The Kurdish Threat to Peace and Reconstruction in Iraq Fanned By Netanyahu

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September 20, 2017 by Alfred

The Washington Post excellent article by Liz Sly and Aasso Ameen Schwan clearly lays out how now, after the Daesh (ISIS) scourge has been defeated, there appears the outrageous attempt by Kurds to violate Iraq’s sovereignty by their threat to partitioning Iraq.

What needs to be noted is that none other than the notoriously dishonest PM of Israel, Netanyahu, has had the chutzpah to endorse this outrageous move by the Kurds.

This is Zionist ideology which going back decades has incited for the breakup of states into statelets in the Middle East to insure Western hegemony in the region via an expansionist “Eretz” Israel which means an ever expanding Israel which in reality is an unacceptable concept endorsed by Zionist hegemonist, supremacist ideologues and their corrupted neocon and neolib acolytes in their criminal neo-cononialist expansionist designs bereft of any entitlements.

To ad insult to injury, Netanyahu is coming to the UN and to the US to press Trump to renege on the P5+1 nuclear agreement with Iran, and this at a moment when, as published in the prestigious Haaretz Israeli newspaper,  the Attorney General of Israel announced last week that the indictment of both, Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara, for graft, bribery and additional crimes is all but imminent.

Netanyahu’s dishonest, belligerent, hegemonic appearance at the UN can become a deja vu of the one he conducted in 2012 when he disgraced himself by  cartoonishly  inciting against a diplomatic settlement of the nuclear impasse with Iran which was successfully signed by Iran and the P5+1 and which has now been declared eight times by the IAEA as being honored in full compliance by Iran.  (See Carol Morello’s excellent article of 09/14/17 titled “ Despite Scorn for Nuclear Deal, Trump Will Likely Waive Sanctions Against Iran”.)

Benjamin Netanyahu has now zero moral authority, even in Israel,  and must be declared irrelevant as hopefully is alter ego Trump will be soon after his appearance at the UN where he will further disgrace himself in the eyes of the world by having the temerity to use then podium of the United Nations to (a) threaten the complete destruction of a nation, and (b) continue  to issue veiled military intervention threats on Venezuela which is undergoing an economical and social crisis, and (c) to threaten to renege and pull out from the successfully nuclear issue agreement of the “P5+1” with the re-elected, popular, moderate, and progressive President of Iran, namely Hassan Rouhani who is a lawyer, a scholar, and a former diplomat.

Trump will furthermore repeat the “fake-fact” mantra that Iran is a destabilizing country and that it is a terrorism sponsoring country, both of which are utterly devoid of documentation and in fact, if anything, Iran has been targeted by Daesh, and unlike Israel and Saudi Arabia, Iran has not invaded any country in the Middle East and therefore is the most stable nation in the region.

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