legal movement in Lebanon and not a so-called “terrorist” organization.  Furthermore Europe also recognizes the Hezbollah political organization.

Finally, it is also highly inappropriate, inapplicable, and dishonestly hypocritical to tag Iran as a “terrorist” or “terrorism sponsoring” country when in reality it is a country which has been abused interventionistically by the Britain and the U.S. since 1953 when both were instrumental in crashing Iran’s democratically elected government of its socialist party Tudeh, and was further abused by the implantation with Western support of the tyranny of the Shah who with its secret Savak police terrified the people of Iraq, particularly its students and scholars by the use of torture and assassinations.

Also, the American people are hardly aware due to the dereliction of duty to inform it by its mainstream media, that the terrorist organization Mujahideen-e-khalq or MEK, which was designate as such Iran and Iraq, and by the United Kingdom and the European Union until 2008 and 2009 respectively, and by Canada and the United States until 2012,  has been carrying out terrorists attacks in Iran with the bizarre support of the U.S.

In fact, as the prestigious Israeli newspaper Haaretz courageously reported to its credit and on the basis of professional principles, Israe’s Mossad trained assassins who murdered Iranian scientists.

Juan Cole, Seymour Hersh, and Global Research have extensively documented this reality in their respective reports of this outrageous violent terrorist interventions in Iran.   The Sy Hersh article in the prestigious The New Yorker is particularly relevant as it reveals to what extend the Cheney/Bush/Rumsfeld et al, neocons stooped to carry out major covert operations against Iran.

Bottom line is that the use of extreme criminal terrorizing violence at all levels, against Iran by such state actor perpetrators which feign victimhood of such criminal activity in the Middle East, as the regimes of Saudi Arabia which was directly and indirectly involved in the funding of the criminals which carried out the nightmarishly criminal attacks on 9/11, by its allies Bahrain, and UAE,  and by the Zionist power structure of Israel in its barbaric and international law violating occupation and oppression of the Palestinians and its relentless incitement for war on Iran, as well as by its propaganda lobby in Washington, DC namely AIPAC – all contribute to a major regional destabilization by generating the onset of the recruitment of volunteers to such violent extremist reprisal activity organizations as Al Nousra, Al Qaeda, and now by far the wort one, namely Daesh (ISIS).

Incidentally, next month, AIPAC is hosting its annual conference in Washington, DC and as incredible as it sounds, it comprises the presence of representatives of an Israeli extremist right-wing think tank led by Efrain Anbar called “BESA” which is proposing that parts of Daesh (ISIS) be preserved (!) for the purpose of it being used by Israel and therefore as Israel would expect by the U.S. to attack Iran.

This is what insanity looks like.  It is lawlessness to the max.   Ethics, principles, honesty, honor, sacredness of humsn life, be damned.   It is sheer social Darwinism, i.e. survival of the fittest and “might makes right”. Period.

And it is this chaotic dismemberment of the foundational elements of civilization which will lead to its destruction if not contained.

This phenomenon of insanity is not limited to the macrocosm.

In the microcosm of Washington DC, we now observe the insanity of the Marco Rubio reintroduction of his Second Amendment Enforcement Act which will destroy this city’s tough gun-registration law (which a Federal Judge upheld) to allow all citizens to carry concealed weapons – except on Capitol Hill.

Mr. Rubio is a bit of a looser who dishonestly attempted to generate political capital during the recent Republican nomination campaign by declaring  falsely that his parents suffered in Cuba after the popular overthrow of the dictatorship of Fulgencio Baptista in 1960,  when in reality they had left Cuba permanenty  4 years earlier.

Added to his Rubio insanity proposal it has just been announced that a new generation of automatic human being killing machines is now available on the IT which are weapons which are shipped to anyone witouth background checks which will not be traceable by law enforcement, since said weapons will be assembled by the purchaser at home and will not have any serial number which will facilitate law enforcement to trace the would be assassins who will purchase them.

Senator Shummer when asked about what he can do about this, laughed and replied that he can’t do hardly anything because of the almighty NRA.

This is another aspect of insanity where in a supposedly civilized society such undue influence lobby as the NRA and as AIPAC can literally exist to foment wanton violence by spreading phony and dishonest claims to induce hate and fear in the hearts and minds of people to satisfy their perverse, greedy and corrupted agendas of self-interests which clash with the values of civilization and humanity.

Hopefully perhaps we are descending to such a depth of myopia and selfish savagery on part of the corrupted corporatist and political ruling elites that things cannot get any worse and out of the ashes of such a debacle of depravities which raise havoc in every sector of societal functioning at home and abroad, a new humanistically ordered reform movement will be generated which will herald the beginning of a transparently genuinely progressive participative democracy which is in the format of an  equalized, just, peaceful, stable societal norm of behavior, and which will have itself liberated from the industrial-military complex  and big pharma special interest lobbies and all other undue influence lobbies and their decadent political supporters in Congress so that we in the United States can really become all we can be and thereby inspire instead of  “exceptionalistically” mislead the world.

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  1. M Estelle Spike says:

    Please share link to surprising Post article. Thanks for your perserverance to uphold truth that most certainly helps keep me sane!

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