Republicanism Has for Decades Decayed from Decent Conservatism to Predatory Imperial Lawlessness, Belligerence and Dishonesty.

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September 11, 2018 by Alfred

The last decently conservative president we had been President Eisenhower who in his farewell speech warned the American people about the “industrial-military” establishment, warned us NOT to get into foreign entanglements and had the courage and principle to categorically condemn President Truman’s savage first and only nuclear bombardment of two Japanese cities at a time when the Japanese already had prepared the surrender document, thusly slaughtering more than one hundred thousand overwhelmingly innocent and unarmed civilians, basically to impress the USSR.

Decent conservatism can dance with decent liberalism. Decent capitalism can dance with decent socialism.  Decent state capitalism can dance with decent market economy.

All however need to be honestly, ethically, and civilizedly regulated  to sustainably co-exit.

Today’s Republicanism has little or nothing to do with authentic “decent conservativism”.

Incidentally, today’s Democratism has also not much to do with “decent liberalism” unless it is  qualifiable and/or characterizable in-toto as Progressive Capitalism.

Back to Republicanism then,  it can now be said that on an increasingly and alarming rate of geometric progression, the successive Republican candidates and party went into a downward spiral of ethics, honesty, compassion, and respect for the American people as well as respect for peoples world-wide.

This decadence was marked by most particularly, the lack of respect for the sovereignty of other nations, by an ever-increasing level of democracy destabilization for governments which were not aligned with the Republicanism’s hegemonic objectives, and by subsequent to orchestrations of regime changes by a variety of means, including invasions on the basis of a fraudulently fabricated hate and fear generation combined with a total absence of any evidence.

Most particularly were the Nixon/Kissinger intervention in Chile to prop up the bestial dictator General Pinochet, the bizarre and murderous bombing of Grenada by Reagan, which caused the deaths of many students in a medical school there, again on the dishonest basis that Grenada was being taken over by Cuba when in reality it Cuban workers were assisting Grenada in modernizing their airport, the equally baseless and murderous fire-bombing and invasion of Panama by George Herbert Walker Bush which resulted in the death of thousands of innocent civilians on the basis that Noriega, the Reagan ordered mining of the port of Corinto in Nicaragua and the George Herbert Walker Bush support of the Contra terrorists in Nicaragua, the Operation Condor destabilization of Chile, Uruguay, and Brazil, and the dirty wars in Central America to prop up fascist dictators, and many more grotesque violations of international law without Congressional consent.

More recently were the invasions of Iraq, by W. Bush/Dick Cheney on utterly fraudulently cooked up grounds, and the invasion of Afghanistan, during which in both cases the Republican Presidents violated international and the Geneva Convention by authorizing the use of torture in both of these countries in conjunction with the rendition of prisoners to be tortured in Poland, Lithuania, and Romania.

Countless hundreds of thousands of innocent and unarmed people were killed in these countries as well as tenths of thousands of American soldiers lives were wasted in these crimes against their respective humanities.

Of course to a lesser degree, the Democratic party and some of their Presidents have participated in similarly egregious crimes against the humanity of people in Cuba, in the Dominican Republic, in Indonesia, East Timor, and Vietnam during the John F. Kennedy and the Lyndon Johnson presidency, as well as during the Obama presidency we have the Hillary Clinton involvement in the bombing of Libya and in the 2009 abduction of the very popular and high integrity President Zelaya in Honduras, a coup which Clinton convinced Obama to not characterize is as such so as to not endanger the military presence of the U.S. at the Soto Cano base if the criminal thugs who carried out the coup and subsequent targeted assassinations would be put off by the U.S. end of support for their crimes.

Additionally one cannot overlook the decades of the bi-partisan blind and corrupt support for the misleaders of Israel’s Zionist nationalist, supremacist, racist oppression and international law violations of the legitimate autochthonous inhabitants of Palestine.  In one brazen example of the subservience of Hillary Clinton to the Israeli Zionist billionaire Haim Saban is documented by a letter wherein she asks for instructions in a letter to him as regards to how to counter the peaceful BDS means to hold Israel accountable for its crimes against the humanity of the Palestinians.  These means are supported by the overwhelming majority of all humanistic, rationalistic, Jews of the United States, such as those who are members of the Jewish Voice for Peace movement, and of Jews worldwide, including Jews of Israel, particularly those belonging to the Peace Now movement.

So, with this foreword, we now fast forward to the 2016 disaster which allowed our misleader Trump to occupy the White House using the slogan ” Let’s Make America First Again” and yet on September 11 of 2018, he and his party did everything to embark America on a regressive journey which if not stopped is about to lead America down the path to become the first time America will become the last one to inspire on the basis of its democracy, its integrity, its reliance, its stability, its fairness, its diplomacy, its non-interventionism, in other words a nation which does NOT lead by its example of POWER but inspires again by the POWER of its example.

On this September 11 of 2018 we are presented with the shock that the decadence of the Republican Party, and the Republican misleader of our nation, has hit the rock bottom impact of critical mass by the threatening, hysterical, irrational, bizarre, grotesque, perfidious, inoperable declaration of the National Security Advisor of the United States, to the Federalist Society that the Judges of the world’s most supreme tribunal, namely the International Criminal Court (ICC) will be banned from entry into the United States, will be personally sanctioned, and that all individuals, organizations, and countries which cooperate with it will as well be punished because the ICC has decided to investigate the war crime and non war crimes of the United States in Afghanistan and Iraq in conjunction with the war crimes and non war crimes of Israel in Palestine.

This means that the present day Republicans consider the United States and Israel as “exceptionalist” nations which stand above the law and can carry out any crimes their interests lead them to carry out, and do so with total impunity.

The term exceptionalist itself is non-sensical in this context.  No such states exist.

Furthermore, according to Director of the ACLU, namely Jamil Dakwar, there is no legal theory which supports any of the contentions of Trump’s National Security Advisor.

Provided infra for the readers of the ARGENTUM POST is the DEMOCRACY NOW video segment of Amy Goodman’s highly prestigious and high integrity coverage of news the corporate owned mainstream media chooses generally not to cover in-depth.

It is titled “John Bolton Threatens International Criminal Court

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