The Ignominious Threat by Maryland Governor Hogan and Maryland Senator Cardin to Punish Peaceful Democracy and Human Rights Supporters of BDS is Emblematic of a More Sinister Malaise In Our Society


October 28, 2017 by Alfred

With all due respect to Maryland Governor Hogan and Maryland Senator Cardin, they are totally wrong in their interpretation of BDS as somehow being “anti-Semitic” or “anti-Israel”.

Both are at best uniformed, or at worst are discriminating against and ignoring what constitutes now millions of decent, rationalist, humanist, universalist Torah values abiding noble Jews nationally and internationally, and that includes Jews in Israel, who view BDS for what it is,  namely a peaceful and effective mean to bring Israel in conformance with what international law and civilized behavior demands.

BDS is a peaceful legitimate Boycott, Disinvestment, and Sanctions program for freedom, justice, and equality inspired by the South African anti-Aparheid Movement aimed at the Zionist ideology misleaders of Israel- which is now becoming an Apartheid state – and has been at least since 1967 in brazen and egregious violation of international law, for which it is being condemned by practically all member nations of the United Nations.

An Apartheid state cannot be a democracy.  Period.

And the “Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” (as the Israeli author and scholar Ilan Pappe titles his book) is a crime against the humanity of the Palestinians, just as the ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya by the Buddhist fundamentalist and their army in Burma is.

Incidentally, the Netanyahu Zionist misleardership of Israel is one of the main suppliers of armaments to the racist Buddhists misleadership of Burma (aka Myanmar) whose military, as reported by the prestigious Israeli newspaper Haaretz is engaging in an ethnic cleansing of its Rohingya minority who are being forced out of their homes which are being destroyed, as they violently carry out massacres to expel these autochthonous inhabitants who happen to be moderate Muslims from the Burma state of Rhakine were they have lived for centuries.

Now close to one million Rohingya innocent men, women, and children who have been declared stateless, and are being violently forced to flee Burma, (aka Myanmar), as the Jews (including the parents of this writer) were declared stateless and were forced violently by the Nazi misleadership of Germany to flee (if they could).

Now it is the shameless, racist, supremacist, dishonest, greedy misleadership of Israel’s PM Netanyahu which refuses to end its sales of arms to the monstrous ethnic cleansing Burmese regime which also engages in home destruction and massacres of these poor and innocent civilians.  BDS is aimed peacefully and constructively at a once for all end of Zionist Israeli oppression of the autochthonous people of Palestine and of the same oppression by the same Zionist Israeli cabal of autochthonous people elsewhere which it has and is continuing to practice by its sale of weaponry to the racist oppressors world wide.

Hogan and Cardin must obviously be aware of this reality and neither can characterize the reporting of this reality as “anti-Semitic” or use any other non-sensical characterization in order to feeble-mindedly and perversely attempt to discredit it, since this reality is reported by none other than the highly prestigious and professional ethics grounded Israeli newspaper Haaretz in an article titled “Israel Refuses to Stop Arms Sales to Myanmar, Despite Its Campaign of Rape, Torture and Massacres Against the Rohingya

Said report goes on to report documentably how Zionist misleaderships of Israel have supported war crimes in Argentina, not to mention Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist Jeremy Scahill reports of Zionist Israel misleaderships profiting from the export of arms to other fascist and genocidal regimes of South and Central America such as those of Chile and Guatemala and Contra terrorist Nicaragua while under the fascist murderous dictators Rios Montt and Augusto Pinochet, in the case of Guatemala and Chile, and in the case of the Somoza Contra terrorists in Nicaragua.

Of course one can also cite the incredibly criminal proliferation of the nuclear energy weaponization technology which Israel clandestinely carried out to support profitably the odious Apartheid regime of South Africa in the mid 80’s which was documented by (inter alia) the book of the progressive and noble Jewish author Sasha Polakow-Suransky titled “ The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship With Apartheid South Africa

The documentation to the supra paragraphs is found in, (inter alia) an Argentum Post article published on March 16, 2017 titled “ A UN Agency Publishes A Report That Israel Is Now Imposing An “Apartheid” Regime on Palestinians “.

