The Mainstream Media is Finally Beginning To Break the Tabus and Gag Orders as Regards to At Long Last Giving Voice to Iran Constructive Support and to Voice to Constructive Israel Harsh Criticism

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October 3, 2018 by Alfred

Perhaps it is the sign of the times as both, Republican neocons and Democrat neolibs are stooping lower than ever before in synergy with the upcoming midterms and promising outlooks of major victories, even in the South, of genuinely independent bright and honest progressives.

Also something positive is happening for which mainstream media such as the New York Times particularly,  and now The Washington Post deserve laudatory remarks.

This article lauds the case of The Washington Post, which, as an example, deserves credit where credit is due, and to wit, there are two Post editorials which appeared on the same day (09/23/2018) and on the same page.

The first editorial is titled “Trump Isn’t Sincere About Iran Talks” and it gives voice to the soft-spoken democratically elected, moderate, scholarly, President Hassan Rouhani, who also was a lawyer and an academic, and a diplomat. He attended various universities, and among them the Glasgow Caledonian University.  He is also the author of several books.  Nothing about Hassan Rouhani comes even close to deserve the “fire and fury” directed at all leaders of Iran since their people deposed the brutal and murderous tyranny of the Shah Pahlavi, which was forced on the people of Iran when in 1953, Britain and the United States intervened destabilizingly in brining about a coup d’etat in the democratically elected government of Mohammad Mossadegh who belonged to the Tudeh (Socialist) party.

This first editorial titled ” Trump Isn’t Sincere About Iran Talks” is part of two editorials on the same day and on the same page, and it gives the moderate, democratically elected President of  Iran, namely President Hassan Rouhani,  a voice in exposing the total lack of sincerity as well as honesty in synergy with accusations based on falsehoods by Trump as regards to the P5+1 Nuclear Agreement. and the second one by Dana Milbank for exposing the hypocrisy, aggressive and destructive belligerent threats by the unholy Trump-Netanyahu alliance.

The second editorial titled “America’s Jews Are Watching Israel in Horror is by Dana Milbank who is an American author, and columnist for The Washington Post.

In this editorial Dana Milbank exposes the hypocrisy, aggressive and destructive belligerent threats by the unholy Trump-Netanyahu alliance.

Dana Milbank also cites the following statistic in saying that ” A poll for the American Jewish Committee in June found that while 77 % of Israeli Jews approve  of Trump’s handling of the U.S. – Israeli relationship, only 34% of American Jews approve it ” and furthermore cites that “Although Trump is popular in Israel, only 26% of American Jews approve of him

Both editorials have thereby made major educational contributions in support of high integrity and professionally balanced objective reporting in support of transparency, exposure of genuinely so-called “fake news”, by burning through the fog and and reflecting what has been hidden in plain sight for too long, something which constitutes a veritable step forward to promote accountable governance in the U.S. and in Israel for the quest for peaceful and sustainable conflict resolution.

To sum it up succinctly, The Washington Post published a Dana Milbank editorial which excoriates Israel’s PM Netanyahu ultranationalistic, supremacist, religionist extremism, in synergy with his encouragement of settler violence, overriding Israel’s Supreme Court rulings and hence vandalizing the expectations of decent, noble, peace aspiring humanist Jews in Israel and elsewhere by his relentless exaggerations, lies, and hate and fear mongering which will lead to wars.

The other editorial The Washington Post published, finally gave voice to the democratically elected, moderate, rational, President Hassan Rouhani of Iran, whose pronouncements are heard and seen worldwide in such distinguished newspapers as Israel’s Haaretz, yet rarely, if ever, gets to be heard or seen by the American people.

Rouhani clearly explains why and how  ” Trump Isn’t Sincere About Iran “(title of the article) and correctly points out that while Trump and his acolytes Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, and Netanyahu, who falsely accuse Iran of ” sponsoring terrorism “, when Iran is actually the victim of terrorism and furthermore in its 250 years has not “ engaged in any external aggressions “.

What both, Dana Milbank, and Hassan Rouhani express, is totally documented by the U.S.’s and the world’s most distinguished and scholarly historians.

As the son of parents who survived the Nazi genocide, this writer, as millions of Jews worldwide and in Israel, applauds the exposure of the historical truth which has for too long be kept under wraps as regards to Israel and Iran.  The time for the misleaderships of Trump and Netanyahu to be declared irrelevant and they are part of the problem of the daily spiraling out of control worsening violence in the Middle East is NOW.

The time for peace with security and dignity for Palestine and for the peaceful, enlightened, courageous Israelis is NOW.

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