The Neocon/Neolib and Deep State/Fourth Estate Calumniation of The Russian Federation and of President Putin Must End


March 21, 2017 by Alfred


This article is an extension of a previous article published in the Argentum Post on February 23, 2017 which is titled  “ Resist/Correct Trump, BUT NOT Via Russophobia With Deep State + Fourth Estate Dangerous and Dishonest Alt-Fact, Pseudo News “.

Said article was documented by interviews of two of America’s most brilliant scholars, namely Stephen Cohen, and Glenn Greenwald.


So, after about one month since the publication of said previous article which essentially teaches away from the abusive and provocative pernicious use of unfounded and dangerous vilification of the Russian Federation and of the dehumanization of its current President Vladimir Putin, said phenomenon is now becoming recognizably inapplicable.

Nevertheless, there are still the die hards who continue to attempt to exploit the Fourth Estate’s dereliction of duty to inform Americans ethically, and therefore honestly, that Russia did not and could not have changed the outcome of the disastrous 2016 election, and these are largely the ones who originated the scapegoating of Putin and Russia, namely the neocons in collaboration with the neolibs,  who blamed the Wikileaks exposure of the DNC scandal which was designed to sabotage the successful campaign of the genuine liberal and progressive candidate Bernie Sanders.

As a result of the exposure of said scandal, the DNC’s director, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, disgraced herself and had to resign after it was revealed that she and other operatives of the DNC were discussing the possibility of leaking pseudo information to the media that Bernie Sanders was not “Jewish enough” or even, perhaps, actually “secular” and hence would, in their minds, become a liability for the Democratic party since, according to their bizarre thinking, Sanders would not capture the Jewish financial support and vote.

It is unthinkable that neolib candidate Hillary Clinton was aware of this plan, but as soon as this revelation became public it was suppressed, and instead the “blame in on the Russians” hysteria started, since from then on the Putin and the Russians became a tool to not only end the Sanders’ nomination campaign, but from then on it was used dishonestly to resist the Trump election, and once elected, to continuously and falsely link Trump to some bizarre secret plot with Putin and Russia.

It goes without saying that the Trump election a major disaster for our nation, but going into the details of why this is so, is necessary, since  a plethora of documentation is available to back this reality.

One of the most concise and succinct list of why Trump’s presidency has become a major liability can be read in an article which refrains from the futile and dishonest attempt to link him to Russia (whatever that can mean anyway, and the fact that Trump said that he wants good relations with Russia is obviously nothing that can be held against him), and it is titled “ So Far, Trump Has Been Mercifully Incompetent “,  written by Dana Milbank and published on March 19, 2017 in The Washington Post.

Well, the Argentum Post has from the beginning of the nomination phase of the 2016 election, maintained that the only viable candidate who could address the American electorates clearly expressed wish for a refreshing change away from having to choose from neolib or neocon establishment corrupted, greedy, dishonest, hawkish, war mongering,  politicians,  would be someone such as Senator Bernie Sanders.

As it turned out, neolib candidate Hillary Clinton won the nomination and thereby the non-establishmentarian Trump wound up being elected notwithstanding the clear signs he gave that, while yes, he appeared to be an independent thinker, he turned out to be  not even necessarily a mere thinker, and that was confirmed as soon as almost all he has expressed in his campaign was contradicted by his awful choice of consistently ignorant, incompetent, right-wing extremist,  appointees for all government agencies, UN representative (Nikki Haley who thinks that Russia “invaded Crimea”),  ambassadorship (David Friedman who wants to move our embassy to Jerusalem and ad fuel to the fire in occupied  Palestine) and so on.

Well, at this point therefore, it has all but become abundantly clear, that the collaboration of the Deep State with the Fourth Estate in falsely linking Trump to Russia in any way which could be viewed as detrimental to our national constructive interests was futile, dishonest, and dangerous to our democracy, since such a link is as false as Trump’s assertion that President Obama wire tapped his Trump Tower, or as false as Trump’s now former national security hysterical and demented assertions (via Twitter) that Hillary Clinton was running a pedophiliac ring in the basement of Comet pizzeria, something which led a crackpot to barge into the pizzeria and to fire shots which luckily did not hurt or kill anyone.

What is also abundantly clear is that the toxic blame game must be done away with immediately.

The hate and fear mongering and blaming of the Russian Federation and Putin are false, the blaming of the Trump election on those who did not vote for the neolib Hillary Clinton,  because she was an unqualified, dishonest, power greedy, war on Iraq endorser, friend of the murderous dictator Hosni Mubarak of Egypt (characterized him a “friend of the family”), and supporter of the 2009 Honduran coup against the President Zelaya presidency, supporter of the destruction of Libia, and more, is blatantly and offensively false.

Equally false is the blaming of Muslims broadly, for the acts of criminals, something which resulted in the twice rejected by federal judges attempt by Trump to prohibit the entry into the U.S. of Moslems from several countries.   Incidentally, the ideologue of discriminating against people of entire nations on the basis of their religion is none other than Stephen Miller who, as the  NYTimes reported,  is Jewish yet At Duke, Mr. Miller, who is Jewish, yet at Duke University he  was friendly with Richard Spencer, who  became a prominent white supremacist, when both were members of the university’s Young Conservatives chapter.

It is The Washington Jewish Week which reported on March 2, 2017 that Stephen Miller is “The Man Behind the Ban”.

It is noteworthy that John W. Dean III, the former White House aide in the Nixon administration who testified on Capitol Hill in June 1973 about the Watergate scandal,  and who wrote “Worse Than Watergate : The Secret Presidency of George Bush “, is on record as declaring in “Are We In Nixon Territory Yet?” that Trump adviser Stephen Miller “ may be the most obnoxious White House staffer I have seen over 5 decades.  His arrogance is fully matched  by his ignorance.  He will fall.” (The Washington Post, March 16, 2017).

Finally and quite relevantly is the excellent article by the eminently illustrious, Gilbert Doctorow which is titled “A Breach in the Anti-Putin Groupthink” .

This article further debunks the myth spread by the sordid prevarications by ethically fatally flawed fake news fabricators and disseminators as well as by the sordid silence of those who know better yet use brazen lies with which they hope to score points against Trump but not in support of the foundational elements of our democracy.

Resist Trump, but Trump is Trump’s own worst enemy, so any dishonest links to Trump are contemptible.




One thought on “The Neocon/Neolib and Deep State/Fourth Estate Calumniation of The Russian Federation and of President Putin Must End

  1. aliceny says:

    We get deeper and deeper into this quagmire. Our democracy, our leadership We are sinking
    into a pit of hopelessness — remembering, too, that all this time, Trump (the ‘thinker’? has his
    finger on the button that will begin the end of civilization as we know it.

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