At Long Last a Seminal Moment of Potentially Epic Proportions for Peace : A Most Prominent Former Israeli Speaker of the Knesset and Former Interim President of Israel Calls for the Abandonment of Zionism and the Notion of an Exclusive Jewish State

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June 6, 2018 by Alfred

The downright bizarre notion that Judaism should or could be “nationalized“, while conceptualized around the end of the 19th century, was overwhelmingly rejected by the majority of Jews, particularly Orthodox Jews, just as the Zionist ideologues rejected their opposition.

Zionism is a concocted right-wing supremacist racist ideology whose followers are not at all necessarily limited to people of the Judaic faith since seculars, as well as so-called “Christian” evangelists, subscribe to it.

The characterization of Christian in the supra paragraph is in quotation marks to denote the reality that those evangelists who subscribe and support Zionism, are actually violating the foundational values of genuine, rational, humanist Christianity, just as those of the Jewish faith who support Zionism are, with some rare exceptions, in their practices violating the foundational elements which constitute the values of rational, humanists of the Jewish faith as reflected by the universalist teachings of the Torah.

Having stated the above, this writer of the ARGENTUM POST wishes to establish the fact that he is the son of parents who survived the atrocities of the Nazi genocide of Jews and others, and that he guides himself by secular, rational, humanist values and that means that he respects ALL people regardless of their religion as long as said religion encompasses rational and humanistic values which enrich the human experience on this globe constructively and creatively.

Furthermore, it does not much matter what one believes in since it is what one does on the basis of said beliefs is what  matters.

This brief contextualizing foreword makes it clear that the ARGENTUM POST was launched to become a vehicle which goes where generally, and most particularly nowadays,  the politicized mainstream media, in tandem with corrupted neo-conservative and neo-liberal politicians in Congress, not only does not go but additionally thereby deliberately prevents, with the support of rich and powerful foreign lobbies which have failed to register with the legally required Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) – point in case the American Israel Public Affairs Committe (AIPAC), inter alia – that the American people become informed and hence educated by the reality of the hard facts of unadulterated history.

So, to cut to the chase of the subject of this article, this article is about the highly prominent, noble, courageous, rational, humanist, Israeli Jewish former Zionist leader who abandoned Zionism and the idea of an exclusive Jewish state in the land of Palestine, namely     Avraham Burg, who also was an interim President of Israel, and who also, as the writer of this ARGENTUM POST, is the son of a German-born father.

Avraham Burg has written a fabulous book on the subject of this article.  It is titled
In Days to Come : A New Hope for Israel“, and in this ARGENTUM POST writer’s opinion, this is far and beyound a new hope for Israel, it is a new hope for all concerned parties in the conflict which originated in 1948 with the violent take over of stolen land in Palestine, accompanied by the violent expulsion of close to one million Palestinians, and subsequently, to this day, the relentless cover-up of the history of this horrific event which has involved massacres of Palestinians in such villages as Deir Yassim, targeted assassinations of Palestinians,  colective punishments, house demoltion and then after the Israel provoked 1967 6-day war, an international law violating occupation  which was followed up by more perversely criminal oppression in the form of aerial bombardmentso of Palestinian refurgee camps in Lebanon which also was invaded in the mid 80’s, the criminal Sabra and Shatila massacres in Lebanon.

More recently, after the 2006 democratic Palestinian election of the Hamas party was won by more than 70 seats in Gaza and the West Bank, neither Israel nor the U.S., respected the results.   Hamas wound up being limited to govern only Gaza.

Jonathan Steele wrote an excellent article published by the London Guardian, titled  “The Palestinians’ Choice Must be Respected “

Adding insult to injury, in 2014 Netanyahu ordered a barbaric massacre in Gaza which killed mostly unarmed, innocent civilians, including 500 children, many who whom were hiding in UN built schools which were also bombed.

Since then Gaza was increasingly turned into a blockaded concentration camp of some 2 million Palestinians who have been living under literally torturous circumstances.

Recently, on the occasion of the 70 years of the international law-violating occupation by the hegemonic Zionist misleadership to Israel which has been coupled to the violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, thousands of men, women, and children staged a peaceful series of demonstrations in Gaza on weekends called ” The Great March of Return ” which is rightfully based on their right to freedom, and return to their homes in occupied Palestine, they were savagely targeted and killed and maimed.    120 were killed, including tenths of medics and reporters, and 13 thousand were shot and had to have arms and legs amputated.

The supra succinct synopsis does not even come close to doing justice to Palestinians and to Jews who oppose Zionism and have been thusly characterized as “traitors” among other characterizations such as the oxymoronic “anti-Semitic” or “self-hating Jew” slur which members of the Zionist power structure have had the audacious temerity to use against both.

Contrary to the falsehoods turbo-charged narratives of Zionists and their corrupted political acolytes,  there exists no “exceptionalism“, no “God’s chosen people“, and no “Palestine land of no people, for people without land” and no ban on return of Palestinians to what was theirs and their parents land for centuries.

There exists only the barbaric racism, dishonesty, hypocrisy, hyperbole of Zionists who feign the role of “victims” when in reality they are the perverse perpetrators of heinous crimes against the humanity of Palestinians, and against the 6% of Jews of Palestinian Jews who lived in peace and harmony with Palestinians and who refused to go along with the violent take over and for that were at times assassinated or had their houses demolished.

