A World Jewish Congress Ad in The Washington Post Mischaracterizes Honorable Jews as “Anti-Semitic”


September 23, 2017 by Alfred

In a stunning one page advertisement published by The Washington Post on September 20, 2017, by the World Jewish Congress, said organization had the temerity to declare dishonestly, and hence abhorrently, that Jews who critique the Zionist power structure of Israel for its international law violating occupation and crimes against the humanity of the Palestinians are “Anti-Semites”.

So, accordingly noble, scholarly, rational, humanist Jews who abide by the universalist Torah values and categorically oppose the occupation and support BDS, such as those of the prestigious organizations as Jewish Voice for Peace, The American Council for Judaism, and many others who oppose the Zionist power structure of Israel are to be considered “Anti-Semitic” .

In effect it is the World Jewish Congress itself which is has made a genuine “anti-Semitic “ statement by conflating in a “fake-facts” manner that Jewish critique of Zionism and Israel is “anti-Semitic”.

This WCJ statement constitutes a profound calumniating insult to all Jews and/or people of Jewish backgrounds, tenths of thousands  of who – including this writer –  are survivors and descendants of survivors and victims of the Nazi genocide and who signed a London Guardian and NY Times published statement on August 14, 2014 condemning the Netanyahu massacre of close to 3,000  including 500 children Palestinians in Gaza in the Summer of 2014. 

The days of conflating Israel and Zionism critique, particularly by decent, rational,  humanist, peace aspiring Jews, are definitely and irreversibly over. The Pew Research Center has determined that “…a plurality of American Jews think settlements hurt Israel’s own security”.

By the Washington Jewish Congress warped and repulsive standards such a plurality of noble Jews should be considered  “anti-Semitic”.This is an insane, and an insult, and – to ad insult to injury – this is oxymoronic.


One thought on “A World Jewish Congress Ad in The Washington Post Mischaracterizes Honorable Jews as “Anti-Semitic”

  1. aliceny says:

    Do not despair, Alfred. The Righteous, Omniscient Yahweh is in charge — always was, always will be. He will have the last word.
    We Catholic Christians have our problems, too, as you are aware from your attention to
    current and historical events.

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