[APNFD Nr 53 ] From The “Global Research” Organization : A List of Reckless Lies Uttered by Both Trump and Netanyahu in Their Abuse of the Use of the UN Podium, for Which They Must Be Held Accountable.


September 20, 2017 by Alfred

This is an Argentum Post News Flash Digest  [APNFD Nr. 53 ] which is also an addendum to previous Argentum Post articles on the subject of the dishonesty of the misleaders of the United States and of Israel and how they abused their access to the podium of the United Nation’s Annual General Assembly by inciting hate, fear on the basis f outright falsehoods.

I must be borne in mind that Israel’s Attorney General announced that there is a high probability that the Netanyahu  (and even his wife ) will be indicted this month of September for graft, bribery and additional violations.

This would lead to a welcomed by all regime change in Israel , and by “all “ decent Jews in Israel and and abroad are solidly included, not to mention the rest of humanity.

One also would expect that accountability consequences will incur to  a misleader who also abuses that UN podium such as Trump, who comes to of all places, to the headquarters of the United Nations and has the temerity to threaten a with “total destruction” – which could result in the use of nuclear weapons – a member nation of the UN which has some 25 millions inhabitants, and who thereby stuns and alienates the leaders of South Korea and Japan most particularly since both of their nations as well as some 28 thousands American soldiers stationed in South Korea would presumably also be horrifically affected if this obscene and reckless threat leads to a catastrophic war.

His appalling political and intellectual incompetence, and appalling lack of character, ethics, added to his recklessness, racism, classism, will  well lead to regime change by peaceful and legal means PRIOR to the initiation of military violence which  must be avoided at all cost in this bizarrely dangerous junta position of elements which could go out of control in ways which have the potential to unlock unimaginable havoc with irreversible toxic if not radioactive consequences which humanity must never even contemplate.

So, with this brief foreword , the Argentum Post provides its readers with the list of lies uttered by these two misleaders at the United Nations.

The source is the highly reliable, prestigious, scholarly GlobalResearch organization .

See infra therefore the Trump & Netanyahu prevarications deconstructing report by Adam Garrie titled :

Fact Checking Benjamin Netanyahu’s General Assembly Speech : The Speech Was Full of ‘Lies and Alternative Facts’,  Here is the Reality

3 thoughts on “[APNFD Nr 53 ] From The “Global Research” Organization : A List of Reckless Lies Uttered by Both Trump and Netanyahu in Their Abuse of the Use of the UN Podium, for Which They Must Be Held Accountable.

  1. Michael Corey says:

    Sorry to say this, but Trump will nuke Korea as soon as the indictment is ready from Mueller.

    • Alfred says:

      Dear reader, Michael. I usually refrain from commenting, but this one is stunning. By indictment do you mean, Trumps’ indictment ? And, do you mean therefore that his possible indictment might lead Trump to “nuke Korea” ?

      It goes without saying that such a prognosis is something which no sane person can accept. But unfortunately it is something which is the realm of the possible but hopefully not probable. Remember that even Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis, has said that there is no military solution since war would be catastrophic.

  2. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Appalling lies that cause misery, death and destruction! Will the good people of the World ever be rid of these evil ba2tar@s ???

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