An Updating Sequel to the September 5, 2018 Article re: The Museum of the Palestinian People in Washington, DC

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October 3, 2018 by Alfred

On September 5, 2018, the ARGENTUM POST published an article comprising the announcement of the exciting opening of the Museum of the Palestinian People.

Additionally said article served as in invitation for a fund-raiser for said event which took place at the historic Tabard Inn in Washington, DC.

The Tabard Inn is owned by Fritzi Cohen who generously offered her inn for this occasion.

The event was highly successful and was attended by people of the most diverse religious, national, and professional backgrounds who have sincere common concerns and interests in the much delayed end of the suffering of the Palestinian people going back to 1948, and most particularly going back to 1967 when Israel invaded and occupied Gaza, the West Bank, and the Golan Heights where it remains to this day in brazen violations of international law, of the Fourth Geneva Convention, and of numerous UN resolutions calling for an end to the violent and torturous suffering imposed on the autochthonous people of Palestine.

This crime against the humanity of the people of Palestine has now worsened since the Trump administration came to power and recklessly and provocatively moved the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,  in brazen violation of the UN General Assembly resolution 303, which is a commitment to the internationalization of Jerusalem characterizes as  “Corpus Separatum”.

To add insult to injury, the Trump administration has now cut all funding to UNRWA (United Nation Relief Works Agency) and this increases the horrific suffering of what the Israeli scholarly author Ilan Pappe called “The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine” in his book which is one of the most comprehensive ones on the subject of the ruthless subjugation  which now has had over 2 million Palestinians blockaded for the last 10 years in what is the world’s largest concentration open air concentration camp, namely Gaza.

There is a woeful lack of readily available informative education about this reality in the U.S. due to powerful special interest lobbies which result in the imposition of gag orders, and which generate dishonest hate and fear mongering propaganda.

The good news is that, it looks as if the International Criminal Court is about to begin to take action against these crimes against the humanity of the Palestinians and furthermore there is now finally a schism movement evolving between the right-wing extremist, racist supremacist power structure Israel and the decent, noble, humanist, Jews globally and in Israel.

What Palestine and Israel need now urgently is “peace, sweet peace” with justice and security for the both of the well-meaning sides.

What the United States needs now urgently is education in all institutions and comprehensive readily available media coverage on a daily basis about this ticking time bomb for it be dismantled peacefully before the critical mass is reached when it spirals out of control as it is now on weekends when unarmed peacefully demonstrating Palestinians demand freedom, democracy, and right to return to their homes and lands are shot at a rate which by now has killed some 200 men, women, and children and badly injured some 18,000 who typically need to have legs and arms amputated as a result of the munition used which expands as it penetrates the body.

One source of information which the mainstream media refuses to cover is the International Research Middle East Program sponsored annual all-day event held in March at the prestigious National Press Corps which typically brings in some 500 scholars, retired intelligence community, foreign service community and many others for presentations by some 10 to 15 speakers from all over the world, including the progressive, humanists Jews from Israel, e.g. Gideon Levy, Ilan Pappe, Miko Peled, and others, as well as most recently the Palestinian legendary Hanan Ashrawi,   Ali Abounimah, Yousef Munayer, and many others, all of which this writer had the opportunity to meet personally.

While to its credit CSpan covers these events, not even a word about them is found in The Washington Post, while when it comes to the AIPAC lobby annual conference there is always coverage thereof.

The Museum of the People of Palestine is a prime example of what urgently is needed and so importantly will contribute to inform Americans educationallly about a reality they need to comprehend to take action to contribute for the end of the occupation and end of violence and hate and fear incitement, as well as Zionist extremist myths fabrications by most particularly PM Benjamin Netanyahu who is  relentlessly and on false pretexts sociopathicallly inciting war on Iran, Lebanon, Syria for detestable hegemony objectives.

Most importantly the U.S. must end the payment of $ 10 million per day to the now self-declared supremacist state of Israel where others do not enjoy the same democratic rights, in other words, the resurgence of an Apartheid system such as that of South Africa was, when in the mid 80’s Israel clandestinely proliferated thereto the nuclear energy weaponization technology as a result of a secret agreement established long before by the PM Gold Meir and Richard Nixon.    (For documentation see Sasha Polakow Suransky’s book ” The Unspoken Alliance : Israel’s Secret Relationship With Apartheid South Africa ”  The author of this book is the son of Austrian parents who survived the Nazi crimes against the humanity of Jews and others.  The same applies to this writer of the ARGENTUM POST.

The Museum of the Palestinian People will contribute to wipe out the odious propaganda distortions about Palestine’s very long history.

As an example of the distortions about the very long history of Palestine is the bizarrely and stunningly cruel and racist statement made by the Zionist PM Golda Meir when she dishonestly declared that ” Palestine is a country without people, for people without a country“.

The first appearance of the term Palestine  was in the 5th century BC when Herodotus wrote of a “district of Syria” called Palaistinê between Phoenicia and Egypt.

With this foreword,  the readers of the ARGENTUM POST are presented infra with the link which contains the following information about the Museum of The Palestinian People which was posted on September 19, 2018.

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