In the Aftermath of the Trump Belligerent, Incoherent, Rant at the UN, A Voice of Sanity and Reason : Jeffrey Sachs


September 22, 2017 by Alfred

President John F. Kennedy once said the following :

Above all, while defending our own vital interests, nuclear powers must avert those confrontations which bring an adversary to a choice of either a humiliating retreat or a nuclear war. To adopt that kind of course in the nuclear age would be evidence only of the bankruptcy of our policy–or of a collective death-wish for the world.”

Trumps grotesque and shameful outburst of supremacist nationalism at the UN, coupled to his unacceptably arrogant, ignorant, threat of “total destruction” of a member nation of the United Nations, and his further use of outright falsehoods to calumniate and threaten for not rational reason Iran, Venezuela, Cuba constitute a major historical blunder which severely undermines our nation’s credibility under Trumps misleadership and best interests as well as our national security.

The UN is a place for competent  statesmen and stateswomen to engage diplomatically to resolve problems, to strengthen the foundations of peace, justice, and thereby enhance the stability of democracies and emerging democracies.

The vulgar Trump circus act is an abomination which “we the people” can no longer accept, particularly due to enormous danger it represents for a misleader with a tiny base of about 30% or less of our population to provoke war recklessly in ways which have a high probability of going out of control and usher in either deliberately by criminal incitement or by accident, another nuclear attack on millions of innocent, unarmed, Koreans and Americans in Korea.

We can no longer tolerate being held hostage by such a calamitous and bizarre behavior by someone who has no clue of the damage he is causing relentlessly.

No nation on earth has ever carried out a nuclear bombardment of a nation,  and no nation should ever even contemplated it,  much less threaten it.

All nations on earth must eliminate ALL of their nuclear weapons as clearly stipulated by Article VI of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).  This Article VI has been criminally violated by all nations who have developed an arsenal of nuclear weapons.

Under Article VI of the NPT, all Parties undertake to pursue good-faith negotiations on effective measures relating to the cessation of the nuclear arms race, to nuclear disarmament, and to general and complete disarmament.

Additional nations who have developed nuclear weapons, have even not bothered to sign on the NPT Treaty and they are India, Pakistan, and most notoriously Israel whose hegemonist, supremacist, international law violating occupier, Apartheid regime actually engaged with the world’s most odious white supremacist Apartheid regime of South Africa in the mid 80’s and secretly (but known to the CIA) proliferated its weaponization technology thereto, and even detonated a nuclear device off the coast of South Africa.

While the mainstream media has been in dereliction of its duty to inform the American people of this scandalous behavior of the Zionist power structure of Israel, it has been throughly documented by a Jewish author who lived in South Africa and is the son of Austrian Jewish parents who were forced to leave Austria by the Nazis.  Said author’s name is Sasha Polakow Suransky and the title of said book is “ The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship With Apartheid South Africa

The United States of America, is the only nation to have used nuclear weapons and thereby killed at least 90 to 146 thousand people in Hiroshima, and 40-80 thousand people in Nagasaki by two nuclear bombings in Japan.

As the illustrious historian, political economist, activist, writer, and government official  Gar Alperovitz concluded  in 1960, in his  challenge of Truman’s claims for ordering such an atrocity, in what is called the “Revisionist School” analysis of that event, Japan was already ready for surrender before the nuclear bombing holocaust was meted out on the mostly innocent unarmed civilian population of those two cities.

For the first time in the 70-year effort to avert a nuclear war, a global agreement has been negotiated that should lead to the destruction  of ALL nuclear weapons.    Negotiators  representing two-thirds of the 192-member United Nations finalized the 10-page treaty.  It was strongly opposed by the United States though.

With this foreword, the Argentum Post introduces to its readers the illustrious scholar Jeffrey Sachs.

Jeffrey David Sachs is an American economist and director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, where he holds the title of University Professor, the highest rank Columbia bestows on its faculty.

