The Holy Cross Private Academy in Kensington, Maryland Deserves Recognition for its Principled Firing of a Teacher

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January 12, 2018 by Alfred

The Holy Cross Academy located in Kensington, Maryland must be lauded for its firing of a teacher who had adopted a secondary identity in order to give free rein to his racist white-supremacist view which considers – in his own worlds – “whites”  as superior to other races.

While it is to be condemned and even penalized when some institutions continue to attempt to invoke “freedom of religion” claims to brazenly discriminate and refuse service to,  whole categories of people when it comes to serving their needs and respecting their human rights in a civilized society, such as the legitimate needs and human rights of those who happen to have been born as homosexuals and have now finally earned their right to engage in same gender marriages, or who have other needs and human rights violated such as those of LGBT  people,  when it comes to exercising the right to invoke the freedom of religion to safeguard humanistic foundational values such as the freedom to reject racism, sexism, classism, and other inhuman ism’s,  it is not only a right but a moral obligation for such institutions to proceed as the Holy Cross Academy has commendably proceeded by firing the teacher it did.

Said teacher decided to use a pseudonym to become involved in white supremacist racist activities which included participating in the Charlottesville, Virginia alt-right, neo-Nazi violent demonstrations.

White nationalists believe in white supremacy and support enforced segregation.

This is antithetical to not only foundational Christian values, but the values of any self-respecting religious or even non-religious academic  organizations, all of which must have a humanist dimension to exist for the well-being and refinement of humanity in the United States and globally.


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