The Legendary and Virtuoso Musician Daniel Barenboim Brings Israeli/Palestinian/Iranian/Syrian Musicians Harmoniously Together


April 7, 2018 by Alfred

Daniel Barenboim is an internationally acclaimed Jewish humanist, and virtuoso musician who has accepted an honorary Palestinian citizenship.

Barenboim is also a courageous, principled, bright, humorous and highly inspiring independent thinker, something for which he gets to be smeared by being falsely accused of being a “traitor”, by the Zionist right-wing extremist, racist, supremacist, power structure of Israel and its acolytes, the corrupted, dishonest and greedy politicians in the U.S. and parts of Europe who are part of a decades long carefully orchestrated false narrative about the real historical foundation of the 70-year long crimes against the humanity of the Palestinians and international law violation of its occupation which is getting worse now that the world’s most dangerous misleaders, namely Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump, are teaming up to double down on said crimes and international law violation in their myopic and reckless fascist frenzy that “might makes right” and their deranged belief that historical reality  and accountability can be brazenly ignored.

Barenboim stated that while his blood is Jewish,  his heart bleeds for the Palestinian just cause.

He also added that the shameless wall in Israel illegally occupied Palestine does not provide “security” for Israel as only  justice and respect for Palestine and its autochthonous Palestinian population will bring peace and security about.

As the now Apartheid Israeli regime has resumed in the last two weeks, their barbaric practice of carrying out massacres against peaceful Palestinian demonstrators demanding freedom, justice and democracy which must include their right to be liberated from the world’s greatest concentration camp, namely Gaza,  so they can return to their parents’ villages and homes, the Argentum Post provides its readers with a marvelous, solace inducing, 15 minutes video clip of last Sunday’s ( April 1, 2018) “60 Minutes” program, which focuses on Barenboim’s enthralling dedication to rationality, humanity, and peace as he brings together Israeli/Iranian/Palestinian/Syrian musicians in an orchestra he has commendably created.


One thought on “The Legendary and Virtuoso Musician Daniel Barenboim Brings Israeli/Palestinian/Iranian/Syrian Musicians Harmoniously Together

  1. M. Estelle Spike says:

    Thanks for sharing Barenboim’s amazing musical activism for peace!

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