So, it is very fair to posit the question as to what is it that seriously underlies and is dead wrong with the neocon, neoliberal, and Trumpists politicians who are knee-jerk out to punish Jews and non-Jews alike who engage in peaceful, constructive, creative, educational, efforts to end once for all the absurd and despicable mentality which blocks egregiously  the historical reality which documentation-wise establishes a situation which  seriously incriminates the Zionist Israeli misleaders who sooner or later must and will be held accountable by the International Criminal Court.

While this article heralds the wrong-headed and destructive threat to BDS peace activists by Hogan and Cardin, they are obviously just two from the state of Maryland who have emerged as detractors of peaceful conflict resolution, but additionally – due to the occupation of the oval office by the U.S. misleader, Donald Trump – there are now others who espouse the bizarre and violence prone positions that BDS as a human rights peace movement tool must be banned and among them is our absurdly ignorant, and incompetent,  delegate to the UN,  Nikki Haley,  who does major damage by  misrepresenting  the vast majority of Americans by acting as a “ditto head” with hyperbole in her inapplicable condemnation of Iran’s “influence” in the Middle East, and who bizarrely and falsely describes the Zionist Israeli regime as some kind of victim of the United Nations, while relentlessly vilifying Iran which is in reality a stable democracy in support of security in the region which has rendered valuable support to the urgent need to contain, defuse, isolate, and finally defeat the “Daesh” (aka ISIS) horrifically destructive phenomenon.

Of course it is known that Trump picked such an uneducated and inexperienced  person for this post at the UN primarily because she is known to be an extremist social conservative who will gladly be the spokeswoman in following through with Trumps order of denying women world-wide of any U.S. funds for their reproductive health via the WHO, which would involve abortions under any circumstance.

The mainstream media which is also partially guilty in its dereliction of their duty to report with accuracy in  detailed historical contextualization,  has remained criminally silent as AIPAC in its annual conference in Washington DC has included the representative of the Zionist think tank BESA which has urged that “Daesh” (aka ISIS) not be totally destroyed as Israel sees it as a potential tool to attack peaceful Iran and to attack Hezbollah which is NOT a “terrorist” organization.  BTW, the scholarly author of the supra article is an individual of Jewish background who lives in Haifa whereto this writer’s paternal grandfather emigrated to from the USSR, in 1945, became a citizen of Palestine, but then left for Britain and Brazil due to the violent and unjust partition and expulsion of some 800 thousand autothonous Palestinians therefrom.

Said author’s name is Lilach Ben-David.

Meanwhile, returning to Trump, he decided to  dance the traditional sword dance with the most oppressive regime of the Middle East misleaders, namely that of  Saudi Arabia,, to commemorate his obscene sale of a package of $ 100 billion dollars of armaments  to a nation which is documentably linked to have had government and private sector ties to the 9/11 attacks on the United States and which to this day threatens the U.S. if documents in a vault are released which further corroborate their support of this most heinous of crimes in world history.  The Saudi regime also is known to torture and imprison democracy advocacy bloggers such as the writer of this blog, and point in case is that of Raif Badawi who has been sentenced to one thousand lashes and 10 year in prison for advocating democracy activism.

Trump had declared that the condition for his visit to  Saudi Arabia was that they would have to buy the arms he was selling.   Afterwards, when he went visiting his friend Netanyahu in Israel he revealed is abysmal ignorance by showing that he did not know that Israel was in the Middle East.

This reminds one of the same abysmal ignorance revealed by the most ardent anti-Iran ideologue, namely  Senator Tom Cotton who had the temerity to falsely claim that Iran is out to control the Middle East and that the proof thereof is that Iran already controls Tehran (not knowing that Teheran is Iran’s capital)…

This is exactly the strategy earlier Zionist ideologues and their acolytes, the corrupted to the core extremist neocon and neoliberal politicians who have embraced the objective of dividing to conquer by breaking up states in the Middle East to statelets which will then be controlled by hegemonist expansionists oligarchs allied with them such as Saudi Arabia and UAR and Bahrain who are agitating against the moderates, particularly now Qatar because it has a cooperative relationship with Iran in their natural gas extraction and export.

Are such politicians totally ignorant ?  Or do they all suffer from an endemic corruption due to their greed for political and financial capital generation derived from supporting the Zionist Israel toxic AIPAC propaganda lobby,  if they remain obscenely silent, and to boot have the gall to attempt to silence other individuals and human rights organizations, thereby only prolonging the unbearable suffering by the horrific injustice meted out on the victims of what truly appears to be an organized crime cabal of indecent and inhuman profiteers.

