The ARGENTUM POST, as an Apolitical Instrument of Peace by Justice Activism, Urges Maryland Voters to Reject Senator Ben Cardin in the Primary Election


June 24, 2018 by Alfred

Politics is theoretically defined by the art/science of gaining and consolidating influence and power – provided of course if it is played by the rules of ethics and in an environment of transparent participative democracy based on the respect for constitutional law.

Sadly, and alarmingly, at the moment the United States of America lives in an outstandingly dangerous and destructive state of crisis, as well as in a state of historical amnesia, as Trumpist / Neocon / Neoliberals compete for influence and power outside of the realm of ethics, constitutional law.

To cut to the chase of the main point of this succinct article, the ARGENTUM POST, which is Maryland based, urges its voters to OUST Maryland Senator Ben Cardin for the sake of the best interests of the State of Maryland, of the United States, and of the Middle East, most particularly as regards to the best interests of Jews and Palestinians as a result of the phenomenon of the Israel reckless imperial powers supported and manipulated implant into the land of Palestine for the last 70 years.

The primary focus of the emergence of the concept of the nationalization of the Judaic faith, occurred at the end of the 19th century and its primary agents were the colonialist powers of Great Britain and France, followed up later the United States, with the objective of taking control of the Middle East politically for the gain of control of its fossil fuel.

The synthesis of the racist, supremacist, exclusivist, at times murderously violent, oppressive, and illegal take over of the land of Palestine, namely the Zionist ideology, resulted in a century of unnecessary destruction and bloodshed, which continues to this day, and which is fueled by a most massive propagandistic campaign of cultural programming based on falsehoods and on the enforcement of literal gag orders proclaimed by Zionists and their corrupted politicians in Western and Eastern Europe.

At long last though, the denouement of this tragedy is coming to an end, most particularly after the Cheney/Bush illegal invasions in the Middle East and in Afghanistan, something which cost our nation 3 trillion dollars and continues to this day to cause the hemorrhage our social programs treasury and of American and foreign blood.

At long last, this denouement is now appearing with the exposure of historical reality which is exhibiting the utter and decadent ethical, intellectual, political bankruptcy of the Zionist supremacist  ideology and this is finally upending its expansionist, hegemonic, belligerent and hate and fear mongering strategy of using pressure in order to get the U.S. into yet another war, this time on Iran, as a last gasp in its futile attempt to hold on to the power structure of Israel with the support of the United States present decadent misleadership which spends $ 10 million dollars per day to prop up the now Apartheid colonialist state created in 1948.

With the indictment of the Sara Netanyahu last weekend, and the most likely indictment of the misleadership of Benjamin Netanyahu for theft of public funds and for bribery, respectively,  a new hope actually is emerging for Israel and Palestine as a new generation endowed with creative and progressive ideals can and will reach a sustainable resolution of the conflict via the One State Solution or via the Two Sovereign States Solution in the conflict generated by the international law-violating occupation of Palestine coupled now to an insult added to injury with the Trump/Netanyahu take over of the “Corpus Separatum” United Nations decreed status of Jerusalem by the illegal move of the U.S. embassy there, and coupled to the vandalization attempt by Trump of the Iran Nuclear Agreement.

It turns out that, Senator Benjamin Cardin, who is a Zionist and who has been in office for two terms, is totally out of touch with democratic principles, gets his marching orders from the foreign Israeli propaganda lobby “AIPAC” which is in violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), and blindly supports Netanyahu’s deranged and perverse obsession in hysterically and ignorantly  getting the U.S. into a military conflict with Iran for no valid reason and which would have catastrophic consequences.  Ben Cardin also supported the Trump/Netanyahu incursion into Jerusalem,  supported the feeble-minded attempt to scuttle the Iran Nuclear Agreement, and has threatened American Jewish citizens with legislation banning their freedom of speech First Amendment rights by attacking their right to support the peaceful Boycott, Investment, Sanctions (BDS) to force Israel’s Zionist misledearship to end the international law occupation violations and Fourth Geneva Law, as exemplified by the last series of massacres in Gaza.

So, enough of Ben Cardin’s myopic and/or downright malevolent interference in our right to not have Zionism or the likes of Netanyahu et al. dictate our foreign policy.

This is the same Netanyahu who had the audacity to enter into a collusion with Republicans by making an uninvited incursion into our Congress to attempt to sabotage the John Kerry finally successful negotiations with our European allies for a refined uranium freeze with Iran. the same Netanyahu who authorized the targeted assassinations of Iranian scientists claiming without proof that they were building a nuclear weapons arsenal, the same Netanyahu who carried out the horrific September of 2014 massacres in the Israeli concentration camp of 2.2 million of Gaza, killing mostly unarmed, innocent civilians numbering about 3 thousand and that includes some 500 children, many of them hiding in UN built schools, and the same Netanyahu who ordered the targeted killing of some 120 peaceful demonstrators, medics, and press members,  in Gaza last earlier this month.

Furthermore, this energumenic Netanyahu had the temerity to go to Paris to exploit the Charlie Hebdo tragedy when he was specifically asked by the PM of France not to come, and then in a Synagogue, there was booed by Parisian Jews when he falsely claimed to be “speaking for all Jews

We need a rational, humanist, peace aspiring senator to take over the office of Ben Cardin, and by “we” is meant all of us decent peace-by- justice and honesty  aspiring Americans, but most particularly for all of those Jews who are in a majority globally and who do not subscribe to the dishonest and false Zionist narratives and strive to have an Israel liberated from the Zionist power structure tyranny so that peace can finally break out and evolve gradually into an Palestine/Israel state where both can unitedly heal, reconstruct, and build a vibrant society which may be emulated by other societies in the Middle East, particularly those who suffer from the, unfortunately, U.S. supported tyrannies of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, and United Arab Emirates.

Progressive candidate Jerome Segal, a philosopher, and public policy analyst would seem to be a most eminently qualified candidate to take over Ben Cardin’s office

This reality is now supported by an interim President of Israel, speaker of the Knesset, progressive, noble, scholar and humanist, namely Avraham Burke, in his book “In Days to Come: A New Hope for Israel

The ARGENTUM POST includes infra, an interview for those not aware of the genesis of the scourge of Zionism, a book written by a Jewish brilliant, progressive, scholar and author, namely John Rose which is titled “The Myths of Zionism“.

This book debunks totally the myths that to validly critique Zionism is “anti-Semitic” – a myth which Zionists abusively use to smear all decent critics of the Israeli Zionist power structure, be they moderate Torah law-abiding Jews, or be they people of all faiths or no faiths.


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