What Do Trump, Pence, Bolton, Netanyahu and now Pompeo Have in Common (inter alia) : Appalling Ignorance or Denial of Historical Reality, Dishonesty, Disdain for International Law, and a Sociopathic Urge to Threaten War on False Claims


May 22, 2018 by Alfred

As a Washington Post editorial published on May 5, 2018 put it, referring to Trump’s choice for VP, he “tips his hat to lawlessness” when he brazenly, sycophantically, lauded the criminal Sherrif Joe Arpaio who is “ a man who made racial profiling his political card, thumbed his nose at a federal judge’s order, and was convicted of criminal contempt of court”, only to be then pardoned by Trump.

The same disregard to lawlessness characterizes the supra named government officials who fabricate false accusations to further their hegemonic urge to threaten entire nations with violent military action if they dare to not align with their divide to conquer sinister and undemocratic objectives .

Secretary of State John Bolton is so well-known for his hyperbolically exaggerated fabrications of falsehoods in support of his vicious and feeble-minded call for military action that no further comment is needed, yet this anti-diplomacy hate filled individual was Trump’s choice for Secretary of State and now he is fabricating the most surreal and bizarre lies about the reality of the stabilizing role Iran has played in the Middle East in its support of the struggle against Al Qaeda, Al Noausra, and Daesh, and most importantly against the horrifically criminal relentless bombardment by Saudi Arabia on the poorest nation of the Middle East, not to mention the support given to the Hezbollah organization which only Israel and the U.S. characterize as a “terrorist” group when in reality it is part and parcel of Lebanese society and was crucial in helping to defend Lebanon from the Israeli bombardment and invasions with the objective of going after Palestinians in refugees camps there after Israel invaded and occupied their lands in 1948 and then again in 1967.

The same applies now to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo who ignorantly, and downright risibly,  if it were not so serious, falsely accuses Iran to be a “terrorism sponsoring nation” and goes beyond by charging it with being intend on developing a nuclear bomb arsenal when in reality the opposite is the truth and that is confirmed by a very invasive, 24/7 electronically active extensive program of inspection by none other than the IAEA’s director.

Given the appalling ignorance of all the supra mentioned, it is a fact that after the Anglo-American move by Churchill and Eisenhower in 1953 to destabilize and destroy the democratically elected government of the Tudeh (socialist) party in Iran and to impose the tyranny of Mohammed Reza Shah on the Iranian people, it was said Shah who initiated Iran’s nuclear weapons program which was then cancelled after the 1979 revolution and only briefly revived when the U.S. supported the 1980-1988 war on Iran by none other than Saddam Hussein who was given support and handshakes by Donald Rumsfeld.

Throw in Netanyahu into this quartet who with Trump’s support has doubled down on criminally repressing Palestinians in international law violating invasions and occupations, most recently with the massacre which killed and maimed Palestinians marching peacefully for their freedom to return to their homes in occupied Palestine from the 2 million blockaded concentration camp of Gaza, while Trump and Netanyahu and Jared Kushner celebrated the violation of the UN declared “Corpus Separates” status of Jerusalem, and we have the perfect storm which will inexorably deteriorate to the point that Israel will carry out the provocation against Syria which will be designed for Syria to retaliate and then Israel will demand U.S. help, something which in turn will likely lead to a major war with Turkey, Iran, and Russia who are at this time winding down their (invited) role of finally defeating the ISIS (or rather “Daesh”) scourge, so that finally peace and reconstruction in Syria could be initiated.

So with this foreword, the ARGENTUM POST presents to its reader another clip from the preciously invaluable Democracy Now program which focuses rather briefly but relevantly  today on the “demand” by Trump to have the Justice Department to investigative itself and the FBI about why they are investigating Trump, as if they had no right or incentive to do that, something which would also be risible if the our misleading Trump et al. gang were not becoming  such an inchoate  threat to our national security and to our national economy and to international economy if this egocentric, obsessive, reckless, and viciously belligerent misleaderhip is enticed to unleash hell on Iran, and on North Korea, for no valid reason, other than that it will be a hell for which “we the people”  will be made to bear the brunt, and that will mean drastic cuts in public health spending, in education spending, in infrastructure repair, spending in a whole host of vital public social programs investments – and all that assuming that this belligerent gamble does not spiral out of control into the nightmare scenario of a nuclear exchange between the U.S. and Russia, again for zero valid reason,  since no one will then benefit from it.

The 25th Amendment can be the beginning of a solution.

The amendment refers to a president who is “ unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office “.  This language does not specifically refer to mental or physical factors as the source of the disability, and thus allows removal of a president whose incompetence results from other reasons – including a failure of temperament, ideology, or ability.

Likewise impeachment could be the beginning of a solution if we had strength through decent unity between decent, rational, moderate,  conservatives and all liberals and libertarians in Congress.

The following therefore is the link to said succinct Democracy Now video on the subject of the removal from office of Trump, and ideally as well removal of Pence so we can navigate our ship of state with a relative  peace of mind until the next elections.


3 thoughts on “What Do Trump, Pence, Bolton, Netanyahu and now Pompeo Have in Common (inter alia) : Appalling Ignorance or Denial of Historical Reality, Dishonesty, Disdain for International Law, and a Sociopathic Urge to Threaten War on False Claims

  1. Michael Corey says:

    Thanks for this excellent article/post.
    What do they have in common you ask? All three: son hijos de puta!

    • Alfred says:

      Loved your comment, dear Michael. However, I feel that we must not blame their poor mothers… ( : > ( Since they are political puts…)

  2. Corey, Michael says:

    What do they have in common?
    Son hijos de puta profesionales.

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