“This is Not The Time to Talk About It“ Is Cowardly, Hypocritical, Corrupt, and Disrespectful to Victims of the Last Vegas WMD Massacre


October 5, 2017 by Alfred

This Argentum Post article is a sequel to the previous Argentum Post article published on October 3, 2017 and titled “ The NRA From This Day On Must Be Held Accountable for The Present and Past Mass Killings, and Must Be Dismantled “.

This sequel in effect constitutes a channeling of two interviews by the one and only Amy Goodman of the highly acclaimed Democracy Now news and news analysis program,  of two illustrious, progressive, peace and security activists via social and economic justice, who speak out in the aftermath  of the Las Vegas massacre.

These interviews provide further historical and statistical evidence which makes it an imperative that NOW IS THE TIME TO TALK ABOUT strict gun legislation, and in fact the time  has been overdue for several decades.

It is a well-established fact that the NRA is pretty much an extension of the Republican party, and it is also a well-established fact that every time there is a gun/automatic weapons massacre in the United States, both – the NRA and the GOP – have adopted the insidiously cover-up smokescreen of prayer and silence, rejecting any discussion about (a) the misinterpretation of the Second Amendment and (b) about the dire need in a civilized society for strict gun legislation and strict elimination and confiscation of automatic weapons with or without silencers.

In an excellent article written by Marc Fisher and published in today’s (09/05/2017) The Washington Post he starts it out by stating that,

A shooter kills, the nation mourns and immediately , both sides in the debate over guns fall into a well-known pattern : Gun control proponents rally their supporters rally their supporters, pressing lawmakers to tighten their regulations (and) Gun rights advocates hang back, waiting for the public’s sorrow and outrage to subside.  And nothing further happens, until the next circle horrific act fuels the next spin of the cycle.

More people are assassinated by mass killings in the United States than in any country of the world, and that includes emerging economies countries which go through armed conflicts.

This time, if “We the People” peacefully and non-violently but not non-confrontationally  march by the millions in all cities of this nation, we will prevail in making the latest atrocity which is not just of the massacre of Las Vegas  but the atrocity  of the ease with which murderers, terrorists, psychopaths, can acquire weapons of mass destruction of innocent, unarmed, precious human lives, no longer possible since both, the NRA and the mostly right-wing extremists and the corrupted politicians who support it, will be sidelined as the paper tigers they are, because participative democracy  will restore peace and security to our nation.

There is bipartisan support overwhelming support for this proposition.  Decent, moderate, conservatives, who are probably outnumbered by the progressive liberals, can unite on this issue as it benefits any self-respecting, rational, human being in the United States.

Yes, people who live in sparsely  populated remote regions of the country should be able to apply for the acquisition of a firearm to be used in case of home invasions, but it is an imperative that said people applying for said license do so,  after passing a strict background check prior approval for said firearm acquisition.

Firearms in such instances are for defensive objectives exclusively.

The way the NRA and the GOP and their supporters have derangedly abused this notion as the present unacceptable status quo does not reflect by any civilized stretchi of the imagination the objectives of the Second Amendment since it did not and could not have stipulated that it would include a so-called “right” for anyone to purchase powerful mass killing machines, including such machines adapted with silencers.

This misintepretation has survived too long and was engendered corruptedlly, and perversively, by right wing supremacist fundamentalists who mostly could not care less about the United States Constitution as they envisage a form of social-Darwinistic society of survival of the “fittest”, which is a form of sociopathy which is incongruent with the the pillars of democracy.

So, with this brief foreword, the Argentum Post provides its readers, particularly those not yet aware of the that formidable source of independent constructive, progressive media known as “Democracy Now”, the videos clips of the two supra noted interviews.

At the onset the link to the first interviewee, namely Rebecca Peters, is provided, and then the link of the second interviewee, the Bishop Dr. William Barber, is provided.

And now, first the link to the Australian Rebecca Peters interview is hereby provided.

And secondly, the link to the William Barber interview is hereby provided.


One thought on ““This is Not The Time to Talk About It“ Is Cowardly, Hypocritical, Corrupt, and Disrespectful to Victims of the Last Vegas WMD Massacre

  1. aliceny says:

    Thanks for your digging of the helpful background info that you provided, Alfred.
    One has to ask: ‘What will it take to take direct ,meaningful action in this gun control
    situation? The NRA needs to be broken, dealt with, sued — over and over again. And
    that is just for starters. How in hell can a person buy 30+ plus guns in one year and not
    leave a trail that should have screamed attention. Who, besides the NRA is getting paid
    off? Can you dig for that info, Alfred?

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