At a Time of a Monumental Governance Crisis Americans Right to Know the Truth and to be Protected is Brazenly Violated

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May 31, 2018 by Alfred

As a sign of the times of decadent right-wing extremist misleadership “we the people” not only experience an appalling lack of honesty, integrity, accuracy, competence, accountability, justice, equality, and peace, but our animals experience unnecessary horrific torture, to the point that it sickens them, and if they are of the class which those of us or are omnivores eat, this situation imperils our own health.

Point in case, most particularly, is the case with chickens and their eggs.

This writer is a vegetarian but as a recovering cancer patient was advised by his oncologist that now, after the period of chemo/radio therapy has been successfully completed, he must pick up lost weight for a follow-up surgical intervention.

Among items strongly suggested for nutritional and calorific value, three fried eggs a day were highly recommended.

So, after being a healthy vegetarian for 24 years, reluctantly for a short period, this writer has agreed to eat three eggs per day and went to the local Whole Foods/Amazon store to purchase them, making sure that the eggs’ packages bought indicated that the eggs were organic and from “free range” healthy chicken.

This was after this writer first asked the manager of said store if Whole Foods eggs are indeed from chicken raised as marked in said packages,  and furthermore if Whole Foods/Amazon has bought chicken from any of the farms whose eggs were contaminated by Salmonella, an illness which killed hundreds of Americans recently.

Said manager gave this writer total assurance as regards to both accounts.

Well, on May 30, 2018, a day when we learned that the Fed eases rules limiting risky trades by big banks whose capitalism run amok deregulation brought us to the brink of a major financial melt down, “we the people” paid with our tax funds for this wrong doing, in an era when earnest whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden who warned us about egregious wrongdoing by the NSA, remains punished and forced to stay in Russia, Julian Assange who reported egregious wrongdoing remains punishingly confined to the Embassy of Ecuador, on this day we learned that chicken eggs sold by Whole Foods/Amazon in packages marked “free range” chicken are reality confined to abhorrently filthy cages in which they are confined under appalling conditions.

On May 30, 2018, the prestigious independent publicly supported Democracy Now daily news program reported that a group of 39 PETA volunteers went  to one or more of the farms to view and expose the reality of how these chicken were raised and it turned out that first they were angrily barred from entering the installation but when they managed to enter anyway, they found and exposed the supra described deplorable conditions, and to boot, they learned that these were chickens and their eggs which Whole Foods / Amazon sell.

What adds insult to injury is that all 39  of the dedicated volunteers who exposed this state of affairs were arrested and now await trial for this veritable public service.

While the USDA is charged with the responsibility of sending inspectors to chicken farms and to research centers where dogs, and cats are tortured for profit, there seems to be now more than ever a terrible laxness on the part of law enforcement as we further spiral into the abyss of deregulation without accountability in synergy with the punishment meted our on whistleblowers, something  which affects vital aspects of our health, violates the American people’s right to know the truth, not to mention , violations which impart unimaginable suffering on the animals which are tortured mercilessly.

With this brief foreword, the ARGENTUM POST presents its readers with the relevant clip of said  Democracy Now video clip of the May 30, 2018 .

The title to said clip which functions as its link  is ” 39 Arrested Protesting Industrial Farm Supplying So-Called “Cage Free” Eggs to Amazon & Whole Foods

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