Some 48 Hours Prior to Facing the UN National Assembly Trump Further Exposes His Appalling Lack of Maturity and Sanity via a Violent Retweet

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September 18, 2017 by Alfred

The Fake Populist so-called “President” of the United States who disastrously picked as his choice  as our UN Ambassador, Kitty Haley, whose incompetency for the post is instantly reflected by her background of having been the accountant of her family’s clothing business and having been elected to public office in South Carolina, cannot stop embarrassing himself but apparently does not either notice it or does not give it a damn.

Kitty Haley has zero experience in any field vaguely related to the requirements of her post at the UN to the point that she has exposed her ignorance and arrogance from the beginning by proclaiming such appalling nonsense that is not even risible, namely that “ …the days of Israel bashing at the UN are over, because we have a new Sheriff in town “.

Now this man needs to face on Tuesday, September 18, 2017,  at the United Nation’s General Assembly, something which probably will further erode our already terribly tarnished image in the world, and yet , to boot on the  Sunday prior to this event at the UN,  he decides to retweet another one of his childish, offensive, mediocre tweets which consists, in this case, of an edited  Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) image showing him hitting Hillary Clinton with a golf ball which strikes her on the back with such impact that it throws her violently onto the floor of an airplane she is entering from the top of mobile stair case.

With an abundance of redundance the world is fully aware of the utter intellectual, psychological, educational, political, ethical incompetency of this misleader of the United States, and at a time when he sells Saudis WMD’s worth $ 100 billion dollars while they are carrying out massacres in Yemen, and when he threatens North Korea with a war that  even his Secretary of Defense considers unviable as it would lead to a major catastrophe, and a time when just prior to the UN General Assembly he again entertains the irrational and criminal idea of using military intervention in Venezuela to “solve” its political and economic crisis (?!) and at a time when he is insanely considering to vandalize and renege on the successful Iran nuclear agreement, he “entertains” himself in front of the world with imbecilic and dangerously provocative tweets.

So, for those readers interested to what depths of depravity our President stoops at a time of major crises world-wide, and get a glimpse of what limited alt-universe  he seems to inhabit, the infra link repulsive link is provided.



“We the People” must demand an end to this nightmare which threatens not only our national security but that of the rest of the world at a time when there is nothing more important that “Peace Sweet Peace” by rational, humanistic, naturalistic, competent governance which conserves the good in the world and employs the most competent scholarly historians who have diplomatic expertise to engage constructively and creatively with the other misleaders of the world and genuinely inspiring leaders who all lead people who aspire the progressive implementation of incorruptible participative democracy.

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