Being anti-Zionist (the right wing ideology)  is not by any stretch of the imagination conflatable  with being “anti-Semitic”, or anti-Judaism, or anti-Israel.

Hogan  and Cardin need to get a scholarly historical update on how Zionism is and has betrayed  and damaged Judaism, if they are genuinely concerned with protecting Jews.  They must become aware of, and sensitive to, those millions of Jews who abhor and condemn the pernicious supremacist ethno-nationalist hegemonic expansionist ideology of Zionism.

For starters they may want to consult with such prestigious Jewish organizations as Jewish Voice for Peace, the American Council for Judaism, Tzedek Chicago and many more peaceful conflict resolution aspiring organizations such as the Israeli Breaking the Silence, Peace Now, and the B’tselem human rights organization.

The cultural programmation based on falsehoods based narratives of Zionism have been exposed and are now irreversibly loosing traction and are thus destined to irrelevance, but not necessarily without previously causing more suffering, potential wars on the basis of false claims, and hopefully not  such wars which will bring in the major powers into a potential confrontation which could have globally catastrophically destructive ramifications.

At no time in history since World War II has this danger been greater and the major cause thereof,  is the continuous presence of Trump and Netanyahu in power in the U.S. and Israel, which is in effect an extension of the U.S. in the Middle East but an extension which is extremely damaging to the best interests of all concerned in and outside of the U.S. and Israel.

Furthermore it must at this point be added that (a) Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker (R-Tenn. ) and Senator Jeff Flake (R- AZ) must be highly congratulated for their stunning extraordinary strength of character, for their courage, and for their dedication to the best interests of our nation as regards to the protection of democracy and to the reduction of threats against our national security.

These heroes deserve a medal of recognition and others need to emulate them.

Just like Mark Felt (aka “Deep Throat”),  Daniel Ellsberg, Edward Snowden, and others have made historical contributions to our democracy, these heroes who speak out to expose the truth about dangerous and egregious wrongdoing need to be recognized by a monument in Washington, DC.

Finally, it is important to note that while “birds of a feather flock together” explains why Trump and Netanyahu made odious fools of themselves at the United Nations by hysterically and dishonestly making accusations and dangerous war threats which could involve the U.S. in an unthinkable war on North Korea and Iran for no rational and honest reason whatsoever,   they both are documentably threats to the U.S. and world security, and they both undermine democracy in the U.S. and Israel, respectively, and hence, by peaceful and legal and constitutional means there is an imperative that both be removed expeditiously from they positions as misleaders, since once a conflict starts, possibly by an error, it will be next to impossible to freeze it and contain it, and hence the outcome could be what the illustrious scholar and journalist John Nichols calls it in the title of his book, a “Trumpocalypse

The synergy of the articulate declarations by Corker and Flake,  and (a) the declaration by the Attorney General of Israel that PM Netanyahu who is being investigated along with his wife for graft, embezzlement, and other crimes will likely be indicted, and (b) the President of Israel – Reuven Rivlin – declaration accusing Netanyahu of being a pyromaniac, as reported by the Israeli prestigious newspaper Haaretz in an article titled “ President Tries to Save Israel From Pyromaniac Netanyahu’s Anti-Democratic Revolution ”, should become the harbinger of better times to come as both are now more likely than ever to be removed from their offices, a move which invariably will lead to the beginning of the reconstructive reinvigoration of democracy in both, the U.S. and Israel and that would mean the potential ushering in of a climate conducive to peace breaking out worldwide.

2 thoughts on “The Ignominious Threat by Maryland Governor Hogan and Maryland Senator Cardin to Punish Peaceful Democracy and Human Rights Supporters of BDS is Emblematic of a More Sinister Malaise In Our Society

  1. aliceny says:

    Excellent. Factual. Pulls it all together for an easy, articulate read.
    Thank you, Alfred.

  2. Marie Estelle Spike says:

    Thanks for this latest update on Hogan and Cardin who I believe are henchmen for AIPAC which runs our government! It’s astonishing to observe just how much power the evil ones with the nuclear weapons wield all over the Globe!

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