The Washington Post Reported on the Stabbing of a Brazilian Presidential Candidate Without Proper Contextualization. The Argentum Post Provides Succintly this Contextualization.

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September 10, 2018 by Alfred

The Washington Post published a Flawed on Two Counts Article By Marina Lopes titled “Brazilian Front-Runner” Bolsonaro Stabbed During Campaign Rally

With all due respect to The Washington Post’s reporter Marina Lopes, she either misread or misinterpreted facts in the September 7, 2018 article titled as described supra.

Lopes characterized Bolsonaro as a “front-runner ” which he is not, and also characterized erroneously former President Lula as being imprisoned because of a “corruption conviction” for which in reality there is no proof and hence such characterization is not legally operative in any ethical and professionally grounded judicial system.


A cursory research of Jair Bolsonaro would lead one to realize that the real front-runner of the election on October 3rd is the former President Lula (i.e. Luis Inacio da Silva) who has double the percentage of votes which Bolsonaro has, and furthermore, cursory research would lead one to understand that Lula is not in prison because of a valid  “corruption conviction “, because as reported and clearly explained by, among others,  Glenn Greenwald, who is an American Pulitzer Prize winning and Polk Prize winning investigative journalist, author, and Constitutional Law Attorney, Lula has been falsely framed in a badly flawed process by a highly corrupted and politicized and rigged judicial electoral system led by Judge Moro which overreached its judicial authority in order to prevent Lula from running for this election which he would win.

While the highly popular progressive President Lula brought 30 million Brazilians out of poverty, Bolsonaro is an extreme right-wing, exclusivist, supremacist values espousing  former soldier who promises to return Brazil to military rule, and who is supported by elite regressive sectors of Brazilian society.    He would hence be easily defeated by Lula if real justice prevailed.

It is noteworthy that Bolsonaro is also a racist who considers, bizarrely,  marriage between whites and blacks ” promiscuity” and belongs to the “Beef, Bullets, and Bible” caucus which is characterized by misogyny , xenophobia, and homophobia – to the point that he had the temerity to publicly declare that he would rather have his son die in accident than that he became a homosexual.

To add insult to injury,  as an extremist evangelist he is naturally supported by ASBI, i.e. the Brazil-Israel Zionist Association, something which has progressive, humanist, rationalist Jews strongly opposing him.

Incidentally it is noteworthy that right-wing Zionist groups support right-wing evangelical groups and individuals such as Jair Bolsonaro, something which lately has become quite visible during their show of support for white supremacists in the U.S. and their condemnation of the BDS movement which is a peaceful movement which brings together humanist Jews and others in their joint support for an end to the horrifically brutal and perverse oppression of the Palestinian people.

The fascist Bolsonaro has also declared in a racist anti-Indian speech that “Where there is indigenous land, there is wealth beneath it” when he was invited to give a speech in Rio de Janeiro at the Clube Hebraica

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