[APFND Nr. 63] At Long Last the International Criminal Court Seems Poised to Take Up The Summer of 2014 Bombing Massacre and Other Crimes Against the Humanity of Palestinians


January 10, 2018 by Alfred

This is an Argentum Post News Flash Digest [ APFND Nr. 63 ].

The good news is that the Hague Criminal Court may open the Israel war crimes probe anytime this year of 2018.  Should have happened a long time ago, soon after the barbaric 2014 bombing which killed close to 3 thousand mostly innocent unarmed civilians, and this number included some 550 children, many taking shelter in United Nations built schools which Palestinians felt the Israelis may not bomb.

It is about an event that became public a few hours ago and for which two entities deserve enormous credit, since the chances that the American public will be duly informed on it by by the corporatized media are scandalously low and not because it is not widely known, but because of the synergy of neocon and some neolib political corruption, undue special influence lobbies, and the present sign of the times as regards the Trump – Netanyahu axis of dishonesty, hypocrisy and real collusion as regards to the conflict which was generated by the 1948 violent implantation of the Zionist nationalized embodiment of the Judaic religion into Palestine without any consent by the autochthonous inhabitants for centuries of Palestine.

All of these actors still attempt to conspire  to keep a tight lid on the real genuine  history of the “Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” – words which are in quotation marks as they also describe the title of the book by the highly distinguished Jewish Israeli author and scholar Ilan Pappe who now lives in London and teaches at Exeter University.

The “two entities” referred to supra, which deserve tremendous acclaim for bringing this educational documentation to the attention of the American public, are Amy Goodman, the host of the highly informative, high integrity,  incisive, professional news and commentary program “Democracy Now” and Professor Norman Finkelstein, another distinguished, courageous, and principled, Jewish author and scholar who has most recently launched his book “Gaza : An Inquest into Its Martyrdom” : Norman Finkelstein on the Many Lies Perpetuated About Gaza.

This interview could not come at a better time as it coincides with the accelerating accumulation of scandals characterizing the misadministration of Benjamin Netanyahu as well as of the incompetent, dangerous, misadministration of Donald Trump, both of who are supportive of the most decadent and oppressive regime of Saudi Arabia and both of who are obsessively involved in hate and fear incitement on the basis of outright falsehoods meant to obfuscate the real properly contextualized histories of the struggles of the Palestinian – and  Iranian – peoples in their struggles against the Zionist power structures of Israel and their primarily now U.S. neocolonialist and net-sectors of elites who ignore international law and continue hegemonically addicted to regime changes globally, under the mesmerizing self-destructive influences of such corrupting phenomena which lead them to   “foreign entanglements via  the industrial-military complex” , pursuits which President Eisenhower emphatically warned the United States against following in his memorable farewell speech.

So, without additional comment, the Argentum Post provides its reader infra with the video of this stunning and even moving Democracy Now interview by the formidable Amy Goodman of the brilliant, outspoken, honest, scholar and author, Norman Finkelstein.



One thought on “[APFND Nr. 63] At Long Last the International Criminal Court Seems Poised to Take Up The Summer of 2014 Bombing Massacre and Other Crimes Against the Humanity of Palestinians

  1. M Estelle Spike says:

    Some good news! I love Finkelstein, and had the honor of meeting him at a lecture at FL Atlantic U. a couple of years ago. Thanks for sharing.

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