“The Zionist Betrayal of Judaism “ by the Son of the Legendary Violinist Yehudi Menuhin, Namely Moshe Menuhin


October 20, 2017 by Alfred

As most followers and even new readers of the Argentum Post are aware, this publication constitutes essentially a kind of an educational literary activism by a solo practitioner of the blogosphere in support of peaceful conflict resolution through justice.

The Argentum Post was launched in October of 2013 by this writer who is the son of German/Austrian parents who were forced to leave Berlin shortly after “Kristallnacht” and who were forcibly separated during their separate refugee journeys to Bolivia where this writer was born.

Ironically, it was the Nazis who declared them stateless and forced them to leave – or else it would have meant leaving for the extermination camp, but then it became the Zionist World Organization’s undue influence over intimidated and/or corrupted officials in Lima would tried to force his father to be returned to the freighter which brought him to Callao, Peru, in order to force him to return to Marseilles, France  where – by the time he had arrived there – he would have been forced to board the train to the said extermination camp, since the Zionists in Lima demanded that low income Jews not be allowed to disembark in the Callao port city of Peru,  because they were needed for the Palestine colonization project.

Adrenaline and luck plus help from a compassionate immigration officer had him find a path to the freight train yard in Callao, Peru wherefrom he could escape to La Paz, Bolivia clandestinely and save his life and that of his son to be born later in Cochabamba.

One of the most vexing and festering peaceful conflict defying tragedies which have had catastrophic consequences for the two parties engaged in a conflict which has been shamelessly exploited by corrupted and greedy politicians is the Israel synthesis and the ensuing forcible and violent implant of Israel into Palestine.

This conflict has started with the concept of the notion that the Judaic religion could (or should) somehow be nationalized and then be used to hegemonically take over some region of the world where Jews would acquire the supreme power they sought to feel safe.

The ideologues of this project, the Zionists, started to strategize the morphing of this concept into a reality in the 19th century and areas of the world such as Westphalia in Germany, regions of Argentina, and even areas of Africa such as in Uganda, were given consideration.

The vast majority of German Jews overwhelmingly opposed this notion which they deemed downright bizarre and that included the parents of this writer.

Then later the Western imperial/colonial power of Britain, which had taken over Palestine from the Ottoman Empire, became the most suitable area of interest for the Zionists as it coincided with Western interests in their exploitation interests of the vast fossil fuels of the Middle East in synergy with the useful plausible deniability which in their minds gave them the biblical belief that Judaism originated where Palestine had been for centuries, although now scientific studies have arguably pointed to Khazaria as a probable origin of the monotheistic belief of Judaism which later expanded and migrated to the area of what had become Palestine centuries ago.  (See the Jewish author Shlomo Sand’s book titled “ The Invention of the Jewish People “).

Be it as it may, after the 1917 Balfour Declaration the Zionist movement received support from Britain and France, and  by 1948, after the Nazi genocide of Jews, and others,  the case for a take over of the land of the autochthonous Palestinians became a reality via a “might makes right” approach and this led to the euphemistically characterized “war of independence” led by mostly Western and Eastern European Jews of the Zionist ideology, who had already been migrating to and establishing themselves in Palestine long before the Nazi atrocities started.

This so-called “war of independence” was the “Nakba”  which meant a major catastrophe for the autochthonous Palestinians since their land was violently literally stolen from them and the message they received was abide, leave, or die.  Close to a million were forced to leave, and countless others have died during massacres such as the Deir Yassin as well as the Sabra and Shatila one, not to mention the most recent Summer of 2014 Gaza one which killed close to 3 thousand mostly unarmed, innocent, civilians including at least some 500 children.   Additionally collective punishments of and house demolitions were meted out on them.

Well, from then on, with the 1967 provoked war by Israel, the U.S. became involved in supporting this continuing atrocity which the legendary Jewish scholar and author, Ilan Pappe, described in detail in his book “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine”.

So, for the last 69 years, there has not been any  peace, any dignity, any justice for the Palestinian people who have been abused horrifically by the Zionists, who have since violated international law, time and again, in defiance of many United Nations Resolutions.

Innocent well-meaning Jews in Israel have also been caught in the insanity of the murderous occupations of Palestinian lands, and have lost their lives as a result of and that had happened even before 1948 when Palestinian Jews, were punished for not going along with the colonization project.  The punishments at times took place by assassinations and at other times by  house demolitions by the three Zionist terrorist organizations, namely Irgun, Haganah, and Stern Gang.  (See, inter alia, the London based author Thomas Suárez’s book titled “ State of Terror : How Terrorism Created Modern Israel “).

The same tactics they have used towards the Palestinians.

Other  Israeli Jews have been later killed during suicidal reprisal attacks by Palestinians resistance fighters.   Miko Peled, son of the Israeli Major General Matti Peled, lost his niece to a suicidal reprisal attacker, yet instead of this resulting in hate generation towards Palestinians collectively, it had the opposite effect of turning him into an critic of the Zionist ideology and that he expresses articulately in his fascinating book  “The General’s Son : Journey of an Israeli in Palestine”.

