The Unbearable Hypocrisy of W. Bush Speaking Out Against “ Outright Fabrication “


October 24, 2017 by Alfred

In a read  October 19, 2017 speech hosted by the George W. Bush Institute which was intended to be critical of Trump without mentioning his name,  George W. Bush read that “…Our politics seems more vulnerable to conspiracy theories and outright fabrication…”!

While Trump deserves full condemnation by all self-respecting Americans, one cannot help but deem it ironic,cynical, disingenuous, highly hypocritical, and downright repugnant when George W. Bush has the temerity of assailing what he calls  “ …outright fabrication…” (which of course Trump is guilty of)  when he himself was our fabricator-in-chief along with his VP Cheney, and to boot, with the Congressional neocons and neoliberal myopic and/or corrupted support, all of who brazenly used outright fabrications to mislead our nation into the self defeating catastrophic war on Iraq, by falsely charging Iraq as having been involved in 9/11 and as being tied to Al Qaeda.


Additionally of course there were the outright fabrications about the existence of WMD which inspector Hans Blix as well as ElBaradei of he IAEA clearly affirmed not to exist.


This “Trillion Dollar War” on Iraq -as Dr. Stieglitz states in his book by the same name –   led to a horrific hemorrhage of treasury and of blood  of our soldiers of which some 4,486 died there and of the 450 thousand mostly innocent unarmed Iraqis who died all in vain.    This catastrophe which was unleashed in 2003 is part of a destructive and wasteful conflict which to this day, 14 years later, still rages and still generates “collateral damage”.


We do not need the likes of Bush to point  hypocritical,   an accusing finger  which he needs to point to himself, to bring our country back to progress and peaceful normality.


This process can be accomplished by isolating and removing legally and peacefully Trump before he now starts another war, this time  on Iran and/or North Korea (or even Venezuela as he bizarrely threatened to) again based on  outright fabrications and provocations utterly bereft of any genuine historical contextualization.


We the people and our still genuinely functioning Deep State do not have the luxury to wait, since once the conflicts start they will rage worse than the Californian forest fires.


What the world needs now is peace, sweet peace, and that can only be achieved by diplomacy carried out by scholarly and seasoned diplomats and a fully professionally staffed State Department plus a fully professional U.S. representative and the United Nations.


The Trump so-called “presidency” will never lead us there and for that reason the 25th Amendment application is rational, constitutional, and hence urgently fully applicable since luckily we do have decent and realistic set of cabinet members and decent and realistic bipartisan support for such an end to present political catastrophe which must and can end NOW .


2 thoughts on “The Unbearable Hypocrisy of W. Bush Speaking Out Against “ Outright Fabrication “

  1. aliceny says:

    What is so frightening is that this lying buffoon actually believes what he is saying is true and justified.

  2. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    The hypocrisy is enough to make my hair hurt! Sadly, however, removing Trump isn’t enough. He is merely another presidential puppet of the deep state. I am convinced that no matter who is President, the Deep State controls the destructive forces in play for World domination!

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