[APNFD Nr. 75] The Unholy Trump/Netanyahu Duet Attempts to Discredit President Obama and Sabotage Iran Nuclear Agreement ?

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May 26, 2018 by Alfred


This was posted yesterday afternoon on May 25, 2018 and it is surprisingly published by NBC.

It looks like Trump/Netanyahu vs. Obama via Black Cube.

Reports about this sinister event have seen earlier but if this is has now moved ver to the MSM it will move much faster to in-depth investigations which could be extremely damaging for the Trump/Netanyahu already horrifically damaged unholy duet which has brought us nothing but destabilizations, war threats, hate and fear mongering on Iran in synergy with violations of the UN established “Corpus Separates” status of Jerusalem, not to mention the Israel massacres of innocent, unarmed Palestinian rightful demonstrators inside the world’s largest concentration camp in history.

The article suggests that Trump was in collusion with an Israel private firm namely Black Cube, which may have tried to use politically motivated faux intelligence to sabotage President Obama’s contribution to the successful Iran nuclear agreement.

Here is one relevant paragraph of this article just published by NBC.

A source familiar with Black Cube’s outreach to the Kahls told NBC News that it was part of an effort to discredit Obama administration officials who had worked on the Iran nuclear deal – and, by extension, the deal itself. Black Cube sought evidence of nefarious behavior, such as financial or sexual impropriety, by the deal’s architects, including Colin Kahl. Operatives hoped to obtain such evidence by befriending their targets or their targets’ associates.​“

If this report is confirmed it would prove to be politically lethal for both, Trump and Netanyahu.

“We the People” must never ever again allow ourselves to be misled dishonestly and criminally into another catastrophic war the way the neocons Dick Cheney, George Bush et al. and as well as neolibs such as Hillary Clinton et al. followed right along with when the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003 using the pretext of the Saudi criminals who attacked the World Trade Center, as if Iraqis had anything to do with this.

The U.N. arms inspector Hans Blix, begged the U.S. to not attack Iraq and so did the head of the IAEA, Al Baradei who stated that there was only the evidence of no evidence of WMD in Iraq.

This catastrophe which killed a million Arabs and thousands of Americans needlessly  is still being the object of hegemonic interventionisms and now with John Bolton nomination by Trump the danger is even greater that we will be forced into not one but two wars at the same time for no rational excuse and with the potential irreparable damage of life, property, and funding for Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, and a host of other fundamental social programs and infrastructure repairs and maintenance which such trillion dollar wars will deflect from what is our human right to health, education, and safety in a civilized genuinely representative democracy.

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