APNFD Nr. 77 A Paradigm Shift in the Primary Voting Criterion is an Imperative to Resist the Proto-Fascist Nationalist Supremacists Violent Hate and Fear Mongering Scourge

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June 18, 2018 by Alfred

This is an Argentum Post News Flash Digest [ APNFD Nr. 77 ]

In effect, this is a very succinct article is a sequel to the previously published article, titled “ At Long Last a Seminal Moment of Potentially Epic Proportions for Peace…” which was published on June 6, 2018.

The “Paradigm Shift” referred to in the title of this article is one of voting mentality, given how “fast and furiously” the present misleadership of the United States is wreaking havoc at  home and abroad as it negatively, on the one hand, brings out of the worst of the racists, classists, extreme right-wing, violently belligerent, elements who are the base of the present misleadership, while positively, on the other hand, it brings out, and even at times unites, the most moderate authentically liberals( as compared to “neoliberals”), as well as the very few most moderate and genuine conservatives (as compared to “neoconservatives”),  with rational, humanist, progressive independents, Greens, Libertarians in their pursuit to return our nation to a Constitutional law-abiding, civilized, representative democracy status, which  is characterized by the use of distinguished diplomacy to enforce human rights, and to support international organizations and NGO organizations in bringing about peaceful conflict resolution and most importantly and END of military support to murderous autocratic regimes abroad.

Within the context of the above paragraph, and within the context of the said supra noted previous article, the ARGENTUM POST calls to the attention of the American people, that the scourge of disinformation, propaganda, fake news, corruption of politicians who benefit from the largess of the undue toxic influence of national and international lobbies, in conjunction with the acquiescence and even deliberate delinquent collaboration of the corporate mainstream media, in synergy with more subtle meme propagation of sophisticated subliminal  cultural programmation, requires that during this primary campaign, more than at any time in our history, voters educate themselves to transcend the empty slogans,  research history, and focus on factually based reality taught by political scientists, not “politicians” and by established historians and other scholars, as well as independent radio, television, and foreign networks to arrive at a decision prior to voting.

The ARGENTUM POST was launched in October of 2013, i.e. almost 8 years ago, to serve the American public in going where the mainstream media mostly does not go and it is within this context that this AP News Flash Digest now calls to the attention of the American people, the writings of a rational and humanist brilliant and dedicated man, namely Dr. Jerome M. Segal, who is a holder of a Ph.D. in Philosophy and an MA in Public Affairs and who is a candidate for the Senatorial position for the State of Maryland.

Dr. Segal is running for the Senatorial post of Ben Cardin.

Both happen to be Jewish, yet their perspectives and narratives and platforms differ radically.

Dr. Segal has for 30 years been the President of the Jewish Peace Lobby and he is of course  a progressive and independent activist for peace through justice, which means support of the Iran Nuclear Agreement, support for a de facto peace agreement with Palestine, and the rejection of the violation of  Jerusalem’s UN established “Corpus Separatum” status which means no move of any embassy to what is NOT the capital of Israel.

Ben Cardin on the other hand, opposed the Iran Nuclear Agreement, as AIPAC and Netanyahu have, and he advocates a U.S. policy of automatic-veto of any UN Security Council Resolution on the Israeli-Palestinian issues and furthermore Cardin went as far as attempting to introduce legislation in Congress which unconstitutionally violates the freedom of speech by Americans in their peaceful activism in support for BDS.

Given that now a former interim President of Israel and Speaker of Knesset has written a book calling for the end of the Zionist destructive and dishonest supremacy ideology, it is very noteworthy that we now have an opportunity to give Ben Cardin an opportunity to retire and allow an enlightened, and genuinely progressive Senator to take his place.

PS The name of the said former interim President of Israel is Avraham Burg and the title of his book is ” In Days To Come: A New Hope for Israel ”  and that means a new hope for the Middle East and for the United States to liberate itself from the falsehoods based narratives and international law-violating egregious crimes against the humanity of the Palestinians.

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