Former Justice Paul Stevens Declares Kavanaugh Not Fit for SCOTUS : He Can Be Removed by Impeachment

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October 5, 2018 by Alfred

Beyond the witnessed sexual assault on Dr. Ford, and as a result of Kavanaugh’s dishonest and irrational behaviour when questioned under oath, and for several more reasons than these, he has disqualified himself from being ethically and legally nominated.

The infra statement is endorsed by Retired former Justice John Paul Stevens, and it calls for the attention to the reality that in synergy with 5 facts Americans must be informed by,  it is clearly established that if Kavanaugh is erroneously and politically appointed by Trump and Republicans,  he can and should be impeached.

See therefore (a) the infra statement by former retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens and subsequently see then (b) the question and answer “Can A Supreme Court Justice be Removed : 5 Facts You Need to Know 



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