As We Approach the Spring of 2018 a Benign Tsunami of Progressivism in Coordination with Scholarly and Jurisprudence Involvement Can and Will Liberate Us from the Present Calamitous Ordeal

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January 17, 2018 by Alfred

It is a strange synergy of historical ignorance and arrogance,  which has allowed the state of affairs to sink to the present heretofore unfathomable  depths in these United States of America.

2018 must and can bring in a revitalized quest by jurisprudence inspired by an activist International Criminal Court in conjunction with a solidly established involvement of national and international scholars, career diplomats, political scientists, and a revitalized activist United Nations which will all focus on eradicating tabloid-like hate and fear mongering dissemination of disinformation driven by right-wing fundamentalist agendas.

The focus will have to be specifically directed primarily at home, but as well abroad in areas where the supra phenomena are brazenly occurring as well.

This will be phase one of a healing and re-civilizing of America so it can come back to being all it can be, by ending its foreign entanglements, by ending its foreign interventionism, and most importantly by eradicating the utterly destructive and insane militarization of our foreign policy run amok, something which makes it an imperative that “we the people” demand a drastic cut in our offensive defense budget and a drastic cut of our nuclear weapons in coordination  of course with all other nations which have it, most of them for defense against U.S. led disastrous and self-defeating “regime changes” rather than for offensive purposes, but still ideally aiming once for all for the total destruction of all nuclear weapons.

These drastic cuts  will in turn give us the single payer heath care system, the affordable state college education, and the badly needed infrastructure repairs and collective transportation innovations we deserve and less affluent industrialized democracies presently have.

This phase one must also include that “we the people” demand that our right to know be finally  honored by the mainstream media, that whistleblowers such as Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, and journalists as Julian Assange be pardoned and honored, as we honor Daniel Ellsberg, that through the Freedom of Information Act the history of our century long interventionism in at least 80 foreign elections be clearly published, particularly since most of these interventionisms occurred and continue to occur in support of corrupt and ruthless undemocratic elites abroad which functions like organized crime cartels, and yet hypocritically and corrupt neocon, neolib, and Trumpian corrupt to- the- core politicians have the gall to preach the gospel of “democracy” and “freedom” at home while being the recipients of largesses of the undue influence lobbies which fill their coffers with the toxic finances which fuel their toxic addicted quests for undue political  capital generation in a globalized economy which grows bubbles by its capitalism and consumerism run amok.

This foreword has deliberately omitted naming individuals and specific nations, since this Argentum Post has exposed the moral turpitude of their misleaders and their cynical and perverse distortions of historical reality for way too long.

With this brief foreword the Argentum Post concludes this article proposing an immediate end for the dissemination of said toxic disinformation campaigns by the generators of Fake Facts who are not lone wolves in some dank basements but, unfortunately, heads of state which they should not be, members of Congress which they have no business being, and sadly even some members of the present Supreme Court where they should long ago have been forced to recuse themselves from and resign, not to speak of course of the heads of Federal Agencies since the 2016 presidential election, which are literally busy in creatively yet feeble-mindedly busying  themselves with deconstructing our democracy.

Therefore this article is concluded with the presentation to the readers of an article which was submitted as a letter to the editor of The Washington Post by the writer of this Argentum Post, given that The Washington Post to its credit, has surprisingly printed quite a few of said letters to the editor submitted by this writer, and given that lately The Washington Post has remarkably touched such tabu subjects which are kept under wraps, as the violently brutal  50 year international law violating occupation of Palestine by Israel and last Sunday the “Five Myths about Iran”.

It is due the particularly current climate of news suppression which do not align with the interests of influential power that this is happening and it is on a bipartisan level.

So, the following is the article which this writer of the AP has submitted, but which was not published either due to its revealing and educational content not being in accord with some of the editors’ criteria, but to be kind to The Washington Post, possibly due to the very acceptable and understandable fact that the most recent article written by this AP writer was too recently published, namely an article titled ‘ People Here Live in Fear ‘ : MS-13 Menaces a Community Seven Miles from the White House .  This was the title of the Post’s digital version, but its paper version title  was “MS-13 Has No Place Here”.    Both were published on Christmas Day of 2017.

Following infra,  therefore is the article which this writer composed and submitted to the Washington Post on January 12, 2018 under the title “French President Macron Cannot Counteract “Fake News” with Fake Facts

PRIOR NOTE : It must be noted at the onset of this article, that it was a most inspiring Jewish scholar and author, namely the noble, brilliant  Allan C. Brownfeld, who motivated this writer to compose this article as a response to an example of how even a recently elected  President Macron, who seems to be apparently a very well-meaning and well centered one, committed not a sin of omission, but totally got it wrong and probably due to pure ignorance of historical facts declared – more than once – that “Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism”.

This utterly invalid, inoperable, disinformation declaration lies at the root of the all lies generated for tenths of years by the right-wing extremist, nationalist, racist supremacist, hegemonist, belligerent Zionist ideologues who in their now desperate attempt to intimidate all who for 100% valid historical and humanist reasons soundly condemn Israel’s  crimes against the humanity of the Palestinian autochthonous population it has taken over by “might makes right”.

