The Massacres and Crimes Against the Humanity of the Palestinians MUST STOP NOW – And So Must the U.S. Complicity


April 8, 2018 by Alfred


A picture, dynamic or static, speaks more than one thousand words.



What the right-wing extremist, racist supremacy anti-democratic Zionist power structure of Israel has gotten away with since 1948 and is now doubling down on, and is brazenly getting away with is absurdly unconscionable and must not go on for one additional day.

And to boot, the toxic Netanyahu-Trump alliance which has the United States supporting the Apartheid barbarity of the international law – violating crimes against democracy and humanity in Palestine is not tolerate by “we the people” who represent the 70% of America who do not support the disgraceful and destructive misleadership of Trump, must not have our  taxpayer’s funds stolen to  be misused at a rate of $ 10 million dollars per day, for the monstrous crimes against the humanity of the autochthonous inhabitants of Palestine, since it constitutes  a crime in itself for our misleadership to use said funds in our name for such calamitous aggression against peacefully and rightfully demonstrating unarmed innocent civilians who have suffered for 70 years from the invasion, partition, and occupation which the British empire initiated and then trained and armed Zionists who have done enormous damage to Judaism world-wide in their organized-crime approach to alter the authentic genesis of the conflict provoked by them since before 1948.

With this brief foreword, the supra  video of 100 % authentic footage and narrative is presented in an attempt to educate and partially eradicate 70 years of fake narratives about the reality of the “Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” (title of a seminal book by the scholarly, humanist, decent, Torah universalist values abiding, legendary Ilan Pappe).

Also read the article titled “ Israel’s Role in Gaza : An Assault Not Only On Palestinians But on Jewish Values as Well “ by Allan Brownfeld of the prestigious Jewish Reform, namely the  American Council for Judaism.

This article is reproduced infra,


                                                    ALLAN C. BROWNFELD

Late in March, tens of thousands of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, driven by poverty, an Israeli blockade since 2007, and a growing sense of hopelessness, marched to the edge of their 140 square mile territory, and engaged in nonviolent protest against Israel’s control over their territory and every aspect of their lives.

Israeli troops occupied Gaza after the Six Day War of 1967, and withdrew in 2005.  But the United Nations—and most nations of the world, including almost all of our allies—-still consider it occupied territory because Israel maintains “effective control.”  The movement of goods and people has been severely restricted. Gaza is under blockade by land, sea and air.  This has resulted in restrictions of freedom of movement.  Residents are rarely permitted to leave Gaza, even for educational, family or medical reasons.  In 2017, 54 Gazans died while waiting for medical treatment.

Gaza has been described as an “open air prison.”  Restrictions on food aid mean that 80% of Gazans rely on humanitarian assistance and Israel allows just enough food to avert starvation.  Because of restrictions on medical aid, supplies and medications are running out.  There is a crisis in water and electricity—nearly 100% of water is contaminated and Gazans receive an average of only 2-4 hours of electricity per day.  This amounts to collective punishment, which is illegal under international law.  The economy has been destroyed, resulting in high levels of unemployment and poverty.

The U.N.has predicted that at the current rate of destruction, by 2020 Gaza will be uninhabitable.  This will be brought about by a combination of Israel’s military attacks and what the U.N. calls “de-development,” a process whereby development is reversed:  “Three Israeli military operations in the past six years, in addition to eight years of economic blockade, have ravaged the already debilitated infrastructure of Gaza, shattered its productive base, left no time for meaningful reconstruction or economic recovery and impoverished the Palestinian population in Gaza, rendering their economic well-being worse than the level of two decades previous.”

In March, as 30,000 Palestinians engaged in peaceful protests against these conditions, the Israelis responded with live gunfire.  Eighteen people were killed and 1,400 were injured.  Among those most outraged at Israel’s action are those committed to Judaism’s moral and ethical values.  They  were saddened that a state repeatedly calling itself “Jewish” would act in this way.

Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of Tikkun, declared that, “We are in mourning for…the Palestinians killed and wounded by the Israeli  army on the eve of Passover.  We are outraged by the use of violence and force by the Israeli soldiers who faced no threat to their safety or to the security of the State of Israel (though there were a handful of violent provocateurs among the thousands of nonviolent Gazans who came to the border with Israel to protest the ongoing blockade that has caused incredible suffering and many deaths among those living in that tiny area of mostly Palestinian refugees).  We are also grieving for a Judaism that is being trampled by those Jewish leaders who turn a blind eye to the brutality orchestrated by the Israeli army and justified by the Israeli government.”

In Rabbi Lerner’s view, “We should not allow those who support the policies of Occupation to call themselves ‘pro-Israel’ when, in fact, they are following a path that may lead to Israel’s destruction…Jewish values require us to speak out on behalf of ‘the stranger’ amongst us and to stand with them when the power of the Israeli government comes crashing down on them…The actions of the current Israeli government do not represent Judaism or Jews as a whole…”

Rabbi Alissa Wise, deputy director of Jewish Voice for Peace, notes that, “The Israeli military evidently believes that any time Palestinians assert their basic rights in any way, they will be considered violent, and met with deadly violence.  This cannot stand.  It seems impossible that this should be true.  Like Sharpeville, Selma or Kent State, again and again into 2018.  I know in my heart the right to peaceful protest is sacrosanct…These protestors—people like you and me—prove that there’s another way, one we have to recommit to.  I think the only way truly forward is to recognize that there is a root cause:  70 years of Nakba…The catastrophe if Palestinian dispossession and expulsion by the Israeli government has gone on for too long…”

Robert Herbst, a civil rights lawyer and an activist with Jewish Voice for Peace, is quoted in Mondoweiss:  “Before we had a Jewish state, we had Jewish books…We discussed, debated, argued about and perfected Jewish moral, ethical and religious values.  We knew what they were and when they were violated.  And we knew what it was like to be victimized by others who did not share those values.  We were against racism.  We were for taking in the stranger, the immigrant, treating him or her like our own.  But now we have a Jewish state.  Now, instead of a book and values, we have power.  And it turns out that we are every bit as good at abusing that power as the goyim.  In fact, we may be better.”

Israel, he points out, has “propagated and maintained the myth of Israeli democracy for American Jews while running a white Jewish supremacist regime for five million Palestinians…that accords Palestinians no civil rights, steals their land and water, demolishes their homes and has no reservations about killing and wounding them in large numbers…I am ashamed.  I am a Jew ashamed of the Jewish state that perpetrates all this, purportedly in my name and in the name of the entire Jewish people…The Israeli leaders who perpetuate these crimes against humanity, and their citizens who are indifferent to it, may be Jews, but they are not Jewish.”

David Rothkopf, former editor of Foreign Policy magazine and a long-time supporter of Israel, now declares, “Until every resident of the land over which Israel enforces control has equal rights and protections under the law, it’s not a democracy.  Israel’s brutal treatment of the demonstrators in Gaza..and Gaza  itself…is the anti-Passover.  it represents the height of hypocrisy.  A supposedly Jewish state violates the most basic concepts of the religion…”

There is much soul-searching in Israel itself.  Writing in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Bradley  Burston makes the point, “I know where much of this comes from.  Jews of all ethnicities bear the scars and the genetic memory of every manner of heinous racism, up to and including genocide.  It’s all too true, at the same time, that in a tragic given of human nature, the abused is at great risk of becoming an abuser. In the case of Zionists, can the victims of anti-Semitism come to acknowledge their—our—own bigotry, our own ingrained prejudices, our own sense of superiority and entitlement, our own history of justice to the minorities in our midst?”

Human  Rights Watch called the killings of nonviolent Palestinians “unlawful, calculated” and said the soldiers fired because of  a “longstanding culture of impunity.”  And it is clear that Palestinians were not the only victims.  The Jewish moral and ethical tradition, and the humane Jewish tradition, is just as much a victim.


One thought on “The Massacres and Crimes Against the Humanity of the Palestinians MUST STOP NOW – And So Must the U.S. Complicity

  1. M. Estelle Spike says:

    I am so deeply disappointed in the Israeli, U.S. and World governments who are all directly responsible or complicit! I am afraid the human race has gone mad!

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