A Candid Announcement By The Writer and a Three Item Foreword + Documentation Exposure Ignored as Usually By the MSM


March 31, 2018 by Alfred

The Candid Announcement by the Writer of The Argentum Post

In order to deal with a health maintenance issue, namely the diagnosis of a cancerous tumor, this writer will take a temporary sabbatical until said tumor which has been diagnosed as curable and operable, is excised.

Intermittently though, some brief articles in the APNFD (Argentum Post News Flash Digest) format will still be published.

APFND’s are typically characterized as articles with enclose graphic or literary documentation typically preceded by a brief foreword by the this writer.

As part of the mission statement of the Argentum Post is to go where the mainstream media in its dereliction of duty to inform the American people professionally and objectively refuses to go, this present article therefore adds the following three very succinct forewords to the following three major news events.


Three Item Forewords + Documentation Exposure Ignored as Usually By the MSM


(1) For the last 5 years, this writer has attended five major all-day conferences at the National Press Club which have been attended by some 500 American and foreign scholars on the urgent need for the dismantlement of the decades long gag rules and silence on the reality of the historical facts surrounding the 7 decades of one of the most horrific violations of human and civil rights of the autochthonous people of Palestine, which have been carried in the form of violent land grabs, dispossession of said land grabs, and murderous repression of all Palestinians who protest them.

This process has been carried out by corrupted, dishonest,  right-wing racist supremacist Zionists in tandem with their acolytes, namely the British and French colonialists, later joined in these 7 decades long crimes against the humanity of the Palestinians by United States misleaderships of mostly Republican, but as well – since 1967- neocon and neoliberal administrations in their pursuit of divide-to-conquer hegemonist policies for control of the Middle East’s fossil fuel and other strategic resources.

Shamelessly for 7 decades, in one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated and brazenly dishonest brainwashing operations in history, these agents of hawkish hegemony conquest in violation of UN resolutions and Geneva Conventions laws and hence international law violations, the characterization of “Zionism” and “Judaism” were criminally conflated so as to give the false impression that criticism of the Zionist regimes of the power structure of Israel constituted a form of “anti-Semitism” when in reality from the inception of the bizarre concept that the Judaic religion could be “nationalized” has been overwhelming opposed by the preponderant majority of decent, Torah universalist values abiding, humanist Jews globally.

Fast forward to the present, the maxim “you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can never fool all of the people all of the time” has come more to fruition than ever before.

So, with the intent to document the most recent all – day conference of at the National Press Club in Washington, DC the following link is provided infra.

The Israel Lobby and American Policy (March 2, 2018).

(2)  The supra annual conference attended by journalists, authors, professors of academia, ambassadors, former member of the United States intelligence community, of the United States foreign service, of diplomats, of the survivors of the USS Liberty which was bombed by Israel, killing 34 U.S. Navy sailors, with a subsequent cover-up by the U.S. Government to protect the Zionist misleadership of Israel, is a conference which itself is covered up by the mainstream media in collusion with, most particularly, the corrupted politicians who protect the insidious Zionist propaganda lobby AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) which is a foreign lobby which is in violation of the FARA (Foreign Agent Registration Act).

So, just as toxic for the American people as the AIPAC is, so is the NRA (National Rifle Association) which is part and parcel of a sordid pact between corrupted politicians hell-bent on misconstruing the interpretation of the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution  and which therefore has become the agent of militarized weapons industry which has been until now in the business of producing and making available for profit to anyone massive automatic human being killing machines.

This monstrous scheme is now finally being grounded.

Again, critical mass has been reached – much too late to save the lives of literally tenths of thousands of innocent human lives – and therefore  a seminal event has evolved, namely the March for Our Lives on Saturday, March 24, 2018 which brought close to one million students, teachers, school principals, parents, and many many others to not just “reform” gun regulation laws which hardly exist, but to dismantle the toxic NRA lobby.

Yet again, this historical event, while having been given spotty coverage in the evening news and printed media, it took the prestigious independent Democracy Now organization hosted by the legendary Amy Goodman to give the full coverage of the demonstration and of the highly articulate speeches by the highly disciplined often amazing young students who had the initiative and courage to bring this event in-toto to the attention of the people of the United States and of  rest of the world, which does not understand how such a toxic lobby as the NRA has had the clout for so long to be the enabler and hence accomplice of a massacre generating era by home-grown terrorists for decades with impunity.

So, with the intent to provide the full coverage of this hugely historical life saving event in Washington, DC and across the nation, the following 4 hour link is provided.

Democracy Now ! March for Our Lives Special Broadcast

(3)   Another mainstream media ignored event was the interview, again by the independent progressive Democracy Now organization hosted by Amy Goodman, of the intrepid, courageous, principled, highly intelligent, and heroic whistleblower, namely Chelsea Manning who, instead of having been decorated for revealing the egregious government wrong doing which resulted in the abduction, torture, and assassinations of “suspects” during the infamous invasion on false premises of Iraq, was sentenced to jail for 35 years, while many Republicans demanded her death sentence, yet after serving for 7 years in jail, and nearly  one year in solitary confinement, had finally her sentenced commendably commuted by President Obama.

This fascinating woman  is now running for the seat of  Democratic  Maryland Senator Jim Cardin, who incredibly, and feeble-mindedly along with Republicans, had the temerity to act in his role as an AIPAC benefits collecting politician to introduce legislation that would criminalize Americans for the deserved peaceful and constructive criticism of the Israeli Zionist-led misadministration for its international law violating Palestine occupation, by falsely suggesting that the call for BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) on Israel is an act of “anti-Semitism”, something which is not only grotesquely  dishonest, but totally oxymoronic, since such solidly prestigious organizations as the reform American Council for Judaism, and Jewish Voice for Peace (inter alia) solidly endorse and this writer of the AP solidly supports.

So, again with the intend to provide full coverage of this fascinating and ground-breaking interview, the following tow links is provided.

We Cannot Wait for Change

Web Bonus: Chelsea Manning on Fighting for Trans Rights, Dismantling the Prison


So, my dear readers, this writer leaves you with this combination of “A Candid Announcement” and the publication of a foreword for three major news stories with proper documentation.

These news stories are harbingers of  good news to come as the present proto-fascist Trump misadministration enters its final degradation into irrelevance, giving rise to a new DNC (Democratic National Committee) which will dismantle its neoliberal cabal which is what led in to the rise of the proto-fascist disgrace, and hence it will be reassembled as a genuine participative democracy instrument based on principled and progressive values so that the term “threat to our national security interests” no longer will be falsely invoked by charlatans representing the top 1- 10 % corrupted to the core elites, who by “threat” refer to any challenge to their criminal wrongdoing, and by “interests” refer exclusively to their sordid, exclusivist, supremacist greed based interest.

This will in turn lead us to a United States which will finally become able to be all it can be, so we the people will have our offensive “defense”  budget slashed dramatically to fund our long deserved single payer health care system, to fund affordable higher education public colleges, and to fund the badly needed infrastructure repairs and maintenance.

As President Eisenhower stated in his farewell speech, we must eschew foreign entanglements, and we must abhor the industrial-military complex which has become a generator of unheard of death and destruction in America and in the rest of the world.

This will be a United States of America which will no longer invoke the illegitimate and hypocritically “exceptionalism” to “lead by the example of power” but a United States which will be respected again by inspiring to lead by power of example.


One thought on “A Candid Announcement By The Writer and a Three Item Foreword + Documentation Exposure Ignored as Usually By the MSM

  1. Colltales says:

    We are all behind you, Alfred, and hope a safe and brief treatment, a quick recovery, and an even sooner comeback to publishing. All the best.

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