The Zionists have since 1948 become increasingly brazen in their barbaric repression to the point that in the last 10 years decent, Torah universalist values abiding, humanist Jews worldwide and in Israel have been targeted for punishment for the opposition to this decadent Zionist version of Judaism.

In fact, decent Jewish members of Jewish Voice for Peace, of Tzedek, of Breaking the Silence, of the prestigious and courageous Bet’slem human rights organizations have been smeared with such odious characterizations as “traitors” of “self-hating Jews” or even at times -oxymoronically – as “anti-Semites”.

At this point, the Zionists under the misleaderhip of the corrupted,  dishonest, brutal, right-wing extremist supremacist belligerent PM Netanyahu – who is presently being investigated for graft, bribery, and other crimes, face a serious quandary in the sense that Israel is now an Apartheid state entity and therefore it cannot be considered a democracy and hence it is increasingly coming under the effects of global sanctions inspired by the successful and peaceful BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions)  movement of courageous and principled Jews world-wide and yet, under the present misleaderhip of the occupier of the oval office in Washington, DC  the enablement of this explosive state of affairs which “we the people” are forced to support at the rate of $ 10 million dollars per day continues to the point that it may unleash a major disastrous war as the EU, Russia, China and the rest of the world do not support this travesty, yet Netanyahu continues hell-bent his dishonest disinformation rhetoric of being a “victim” when in reality he and his Zionist cadre are the perpetrators of seeming endless atrocities and humiliations of meted out on the Palestinians in ways that are as irrational as their corrupted neoliberal and neoconservative supporters in our Congress.

And to boot, Netanyahu is obsessively and perversely  fabricating false charges against Iran to distract and generate a smokescreen over his and his cohorts crimes against the people of Palestine , something which is particularly hideous at a time when the unbalanced and ignorant Trump is hell-bent on sabotaging the P5+1 nuclear agreement with Iran, because it is a successful legacy of the President Obama administration and because the real threats in the region comes from  the Saudi Arabian regime which cannot stand the moderating influence of an Iran which is industrialized, rebuilt after the U.S. supported war of Sadam Hussein on Iran, and which is the only stable nation led by a democratically elected President Rouhani, an example which the Saudi’s fear for its democratic dimension inspiration.

So, with this foreword, what is presented infra to the readers of this Argentum Post is something for which the highly prestigious, scholarly, and principled noble activists and investigate journalist staff to the Mondoweiss website, must be credited with.

So, the essence of it lies in the description of the content of a book which was written by Moshe Menuhin, who happens to be the son of the extremely gifted and talented legendary violinist Yehudi Menuhin.

The title of his book which reissued in this year of 2017 is “The Zionist Betrayal of Judaism

Unfortunately this book is not easy to obtain in the book format.   It is available though in the Kindle (electronic) format though.

The book contains an introduction by Adi Ophir, who is an Israeli philosopher who at the Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy and Ideas at Tel Aviv University.  Among many books which Professor Ophir wrote is “The One State Condition

The books publisher,   Forbidden Bookshelf – Open Road Media expresses the following about these hard to find and acquire books ;

For over half a century, America’s vast literary culture has been disparately policed, and imperceptibly contained, by state and corporate entities well-placed and perfectly equipped to wipe out wayward writings. As America does not ban books, other means—less evident, and so less controversial—have been deployed to vaporize them. The purpose of Forbidden Bookshelf is to bring such vanished books to life. These works pull some of the most troubling trends and episodes in US history from the shadows, shed light on how America got to its present moment, and show us how we all might change direction.

The Mondoweiss article on this book – which is reproduced infra in its entirety – is “ A Jewish Atonement for Zionism “ by Yoav Litvin .

The book contains an introduction by Adi Ophir, who is an Israeli philosopher who at the Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy and Ideas at Tel Aviv University.  Among many books which Professor Ophir wrote is “The One State Condition”.

The book also contains a postscript added by Menuhin in 1969.

So, with no further comment, see infra said Mondoweiss article which includes comments, by  activating this link thereto.


2 thoughts on ““The Zionist Betrayal of Judaism “ by the Son of the Legendary Violinist Yehudi Menuhin, Namely Moshe Menuhin

  1. aliceny says:

    This is a wonderful compassionate piece, Alfred. It acknowledges the beauty and the magnificent contribution of pure Judaism to the world. It sorely needed to be said. Would be great
    if you could find a way to get more exposure of this.

    • Alfred says:

      Thank you, dear Alice.
      BTW, grammar errors detected after publication were corrected on October 21, 2017 and readers were also informed about the meaning of “Kristallnacht” via the functionalization of that characterization so as to serve as a link to the elaboration thereof.

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