The legitimate and irreversible  call for Israel to be held accountable via a revitalized United Nations and an International Criminal Court  intervention in what essentially are Israel’s decades long international law violations, and  therefore the irrepressible support for the  imposition of the peaceful “Boycott, Disinvestment, and Sanctions “ (aka BDS) on Israel is what motivates the Zionist power structure within and outside Israel to obsessively and relentlessly fabricate scandalous lies which now have been totally exposed as such.

Of course it becomes immediately clear that French President Macron has the company of innumerable other prominent individuals, who likewise make this bizarre declaration, yet many of those do it due to their own corrupted, politicized, agenda driven character, and this is literally an abomination, since it prevents the peaceful conflict resolution of the most dangerous crisis in the troubled Middle East.

So, more importantly than providing the readers of the Argentum Post with this letter to the editor is the objective of the Argentum Post to provide its reader with the documentation provided  by Allan C. Brownfeld which was printed, inter alia, by the organization “Americans for Middle East Understanding “ (AMEU).

This 23 page document is a must read exposé of historical reality for everyone genuinely in pursuit of the educational  truth and wisdom it provides.  It should also become a document which every high school in America should receive and have their history professors discuss with their students.

The addressing  of this reality , BTW,  is the subject of yearly all-day conferences of hundreds of scholars and members of the foreign service, of the intelligence community, and of many more national and foreign illustrious personalities.  This writer has attended for four years these fascinating conferences which feature up to some 20 speakers and a Q. and A. session after each presentation, yet it is truly scandalous that hardly any mainstream media coverage is given them, presumably partly as a result of the shameful undue influence the Israel lobby AIPAC still enjoys, a lobby which to this day has failed to register in accordance with the requirements of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

These conferences take place at the prestigious National Press Club and the next one occurs on March 2, 2018.

For more information see  “The Israel Lobby and American Policy 2018 Conference
 So, now to the AP letter to the editor of The Washington Post.

French President Macron Cannot Counteract “Fake News” with Fake Facts

James McAuley’s report titled “France Weighs Disinformation Law” is well-balanced as it reflects the fine line between banning “Fake News”  ( which are a form of literary vandalism which has at time the potential to lead to violence, and in this case may be deemed criminal),  and engaging in freedom of speech restrictions.

When it comes to President Macron’s commendable proposal though, it turns out that he, along with other politicians, wittingly or not, does not apply to himself the standard he proposes since he has time and again  issued a major outright pronouncement with a certitudinal tone, which falls squarely into the category of inoperable “Fake News”.
Mr. Macron has, incredibly,  stated that “Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism” when as a matter of real factual historical reality Anti-Zionism is not , nor ever was, Anti-Semitism.
Incidentally, New York Senators Schumer, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo,  Maryland Senator Cardin,  Hillary Clinton, Trump’s know-nothing US misrepresentative Nikki Haley and many others  have engaged in uttering the same fallacious  reasoning,  deliberately or not.
There is ample historical documentation which supports the exact opposite of this Zionist created calumniating assertion, however said documentation is often covered up by for political reasons, often by lobbies of undue influence.

The scholarly literature, mostly by Torah law-abiding universalist values honest, humanist Jewish authors is abundant and the Argentum Post’s heading contains some of the examples of such literature, but it should not take one a scholarly research endeavor to discover the fundamental lies on which the ideology, not religion, of Zionism is based.Zionism has meted out grave damage on Judaism and even has punished Jewish Palestinians with death for their refusal to buy into the nationalization of their faith.

For this reason therefore, the Argentum Post presents infra,  one of the most authoritative sources of such documentation which has recently been published by the Americans for Middle East Understating (AMEU)  organization and it is the said article written by Allan C. Brownfeld titled as shown infra in text which is functionalized to serve as link thereto.

Allan C. Brownfeld is a Jewish scholar and author as well as the editor of “ISSUES” which is the quarterly  journal of the prestigious American Council for Judaism.

So,  needless to say, the notion that the Netanyahu – Trump (real) collusion has led to the unilateral and illegal and hence inoperable recognition of “Jerusalem as the capital of all Israel” is a NOT supported by the majority of Jews in Israel, in the United States, and globally.   See UN Resolution 303 in Argentum Post article titled “ [APNFD Nr. 61] The Intended Guatemala Embassy Move to Israel is Tied To Pay Back for Israel Support In Guatemala’s War on Its Indigenous Population “ published on December 26, 2017.

What precedes the infra link to the document of Allan C. Brownfeld is the following introduction by this distinguished and dedicated scholar.


This article details the long history of Jewish opposition to Zionism, or Jewish nationalism, a tradition maintained for the last 75 years by the American Council for Judaism, whose publications I edit.  The Council believes that Judaism is a religion of universal values, not a nationality, and that Americans of Jewish faith are American by nationality and Jews by religion, just as other Americans are Protestant, Catholic, or Muslim.  Sadly, many American Jewish religious bodies have made the State of Israel, not God, a virtual object of worship—a form of idolatry, similar to the golden calf in the Bible.  This enterprise is politicizing Judaism and threatening its moral integrity.

The article follows infra.

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