On September 21, 2017 this noble, highly articulate, brilliant scholar was interviewed by the most prestigious and dedicated host of Democracy Now, namely Amy Goodman.

What this scholar expresses in this interview, is not only highly relevant, but it is also has a downright “healing” effect in the aftermath of the abusive use of the podium of the United Nations by the destabilizer-in-chief of our nation who has proven to be mentally unstable and potentially is capable of doing much more damage, every day and every hour, as this situation with North Korea festers without being addressed by a wholesome, professional, adult, diplomacy initiative undertaken by the collective leadership of the UN, the EU, and the BRIC leaders.

If ever there was a valid reason for impeachment proceedings or the use of the 25th Amendment to remove someone from the Oval Office, now is the time, since we are literally approaching the  unthinkable danger of contemplating a catastrophic military aggression which will most probably involve the use of nuclear weapons.

Given that we have a paralyzed Congress, only “We The People” by highly disciplined, non-violent, legal means can demand and implement by a variety of tactics and procedures the removal of the nuclear  trigger control button from the most unstable, incoherent, unpredictable, pathologically narcissist, nationalist, supremacist, uneducated, and inexperienced, occupier of the Oval Office of the White House, by removing him from his office.

If there is a will, there is a way and that will must galvanize now, since once military hostilities are initiated, which are utterly unnecessary, they may go out of control and generate calamitous and irreversibly damage to our nation economically and physically.

It must be borne in mind that from 1950-1953 Korea was bombed by the U.S. with more bombs than in WWII.  600 Thousand tons of bombs and some 35 thousand of napalm which killed about one third of all Koreans.  This was all about the U.S. jockeying for spheres of influence south of the 34th parallel, since north of it there was China and nearby the USSR.

Since the beginning of the 20th century the U.S. has intervened in and bombed nations continuously some 80 times.

Regardless of the present crisis, it is an imperative that the U.S. ditch its mythical “exceptionalist” fake right it accords itself, of invading countries and carrying out regime changes whenever that seems to be in the interest of most often those corrupt hegemonist neocons and/or neoliberal who are hell bent on exploiting natural and human resources in any region of this “globalization run amok” world in which authentic participative progressive democracies are intoxicated by corporatist profiteers who function like organized crime cartels.

No other nation in the world has even come close to the US record in that sense.

North Korea has a valid reason to fear a U.S. invasion and  regime change, and hence, as its leader has stated, North Korea wants  “equilibrium” with the U.S., i.e. have nuclear weapons as a deterrent to the threat of an invasion, and this is where rational, scholarly, diplomacy comes in.

This is where brilliant American intellectuals and humanists such as Jeffrey Sachs come in and therefore here he is.   Enjoy !

Jeff Sachs Warns “Nuclear War is a Real Threat” as Trump Threatens to “Totally Destroy” North Korea

2 thoughts on “In the Aftermath of the Trump Belligerent, Incoherent, Rant at the UN, A Voice of Sanity and Reason : Jeffrey Sachs

  1. Alfred,
    Perhaps the choice of last word at the end of an otherwise strong writing might be reconsidered, considering the very distressing nature of the issues. Only a helpful suggestion my friend, but after watching Mr. Sachs discussion there’s really nothing enjoyable about it.

    On Trump’s speech: whoever wrote the address for Trump are clearly among the best propaganda experts money can buy. Looking at various comments sections around the internet, it’s sadly amazing how many bought the lies hook, line and sinker. Thankfully, Trump’s level of deception reached such a high level many who otherwise would take no responsive action to rebuke the despicable speech cannot but come out in strong opposition.

  2. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Thanks for sharing this interview with Jeffrey Sachs. However, I have lost all faith that we can reverse our destructive course. Not enough people care about or object to U.S. wars abroad. IMHO only a draft would wake up the sleeping masses. Even then, however, history teaches us that the majority will support and engage in war. Pure evil!!

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