[APNFD Nr. 52] Saudi Arabia, Burma (aka Myanmar), and Israel Have in Common their Terrorizing Criminal Behavior Towards the Yemenis, the Rohingya ,and Palestinians Respectively

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September 17, 2017 by Alfred

This is  an Argentum Post News Flash Digest [APNFD 52]

“APNFD” is  not  necessarily “breaking news”.

This category of articles are news developments, documentaries, and food for thought which for one reason or another have come to the surface as the result of a variety of reasons, such as declassifications by the FOIA legislation.   These are avoided, covered up, and/or misreported by the corporatized mainstream media which is pressured by corrupted neoliberal and neoconservative corporate influenced politicians who are linked to such corrosive and toxic undue influence lobbies as the NRA and AIPAC  (inter alia).

What is therefore typically presented with  brief forewords are videos or video-clips germane to a the object of the article.

In this case the object of the present article is a short interview of one of America’s most revered, principled, scholar, Pulitzer-prize winning investigative journalist, and author, namely Chris Hedges.

The title of this presentation is “Chris Hedges-Why I Support the Boycott of Israel’s Apartheid State” and its link is at the end of this preface.

It is worthy to note that this presentation comes at a time when Saudi Arabia again has sentenced to death a democracy activist blogger for opposing the probably most barbaric dictatorial regime of perverse human rights   violations and repressions against the Shiite minority.

His name is Abdulkareem al-Hawaj .  He is one of very many bloggers who aspire peace and democracy as all decent self-respecting human beings do.  Another one, is Raif Badawi who has been condemned to one thousand lashes flogging and ten years in prison.

Saudi Arabia has also now been bombing for 2 years the poorest nation in the Middle East, namely Yemen.  Some 10 thousand people have been killed and 2 million were rendered homeless.  Additionally since the infrastructure of Yemen has all but been destroyed, the lack of clean water and hospitals has led to the worst outbreak of a cholera epidemic in the world.

Nevertheless, appalingingly is a regime which the United States “President” Trump came to visit on the condition that its misleader sign an accord to purchase $ 100 billion worths of weapons or rather, people killing machines,  and on the occasion of the signing of the sale agreement, Trump was invited, and agreed to, dance the traditional “sword” dance with the decadent regime misleaders.

This is also a regime which is now  “cosying” up with the Netanyahu Zionist misleadership led power structure of Israel, as even Newsweek reports .

In Burma (aka Myanmar), as the the American Herald Tribune reports,
The World’s Most Silent Genocide” by Buddhists against the Muslims autochthonous Rohingya inhabitants of the region for centuries is taking place.

The Secretary General of the UN has called it a veritable “Ethnic Cleasing” campaign.   This is exactly what the Zionist misleadership of Netanyahu and of all other previous misleaderships of Israel have done against the autochthonous inhabitants of Palestine for centuries – with some exception of as regards to that of Prime Minister Rabin, who for entering into peace talks with some sincerity, was assassinated by a right wing extremist Zionist criminal.

In the case of the Zionist led crimes against the humanity of the Palestinians, and early on against Jewish Arabs who also lived in Palestine and opposed its colonization and were killed or had their houses demolished for punishment, their “Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” is described and documented in detail in a book thusly titled, which the Israeli humanist, devoted dissident scholar and author Ilan Pappe wrote.

Words do not suffice to deplore the depths of depravity, brutality, dishonesty, selfishness, which characterizes these organized crime type misleaderships which in their state of putrefaction to which they all inexorably collapse in,  seem to become more violent and decadent and dangerous than was possible to imagine heretofore.

This was recently exemplified when after the Trump visit and encouraged by it, Saudi Arabia, along with United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Kuwait, all Sunni fundamentalist states who hate the progress the Shiite Iranian democracy has made since the overthrow of the decadent despotic and dictatorship of the Shah, have decided to gang up on the moderate small country of Qatar and in gross violation of its sovereignty demanded the shut down of its Al Jazeera headquarters and its demanded it to end the collaborative relationship with Iran in the area of extracting natural gas.

What these backward petrodollar rich states who have in common is the fear that the Iranian evolving democracy will be emulated by the younger generation in their countries.  That is why Iran is characterized by them and by he Zionist power structure  of Israel, and by our corrupted neocon and neoliberal politicians, risibly as a “threat” even so Iran threatens no one and has not in modern times invaded any of its neighbors, unlike Saudi Arabia and Israel.

“We the people” are not represented by our present misleadership at the present time, and the time is NOW that we organize and once for all manage to see to it that progressive, participative democracy practicing, war renouncing, diplomacy exercising politicians are nominated and elected to get ship of state back on course.

We must have Averell Harriman caliber of professional diplomats representing us, most  particularly at the UN where Nikki Haley, our  pathetic representative’s background is that of having been an accountant at her families’ clothing business and having been elected to public office in South Carolina.

What is therefore presented with this perhaps not so brief foreword is a video of an interview of one of America’s most revered, principled, scholar, investigative journalist, and author, namely Chris Hedges.

The title of this presentation is “Chris Hedges-Why I Support the Boycott of Israel’s Apartheid State



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