The Dysfunctional Trump Administration in Synergy with The Russia Inciting Without Proof by Neolibs and Neocons, is a Threat to Our National Security

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March 6, 2017 by Alfred

This article is on a similar theme as the Argentum Post article published on February 23, 2017 which was titled Resist/Correct Trump, BUT NOT Via Russophobia With Deep State + Fourth Estate Dangerous and Dishonest Alt-Fact, Pseudo News

At the onset of this succinct article, “we the people” of what is supposed to be the UNITED States of America, are now being spiraled at an accelerating rate, down a highly destructive and perilous path of internal strife coupled to potential strife internationally, as the chaotic, dysfunctional, misleadership of President Trump in synergy with the dishonest and unethical establishment neoliberal and neoconservatives abusive misuse of their power and in collaboration with the corporatist media, as well as with some but not all government agencies, by fighting the erratic, incompetent, and dishonest President Donald Trump,  with  brazenly unproven, false and hysterical attempts to link him to wrongdoing by synthesizing  imaginary and calumniating vilifications of Putin and Russia.

If this trend is not immediately ended, and sobriety is recovered, such that a reset can be established which must involve drastic steps to bring us all back to governance by rational, pragmatic, humanistic, progressive consensus, “we the people” will find ourselves moving into such a chaotic uncivilized state behavior, that may as well be characterize as one where the UNITED States of America has morphed into the FRAGMENTED States of America.

The Russia vilification and the Putin dehumanization campaigns on the basis of outright falsehoods  by such neocon Senators as Lindsay Graham, John McCain, Marco Rubio,  Thomas Cotton, and many more, as well as such neoliberal Senators as Chuck Schemer, Ben Cardin, Cory Booker, (former Senator) Hillary Clinton, Ron Wyden, and many more, is contributing to a climate of permissive and highly provocative and inflammatory prevarications which endangers enormously our relations with Russia for no valid reason other than that of the pernicious intramural fight which is blinding us from a reality which has the potential to threaten our national security

The corporatist mainstream media (aka Fourth Estate) is willingly collaborating with said neocon/neolib onslaught, a coalition which was also hidden in plane sight during the weeks preceding the war on Iraq on the basis of falsehoods, a war which was started in 2003 and whose catastrophic consequences we are still paying for, except that the industrial military complex has reaped huge profits from.

Both, the New York Times and The Washington Post, lied then, and are lying now again.

In the case of The Washington Post, after lying, it is now actually spending time fixing Russian hacker fake news.

Adding to this internal chaos and ethical decadence,  is now the unstable, unpredictable, downright irrational temper tantrum twitting Trump, who just came up with his decision to absurdly,  wastefully,  and dangerously  upgrade our nuclear weapons of mass destruction arsenal as if  4,000 nuclear bombs is not enough to protect us, and to destroy us, and the world in the process of nuclear warfare.

Adding further to this explosive mix of insanity is the almost daily hate and fear incitement on Iran, where by the way, tenths of thousands of, yes assimilated, Jews choose to live in peace and harmony, while we are falsely told by Netanyahu et al, that Iran is “an existential threat to Israel” as if Israel is not an existential threat to itself as it brazenly violates international law by its theft of the property of the autochthonous legal owners of their land in Palestine where they have lived for centuries, coupled to the mass killing of said Palestinians who dare to fight for their rights and dignity, first in 1948 and then, worse, from 1967 on.   The same Netanyahu who continues to investigated by the Israeli police for misuse of state funds for personal lavish spending, had the temerity to declare demagogically and dishonestly that “ I speak for all Jews

With this foreword, at this point, the Argentum Post wants to offer its readers a highly concise informational article which was brilliantly written by Paul Street .

Paul Street is an independent progressive-democratic policy researcher, journalist, historian, author, and speaker who has appeared in more than 100 radio and television interviews/broadcasts.

The article “The Deep State’s Hatred of Trump Is Not the Same as Yours” is one of the most important articles which should be read by all genuinely concerned on getting us back to governance by highly competent, high integrity, diplomatic experts, and humanists  who value as we all do, our Constitutional Democracy which is now so severely challenged that there is an imperative for all of our solid citizens, and solid permanent residence must unite to defend it so as to conserve that which we had prior to this miscarriage of an election, so that we can then immediately undertake the reforms urgently needed to put us back on the track  to evolve constructively and progressively, something which we risk loosing as we are being held hostage to a demagogue group which used the slogan “ Let’s Make America Great Again” while in reality being  hell-bent on culturally programing us to believe that we are now entering some kind of “ civilizational war “ against Islam, against Russia, against China, against Iran, and soon against the whole world, which is looking at us in disbelief and  with horror.

So, here is the link to Paul Street’s “The Deep State’s Hatred of Trump is Not the Same as Yours” (which was published by the prestigious TruthDig organization)

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