The NRA From This Day On Must Be Held Accountable for The Present and Past Mass Killings, and Must Be Dismantled


October 3, 2017 by Alfred

Not one more day must go by, during which additional innocent human beings, and law enforcement officials are killed by automatic weapons which are peddled by the undue influence over corrupted politicians NRA lobby.

The NRA, in addition to promoting the selling and obstructing the establishment of strict gun regulation and background checks, has the temerity to as well endorse the sale of “silencers” for these human being killing machines.

Not one more day must revisionists of the Second Amendment be allowed to get away with the notion that they can frivolously misinterpret it.

The NRA is as toxic an instrumental force of human life extermination as the industrial-military complex and the Zionist lobby.

The NRA is a perverse national instrument of promotion of brutal and lethal violence for profit maximization, and the Zionist Lobby is the international instrument of promotion of brutal and lethal violence for Western imperial hegemony maximization  in the Middle East.

Both act in ways which are analogous to the methodology used by organized crime cartels.

Yes, both go in tandem.   And, no, there is neither a “polarization” nor an “anti-Semitic” element in either one of these declarations, quite the contrary.

This declaration is a clamor for the beginning of a quantum leap out of the real “swamp” of muddled thinking, inaction, reckless violence, and preservation of a putrid status quo which is not longer sustainable in our nation.

We need rationalist, humanist, progressives in governance who will end and not trigger violence at home and abroad.

We cannot tolerate a misleader who sits in the oval office and uses sick tweets incoherently, bizarrely , and  dangerously in offensive and belligerent messages, and to boot, who now   humiliates and undermines the sincere attempt by his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, to establish a dialogue with the North Korean government to bring about the only possible peaceful conflict resolution which exists.

Proof of the NRA lobby toxicity is beyond obvious and the Las Vegas massacre of 59 with 200 + injured is the critical mass which has been reached for an end to the inaction by the corrupt to the core, self-centered,  right-wing extremist corrupted officials who keep repeating that idiotic mantra “ we must pray “ and/or “ this is not the time to talk about it “.

This is finally the time TO ACT to END this savagery and the sociopathic mindset of those opposing it.

Proof of the Zionist lobby toxicity is that the Zionist lobby in Washington – AIPAC – hosts, inter alia, officials of the Zionist think tank BESA which urges the preservation of part of the Daesh / ISIS so that those Zionists in the Israeli power structure and their right-wing extremist fundamentalist messianic evangelist acolytes along with their profiteering  neocons and neolib corrupted acolytes in our Congress, can continue to engage in aggression on Iran, and partition and demolition of states into statelets in the Middle East to nurture their phantasies of hegemony over the entire region.

First came the Zionist aggression on  Lebanon  in hot pursuit of the Palestinians refugees from the Zionist take over of their land there,  then the Bush/Cheney  Iraq demolition on false claims, then Libia, then Syria, and now Israeli PM Netanyahu is calling for the Kurds to partition Iraq while perversely and falsely charging Iran with “terrorism”.

The precious lives of the countless people who perished as a result of this depraviaty are considered perversely “collateral damage”.

These scourges of non-humanity are responsible for the deaths of millions of precious lives in both, the United States and in the Middle East, for absolutely no valid reason.

These organization are run like organized crime cartels by dishonest, reckless and greedy merchants who profit from the incitation of violence against innocent unarmed civilians.

ALL AUTOMATIC WEAPONS must be banned NOW and in tandem,  there must be NOW legislated a massive recall of all automatic weapons in conjunction with legislation which renders their possession a felony.   Sticks and carrots can be used to accomplish this achievement.

Once liberated from mass shootings at home and from perpetual wars of aggression abroad we will start to be free again, free from real fears and insecurities and then we can tackle our massive deficit, by drastically cutting our insanely inflated and offensive defense budget so that we  all co-heal figuratively and literally with the best health care system which exists, namely Medicare for All  – except for the 1% who can afford the boutique care paid in cash out-of-pocket by themselves.

This is the path forward into genuinely participative transparent progressive democracy.


One thought on “The NRA From This Day On Must Be Held Accountable for The Present and Past Mass Killings, and Must Be Dismantled

  1. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    The NRA is a very powerful player in our militaristic system. Piles of money to be made in the business of war and weapon sales!! I see a mushroom cloud and not a rainbow at the end of all this 😦

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