One of them became this writer’s grandfather who left Nazi Germany to emigrate to the USSR and after the WWII immigrated to Haifa,  Palestine,  became a Palestinian citizen,  and then again felt forced to leave in 1948 due to the British empire facilitated violent and unjust  partition of Palestine and thus again emigrated therefrom to São Paulo, Brazil to be with his son who was not allowed to disembark in Callao, Peru due to the undue influence of the Zionists in Lima, Peru who wanted him to be forced to go back to Marseilles in 1938, ostensibly to be used for the Palestine colonization process when in reality – had he not escaped from said freighter and found his way on a cargo train to Bolivia.  Had he not done that he would have been sent directly to an extermination camp once said freighter docked in Marseilles, then in Nazi-controlled France.

The respected author and Israel Nobel Prize laureate, A.B. Yehoshua wrote a 7 thousand word article in the prominent and best progressive newspaper of Israel, namely Haaretz, that ” the two-state solution is all but dead ” and that ” the defense of a Jewish state in the historic land of Israel is no longer possible “.

Coming back to the extraordinarily humanistic, rational, peace and justice aspiring, former interim President of Israel to whom this article is dedicated, namely Avraham Burg, the following are some of the noteworthy quotations attributed to this noble man who wrote the book “In Days to Come : A New Hope for Israel”.

In 2003, Burg published an article in Yedioth Ahronoth in which he declared: “Israel, having ceased to care about the children of Palestinians, should not be surprised when they come washed in hatred and blow themselves up in the centers of Israel escapism

He also wrote a book titled “Defeating Hitler” in which he argued the continuing drama over the Holocaust was moving Israel towards fascism.   Later in an interview with Haaretz in June of 2007, Burg suggested abolishing the “Law of Return ” and stated:  To define the State of Israel as a ‘Jewish state’ is the key to its end “.

Since leaving public life, Burg has become an advocate for the kind of Israel he would like to see, one which embraces both, democratic values and the moral and ethical standards of Jewish tradition.

When asked the question, But what are you?  Religious Orthodox, Reform, Conservative?” Burg’s reply was: ” I really don’t believe in a central religious establishment responsible for belief and religious law.  I am not prepared to accept and do not want these institutions to encompass all aspects of my life.  On the contrary, I am ready to fight with everything I have got against religious occupiers who are trying to annex all areas of existence with their aggression…I dream of a proper country and society in which there is a clear separation between religion and state, as well as commitment to equal citizenship, regardless of their spiritual choices or tribal origin.  I yearn for a spiritual and cultural life in which current corrupt reality where religion is the mistress of politics will have disappeared.”

It is quite clear that the “One State Solution” is the most obviously humane, rational, and easiest to accomplish solution for the Israel implant into Palestine conflict end.

This peaceful win-win conflict end has the potential to create a vibrant democratic state worthy of emulation and may resurrect peacefully the “Arab Spring”.

Avraham Burg needs to be loudly and unequivocally commended for his vision, courage, and principled stand to speak out.  What the world needs now is ACTION in that direction.

The ARGENTUM POST has several times previously suggested the “One State”  solution and its writer has been also inspired by a meeting with Miko Peled in Washington, DC where he launched his book titled “The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine“.

Miko Peled is the son of Israeli Major General Matti Peled who inspired his son with his peace proposals and leftist perspectives, for which Matti Peled received occasional death threats, and was accused sometimes of treason by extremist Zionist groups, most of whom had not served a single day in uniform, according to Miko Peled’s book.



The unholy alliance between Trump/Neocons/Neolibs and Zionists is toxic, destabilizing, destructive, and has a high probability to lead to a major if not a world war.

The international community, the United Nations, and the International Criminal Court need to become activated to once for all end the scourge of the tyranny of Zionism.

The surreal specter of Netanyahu uttering outrageous lies, inciting war on Iran on the basis of totally fabricated falsehoods, is execrable and highly offensive, given that he has gotten away with egregious crimes against humanity for which he needs to be indicted, tried, and sentenced.

The surreal specter of the so-called “President” of the United States still occupying the White House is also bewildering given his utter ineptitude, racism,  and state of derangedness which constitutes a daily threat to our national security.  He also needs to be removed from office by peaceful and legal means asap.

There needs to be declared an arms embargo against the most provocative, and violently aggressive regimes of lawlessness in the Middle East which are Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain.

This embargo needs to be augumented by global economical sanctions on Israel and Saudi Arabia until they end their crimes against the Palestinians and the Yemeni people, respectively.

Iran is objectively falsely accused of wrongdoing by the U.S. and Israel.  Thousands of Jews live in Teheran happily.  Iran does not sponsor any “terrorism”, nor does Hezbollah which has been created to defend Lebanon against Israeli aggression by invasions in 1978, 1982, 1986, and 2006.   When it comes to regimes who are terrorism sponsors, it is primarily the Sunni dictatorships which can be documentably linked to the 9/11 attacks,  Al Qaeda, Al Nousra, MEK.   The Shiite Iran which has twice elected the moderate Rouhani President, absolutely does not at all belong to this category but it is nevertheless, repulsively and dishonestly put there because Trump, neolibs and neocons and Netanyahu decided so, the historical record notwithstanding.

Israel’s Zionist power structure has profited from arms shipments to Latin American fascist dictators and has clandestinely developed an arsenal of nuclear weapons, refused to sign on the Non-Proliferation Treaty of the technology of weaponization of nuclear energy which it then proliferated to the odious white supremacist Apartheid regime of South Africa.

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