[ APNFD Nr. 36 ] Debunking the Relentless Russia Scapegoating Opportunistic, False, and Dangerous Mythology


March 10, 2017 by Alfred

This is an Argentum Post News Flash Digest [ APNFD Nr. 36  ]

This category of articles calls for a succinct foreword accompanied by documented evidence  to buttress the content of said succinct foreword.

Said documented evidence is provided by links to scholarly analysis in the literature or visual media.

Today, on March 10, 2017 said evidence is primarily presented within the context of a panel discussion hosted by Peter Lavelle’s Crosstalk comprising simultaneous televised interviews of Larry Johnson (former CIA analyst), Patrick Henningsen ( writer, investigative journalist and filmaker), and Suzanne Nossel (Executive Director of Pen America).

The subject is Vault 7, the most recent Julian Assange release of Wikileaks which exposes the facts which support the valid skepticism as regards to anti-Russia propaganda which has been generated relentlessly and most intensively so, since the DNC was caught in its scandalous attempt to sabotage the nomination of Bernie Sanders,  something which led to the downfall of its director Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a very close associate and friend of neolib candidate Hillary Clinton, who refused steadfastly to comment on said scandal by attempting to deflect attention to it by blaming President  Putin and Russia for it.

Now that while every country engages in spying, that does not necessarily imply that those do are also engaged in cracking, i.e. infecting computer systems with malware to cause damage.

Putin was hysterically accused by such distinguished Senators and Patrick Leahy to having the objective of hacking the power grid of Vermont in a “conspiracy to shut off Vermonter’s heat during the winter” .

Such accusations proliferated like a virus and by particularly dishonest, ignorant, and. or corrupted politicians such as Marco Rubio, John McCain, Lindsay Graham, Tom Cotton and many, many others.

More importantly though is the fact that what  has been  exposed by Vault 7 is that the CIA is able to hack computers in such a way that it can manipulate it to show as if another party, e.g. Russia, is the hacker who even then can go as far as using malware to attack consumer products.

After months of relentless accusations by neolibs and neocons that Russia is the culprit of hacking and therefore somehow is responsible for the election of Trump and that now Trump is somehow a stooge of the Russians, all along with a brazen absence of any proof, or worse with so-called“proof” which was nothing but conjecture and propaganda which is downing risible, we now know the so-called “leaks” were much more likely to have been  caused and initiated by CIA inside jobs.

While the media and neolib and neocon corrupt politicians have vilified director of Wikileaks, Julian Assange as much as Edward Snowden, we now learn that Assange is actually willing to share with tech firms the software code of CIA hacking tools that were designed to compromise smartphones and other consumer products so as to play the role of a defender of cybersecurity.   Today’s The Washington Post has reported on this development in an article titled “  Wikileaks Will Share CIA Tool’s Code “.

The complex technological developments which allow for tools to create false flag malware and then be camouflaged in such a way that said malware can be used to threaten, and vilify  and then  incite on Russia, or China, or Iran which are three countries we falsely describe as our “foes” or “enemies” because they have “rinsing influence” in the Middle East and in the world, raises tremendous concerns that such hysterical and dishonest and provocative antagonisms planted in the mind of the average citizen by a form of cultural programmation will evolve to the extend that it will facilitate making a fraudulent case of military action against said countries, something which rapidly could accelerate into an uncontrollable spiral which could not only lead to yet another U.S. war such as the most recent war on Iraq with its catastrophic consequences, but this time this war could be a war on a single country for no valid reason such as a war on Iran or no North Korea and that means it could easily evolve into a war on Russia and/or on China which ALL OF US ON THIS PLANET WILL LOOSE !

The very thought of another war being initiated after the tremendous debacle which resulted from the war on Iraq, should perish.

On this same day of March 10, 2017 we have the good news of the impeachment of the decadent, incompetent, dishonest, right-wing, and delusional President  Park Geul-hye of South Korea was impeached and with certainty will be removed from office.

This is more than good news, as this ushers in a quantum leap in South Korea’s foregoing policy since the progressive candidate Moon Jae-in has a strong lead and he is very likely to engage in constructive diplomatic engagement with North Korea with the support of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to work out a compromise in the stand-off between the two Koreas which will involve an end to North Korea’s firing of its ballistic missiles in exchange of an end to the U.S. – South Korean yearly provocative military exercises. Ideally this should be coupled to the removal of most if not all of the 28 thousand U.S. soldiers stationed in South Korea at a tremendous cost to our tax payer funds.

Perhaps such a withdrawal could be negotiated between the U.S., the PRC, South Korea and North Korea to take place in exchange for North Korea to dismantle its nuclear weapons arsenal.

What is more than bad news though, is that on this day of March 10, 2017 the United States rebuffed a proposal by the PRC to the  “applying the brakes” to an escalating standoff between the two Koreas.   Sadly the U.S. is represented by an incompetent U.S. ambassador to the UN, namely Trump nominee Nikki Haley, who ignorantly  thinks that Russia “invaded Crimea” when in reality Crimea with 87% of its population being Russian, was a part of Russia since 1783, and voted to be freed from the extremist right-wing gang who came to power in the Ukraine after the U.S, supported the coup against President Yanukovitch.

What adds to the complexity of the bad news on this day of March 10, 2017, is that the Zionist right-wing fundamentalist power structure of Israel under Netanyahu and his Likud coalition is literally hell-bent to wreak havoc in Iran, and has even suggested sparing the barbarically murderous ISIS (more properly characterized a Daesh) to attack Iran under the false pretense that Iran is a so-called “existential threat” to it, when in reality Iran is simply a rising influence in the Middle East which is instrumental in defeating Daesh and in also ending the savagely bombardment by Saudi Arabia of the poorest of nations in the world, a crime against humanity which is being carried as the U.S. under Trump now, continues to sell  that most autocratic dictatorship of the world the arms and fighter jets it needs to continue its massacre.

As regards to the Israeli consideration of using Daesh, it is based on the  Zionist Think Tank director, Efrain Anbar of BESA, who is pressing the U.S. to see to it that ISIS/Daesh not be totally eliminated, since Israel deems it useful to destroy the nation of Iran.

So, after this admittedly not so “succinct” foreword, its readers are presented with said Peter Lavelle relevant and revealing Crosstalk segment.



One thought on “[ APNFD Nr. 36 ] Debunking the Relentless Russia Scapegoating Opportunistic, False, and Dangerous Mythology

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Sheer wickedness! However, the good news is that we do have access to the truth and facts on the internet, such as your blog. Let’s hope we never lose our our freedom of speech on the internet!

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