[APNFD Nr. 76] Noam Chomsky on the Greatest Threat to Peace in The World, Namely Deterrence to Invasions

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May 28, 2018 by Alfred


This very brief interview by Democracy Now of the preeminent, highest integrity, highest scholarly, legendary authority in the field of political science in the quest for honesty and justice for the sake of peace and democracy, of the all times, the namely Noam Chomsky, who exposes the sordid, relentless, dishonest hate and fear mongering by neocons and neolibs against the most stable, rational, and democratic republic of Iran when asked why said republic is falsely characterized as a “threat to world peace” and/or a “an existential threat to Israel” when close to 100 thousands Jews choose to live in Iran in whose capital, Tehran,  they are free to frequent some 12 synagogues and where they own their own vineyards.

Well, without further editorial comment, the ARGENTUM POST presents infra the relevant clip to said Democracy Now interview, which is more that “food for thought”, it is the actual historical reality which Trump, Netanyahu, Hillary Clinton, and many many others corrupted politicians and undue influence lobbyists, with the cooperation of a partially corrupted, partially inept, mainstream media cover up, and thereby violate the American people’s right to be honestly informed and educated by.

Here therefore is the link to said video clip.

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